Afraid *Luke Hemmings FanFic*

*5 Seconds of summer fanfic*

Ashlie has an overprotective dad. but when he is on a two week trip she meets Luke. Instantly she is in love but is also afraid. With her recently broken heart she doesn't want to hurt again. Can Luke fix that?


19. Murica

Luke's POV:

IT's 2:30 PM. WE just dropped off Chase and were heading towards the airport. Ashlie ha been silent all day. I reached my hand over and rested it on her leg. She looked up at me and smiled. I turned down the radio "Babe? You okay? you've been pretty quiet." She nodded and cleared her throat "Just a little unsure about leaving Chase behind." I smiled "My mom probably won't set him down for the next two weeks!" I exclaimed. She nodded and clasped my hand hugging it to her chest. She did that when she was nervous..


ON the plane Ashlie was resting her head on my shoulder and my hand held tightly against her chest. I smoothed down her hair "Shh babe, It's okay." She smacked my arm and swiveled in her seat to face Calum "Hey Cal. You excited?" She asked. He nodded bouncing in her set. She laughed and the seat belt light clicked on. We buckled up and headed out. 


It's been a while Im sorry and this is short also sorry but I'm lagging ideas


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