16 and pregnant

Hayden lived in a small town were not a lot of people lived like 73 at the least 100 at the most. she has a grate life nothing to stop her from getting her dreams not even her wonderful boyfriend niall. she wanted to leave this town with him and live and do something bigger and better her life. but a fun night under the bleachers with niall one night can change her hole life and dreams. PARENTHOOD. she finds out she is pregnant with nialls child. will her baby be the thing that stops her from getting her dream. read and find out


1. 16th birthday


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HAYDEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. they sang to boyfriend,  me. im finally 16. im a full teen. my life cant get any better, i have grate friends, a cute awesome, and a grate family. in two nights niall is taking to a football game then to a late birthday dinner. i cant wait for my birthday date with niall. after i cut and ate the cake me and my best friend Aubrey went to my room to talk before i opened presents. so what are you going to do now that you are 16. get your licenses get a car maybe be a teen mom. hell no i will be a mom when i turn 25. no sooner no later.and yes getting a car and licenses is in my path. GIRLS COME DOWN WE ARE GOING TO OPEN GIFTS. we run down stars and there is 5 tables full of gifts. OH YA PRESENT TIME. i open all the gifts and i got clothes and shoes and money and more money and um what was it um oh ya a CAR. it is a brand new ford focus 2014. cant wait to pass my drivers test and get my licenses. oh this is great. im having a sleepover with my friends. so how does it feel to be 16. the same but older. lol im tired lets go to bed 

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