The Bad Boy Boxer

Ella was a goody goody. she ends up dating a boxer a famous boxer find out their story.

Sorry I m really bad at writing descriptions.


1. How it all started

Ella POV


"Come on" I heard Harry yell -Harry is my older brother-"wait" I yelled back. I quickly put my black pumps on and stuffed my phone in my bra. I was wearing a short black dress with lace on the sides. 

When we arrived I felt so out of place. I was what you call a goody goody. "Hey man" two guys patted Harry's shoulder, one guy had blonde hair and sea blue eyes. The other guy had brown hair with brown eyes that looked blue? I couldn't tell because of the club lights.

"Zayuuuuum man" blondie slurred ya sis is hawt. "Shut up man Harry pushed him". "Go get some Vodka Ell". Um s-sure I stuttered. I slowly walked to the bar "one Vodka please" I whispered. "Girl speak up" the bar tender snapped. "One Vodka" I said again. "Listen girl you better speak up if you want something" he said coldly. "She said she wants two Vodkas" said a voice from behind me I hesitated but I turned around, I met a pair of honey brown eyes. "Girl your two vodkas". " I- I didn't order two". "I did" said the mysterious guy.

I didnt look back. I quickly grabbed the vodka off the counter and scurried back to where Harry is. "Here ya go" " ah thanks um we need to go now" "ey Styles where ya goin" says an unfamiliar jersey accent.

I turned around and there he was with blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was wearing a white muscle tee with fitted jeans and nikes. I would not deny it, he was very attractive.

"Was up man" Harry said while bobbing his head. " Nothin" He eyed me up and down "Who's this beauty" I felt my face heating up. "My sister Ella" He nodded and gave me a boyish grin "I'm Ashton" I smiled "Nice to meet you" he smiled showing his dimples "pleasures all mine" I bushed and looked down.

Suddenly I felt everybody tense I looked up to where everybody was staring at. It was the guy I met at the bar. I took this time to look at his appearance. He had on a black t-shirt, black fitted jeans, a black leather jacket and finally to complete the look he had on some black boots. Man this guy really likes the color black. My thoughts were interrupted when the guy I met at the bar spoke. "Ey Irwin what's the rush" He said smirking. "No rush just that this club got boring" Ashton said in a cold voice distinct from when we talked. Suddenly the guy's -whom I met at the bar- gaze fell on me. I gulped and immediately felt nervous. "Styles who's the pretty doll face" whoa doll face what the hell? "None of your business Malik"  "Ey you can't blame me for wanting to know doll face's name"

With that the whole club fell in silence and Harry and "Malik" were having a stare down. Harry's jaw was clenched and so was "Malik's" they looked like any second they were going to pounce on each other any second.

"Harry" My voice was trembling "Lets go please" Harry turned toward me he blinked and sighed "Ok" I turned and faced toward Malik and his gang. He winked at me I gulped and followed Harry out of the club. 


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