16 and pregnant

Hayden lived in a small town were not a lot of people lived like 73 at the least 100 at the most. she has a grate life nothing to stop her from getting her dreams not even her wonderful boyfriend niall. she wanted to leave this town with him and live and do something bigger and better her life. but a fun night under the bleachers with niall one night can change her hole life and dreams. PARENTHOOD. she finds out she is pregnant with nialls child. will her baby be the thing that stops her from getting her dream. read and find out


2. the day before the game

niall p.o.v


ok lets see tomorrows the football game and i haft to make sure this will be the best birthday she has ever had i mean really she is 16. just in case ill bring some condoms you never know.


HAYDEN p.o.v 


i cant wait for tomorrow. me and niall are going have so much fun aaaaahhhhh. it will be the same football game we met at.this will be fun. i need to get my hair done. 

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