Afraid *Luke Hemmings FanFic*

*5 Seconds of summer fanfic*

Ashlie has an overprotective dad. but when he is on a two week trip she meets Luke. Instantly she is in love but is also afraid. With her recently broken heart she doesn't want to hurt again. Can Luke fix that?


21. Expirience

Ashlie's POV:

"SUP GUYS!! Luke the hemmo here! We are in America for the next two weeks. Doin some artwork and recrodin some songs for da album!"

I rounded the corner. "Luke! Your doing a KEEK?!" I shouted. He turned the camera towards me. "Yes babe I am. Do you mind!" I huffed and turned away. He laughed "I'm joking babe!" I still faced round. He whined and I turned around. He kissed me then the keek ended. As soon as it was uploaded it was bombarded with comments:

'awe i ship lashlie!'

'to cute babesxx'

'luke come to atlanta!!"


I smiled and kissed him once more. It's been a day and I miss Chase but Luke tells me to relax and 'have a good time'. So I'm trying. I sat on the bed with Luke then we hear footsteps thundering down the hall and Ashton burst in "GUYS GET READY WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH!!" Then just a quick that he showed up he was down the hall to Calum and Michael's room. Okay then.


At the beach I sat on my towel in my swimsuit. I had sunnies on and my eyes closed. I felt someone pick me and and run. Before I could register what was happening Michael threw me in the water. I flailed around and got my feet under me. Standing up I glared at the blonde boy through water filled eyes. "I will kill you Clifford!" He smirked and opened his mouth


And like that I took off after him the water slowing me down. We hit the beach running and I chased him throwing my glasses at his back. He fell forward and cried out "I"M HIT! I'm hit!" Then he faked his death. Smirking I turned round and walked back towards me towel speaking loudly over my shoulder "Gosh! I'm SOOOOOO happy that smelly old Clifford is GONE! SOOOO happiee!" I shrieked because cold arms were wrapped around my torso throwing me into the water again. Luke Ashton and Calum joined us. It then became a drastic fight between pirates and Indians. Luke and I were pirates. Calum Ashton and Michael were the Indians. Just to make things funny I switched sides. Luke looked ta me pretend hurt and shouted "YOU TRAITOR!" Then splashed me furiously stomping off to his 'island' I came over swimming. He turned his back to me "i don't speak with Indians." I giggled "Then I am a mermaid!" I winked. He smiled and leaned down to kiss me. "EW!" Shouted Calum and I flipped him off laughing.

We all dried off and headed to Taco Bell for lunch. I didn't know Michael could eat twelve tacos but holy crap!


AYE MATES! How you going? I'm good thanks :) LOLZZZ So anyways I updated XXXX sorry it took so long. New Year and all gotta get back in the school zone ya know!! Anyways I'll quit waffling. BUT!!!

I NEED A GF FOR CALUM!! So please PLEASE comment Ideas. Or if YOU want to be his GF then comment :) okay? Thanks! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU BABES!!

ohhh 5SOS is coming back to America todayy!!!!! AHHH so excited lol. Now i'm done. bye :)



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