Afraid *Luke Hemmings FanFic*

*5 Seconds of summer fanfic*

Ashlie has an overprotective dad. but when he is on a two week trip she meets Luke. Instantly she is in love but is also afraid. With her recently broken heart she doesn't want to hurt again. Can Luke fix that?


12. A Band Meeting

Calum's POV:

I jiggled my foot as we waited on Luke. He was 10 minutes late. And counting. We decided to call a band meeting to see if Luke would be able to handle the band.. and the baby. Someone knocked and came running in. It was Luke. He was out of breath "Hey guys I'm sorry. I didn't get a text until Michael texted me." He said plopping himself down on my couch. I turned to Ashton "I thought you were going to text Luke?" I questioned. He shrugged "I guess I forgot. Sorry bout that mate." He said clapping Luke's knee. Luke nodded and I began.

"Luke we called this meeting for an important reason. Ashlie is now 8 months. Soon to give birth. We are all worried. What will happen to the band?"

Luke looked at me funny "what do you mean?" I sighed

"Will you be able to handle the band and Ashlie and the baby all at once? I know you need to prioritize and all. I know family comes first in everything. But if we need you we have to know that we can count on you. We have to know that you will still be the same Luke we have always know. Can you do that?" I finished. Luke looked at us. Taking a few seconds to drink in our features and emotions. The silence drug on.

Finally Luke gave one curt nod. "Of course Calum." He paused. "Michael." Another pause "And finally Ashton. This band was my life from age 14 and on. Three years now. Of course I'm not going to throw that away. Okay?" He asked.

We all sighed and nodded smiling at each other. We all decided to play some games to finsih off our meeting.


There you have it. Luke WILL be able to handle it. No doubt :)

Comment lukey pie if you read this :P

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