A start of a new life

Two 19 year old girls "Harmony and Avery" move to England with their dad after their mum died. Harmony and Avery are directioners and love to sing and suddently they accidentally run into one direction can this change there life forever ? read to find out !


2. Moving Day


"Avery !"

"yea" ?  "cmon were leaving to England " I said .

"ok ill be right there "! said avery...

Were in the car and its a 24 hour drive so im just listening to music and singing , i look over and my sister avery's sleep . Im kinda tired my self so i fall asleep to.

 By the time me and my sister wake up from our nap my dad's screaming were here ! were here ! I got up so fast to see England its so beautiful !

our house is huge and soon as we get settled in my dad has to leave for work so me and avery decide to go on a walk and explore. my sister and i split up because she went to get icecream and i didnt want any so im walking by my self. i stop to get a drink and i wasnt paying attention and i ran into one direction !! i spilled my drink on niall . I was so happy i ran into them. "im so sorry that i spilled that drink on you niall " niall: its ok beautiful. he called me beautiful omg. hi zayn ,harry ,liam ,and louis .They all said hello. Harry asked me am i from here i said no i just moved here . oh well welcome to England ! "thank you ". liam : so do you sing "i do i love it " liam: can we hear you sing . "absoulutely" ..(starts singing ....just finished) zayn & harry both said "wow your amazingly talented. thanks i have a sister Avery who can sing like that too . louis: really can we meet here . "well yeah but i dont know what icecream shop she went to " louis: we can take you there we know where it is theres only one icecream shop. "really thanks lets go" we arrive at the icecream shop and my sister Avery shocked to see one direction she loves harry and i love niall . Avery said hey to everyone. they said hello ..we look to the left and fans are screaming and running towards us niall grabs my hand and harry grabs Avery and we all run and hide. when the crowd left niall gave me his number and told me to call him , liam gave me his number to and said no call me i was confused so i said ill call you guys later ... cmon Avery !


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