Catching The Wind

Brayden-Lynn is another avian hybrid created by The School, but more advanced than any of their batches. Ever. But the thing is, she doesn't know where she came from, nor does she know how she obtained all these abilities, such as: flying with massive wings, excellent eyesight both day and night, and let's not forget phenomenal hearing and a locked in destiny that Brayden must find herself. But how can she live with all this if she doesn't even know who she is? Follow Brayden-Lynn in her adventure on defeating erasers, The School, and finding who and what she is.

{A Maximum Ride fan fiction}


1. Prologue: Who am I? What Am I?

Dear Journal,

This is a good way to start off, I suppose. After all, this is my first journal. I guess an introduction would help, huh? Well, my name is Brayden-Lynn—but I usually answer to Bray, or Lynn. I chose the name myself because… well… I never had a name before. If I did, I’m sure it was just a bundle of random letters and numbers. Why would I say that?

                I’m a mutant-kid. From the looks of it, you can tell. I have massive wings. Like bird wings.  And I also have super hearing and eyesight. I’m not really sure what I am, nor do I know who I am. But I am willing and determined to find the answers.


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