A start of a new life

Two 19 year old girls "Harmony and Avery" move to England with their dad after their mum died. Harmony and Avery are directioners and love to sing and suddently they accidentally run into one direction can this change there life forever ? read to find out !


3. things get worse

I arrivied from home and im just thinking of niall.

i wonder does he like me . "Harmony" says Avery ..."yes" i said "courtney wants me to stay with her for a month back home beacuse her parents are gone and she doesnt want to be alone do you mind if i go .

i dont care just ask  dad i did he said ok thats fine so ill be leaving in a minute ok i love you ok love you to bye ,! .

**like an hour later i call decided to call niall ..niall:hello hey niall its harmony niall:oh hey beautiful you should come over now ok i will .

I arrived at the boys house and Harry anwsers the door its pitch dark in the house and the rest of the boys are upstairs. Harry grabs me by the waist and leans in to kiss me of course i kiss back hes harry but then i pull away thinking of niall.

what was that for harry ? i just really like you when you sang i saw something in you and you dont want niall he doesnt even like you he said, he said you cant sing and your ugly.

"really? ! wow i thought he liked me" i said

"no but i do" follow me, says harry

we enter harrys room and he shoves me on the bed i say what are you doing ?he said i just wanna kiss you, so we kiss.

niall calls my phone harry says dont anwser it but i do anyway . hello ? harmony were are you? im in harry's room . niall :why? because he said that you call me ugly and i cant sing and you dont even like me . niall : why would you believe that you CAN sing your BEATIFUL and i do like like you! harry really doesnt like you he gets girls then gets what he wants and leaves her niall: im coming downstairs . *hangs up

niall walks in harrys room why did you lie ? thats

 ignorant i talked about her all yesterday remember i

actually like her ! and you said you liked Avery anyway ! so why are you stealing her away from me harry !.? harry: no your stealing her away from me . niall:no i like her your trying to play her ! i interupted i like niall but you guys are telling different stories so i dont know who to believe because i really dont know you guys .

so how about i get to know you guys one by one tommorow Harry can take me out then the next day niall can and ill see who i want !

the rest of the boys flew down the stairs why are you guys yelling at each other they boys said . niall :because Harry's always telling lies ! so right now Harry were not cool unless

 you apologize or make up for it but otherwise im going to bed goodnight gorgeous ! "i blushed goodnight niall '

i left and went home i think its time for bed to much stuff happened tonight .




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