A start of a new life

Two 19 year old girls "Harmony and Avery" move to England with their dad after their mum died. Harmony and Avery are directioners and love to sing and suddently they accidentally run into one direction can this change there life forever ? read to find out !


1. Sad Day

*ALARM RINGS* wakes up, "yawns" im so tired. I walk in my parents room finding no one there. So i decided to go see what my sister Avery's doing. When i walk into Avery's room i find her and my father crying. I ask them whats wrong? They said mum has passed away. I was shocked ,hurt, and sad she was like my bestfriend. So i started crying my dad and sister and I all comforted each other. I said i will be back, i went to the bathroom and wiped away my tears but i just kept crying its so hard to lose your mum. I dont know what were going to do. My dad and sister comes to the bathroom and my father says "honey i got a new job yesterday and i start in 2 weeks and we have to move to England. I was happy when he said that beacuse one direction is from there and what if i met them "yeah i wish it, will never happen". My dad said "after your mums funeral on sunday we will be leaving for England after the funeral. Were all still there sobing and i say " i HATE cancer it took my mum. we all had an idea she was going to die beacuse there was no cure and she was in the hospital for 2 months and they said she will not make it but my mum wrote us a note before she passed and it said.. "dear, my lovely family sorry i had to go so soon i love you all . Do not worry about me im going to be in a better place and im not going to be in anymore pain , just know i will be watching over you guys and i will be in your hearts. Harmony and Avery i love you girls you guys have a gift you guys can sing follow your dreams and you will get far and honey congrats on your new job in England . take care of our daughters

sincerly, your loving wife and mum

reading that message made me and my sister avery cry even more my dad said "Harmony and Avery im happy about that message your mom wants us to be happy and this is not goodbye we will see her again when we get to heaven. I got up and hugged my dad so tight.

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