Catching The Wind

Brayden-Lynn is another avian hybrid created by The School, but more advanced than any of their batches. Ever. But the thing is, she doesn't know where she came from, nor does she know how she obtained all these abilities, such as: flying with massive wings, excellent eyesight both day and night, and let's not forget phenomenal hearing and a locked in destiny that Brayden must find herself. But how can she live with all this if she doesn't even know who she is? Follow Brayden-Lynn in her adventure on defeating erasers, The School, and finding who and what she is.

{A Maximum Ride fan fiction}


3. Chapter 2: Another Hybrid

                I commonly used wind currents to drift on as I studied the busy cities below me. I never had a home before. I just went wherever the wind took me and survived off findings and instincts. Sometimes, I did wonder what it would be like to have a home and… what’s it called again? Right, a family. Days like these when I soared alone, I wondered if I was the only bird kid on the face of the earth. Maybe the only bird kid at all, considering all the unexplored galaxies beyond the blue sky.

                As I flew, lost in thought as I stared down the tiny civilizations, a body—yes, a body—collided into me, knocking me out of my trance. A sudden gasp came from behind me, where the body had left.

“Another bird kid?” the voice managed to say through his rough inhale. I cringed at the title as I slowly turned around, finding myself face to face with, ironically, another bird kid. My eyes widened in shock as I studied the winged child. His hair was a sandy blonde; he had grey eyes, a striped t-shirt, a denim jacket, with jeans and black combat boots. His wings were a perfect light brown, making it almost look like bronze.

“Another avian hybrid! I can’t believe it!” he cheered. Aviah-who-ah? I gave the mutant freak a blank stare.

“What?” I said, cocking my head to the side.

“Avian hybrid. That’s where you get the wings, super hearing, and eye sight,” he explained. He glared deep into me. “Unless you’re a flying eraser.”

“Those mutts can fly?!”I shrieked. I couldn’t imagine Peter with wings, both chasing me while airborne and morphing all at once.

“You really don’t know do you?” he asked, studying me. I shook my head as I gave a slight shrug. Right then, his eyes widened as his face fell into a slow gape. “Crap! Flying hounds! I hope you know how to fight!”

                Before I could do anything, two pairs of rough, furry, clawed hands grabbed onto my arms.

“Look, the pigeon has a girlfriend,” one snarled teasingly into my ear. His breath was absolutely horrid; I almost retched from the nasty stench.

“Is something dying in your mouth, mutt?” I gagged. I elbowed the eraser on my right, hitting his gut. He stumbled back with a grunt, letting my arm free and able to hook the other hound in the jaw. I heard a snap from his jaw, making me smile.

“She’s part of the new batch!” the eraser yelled towards his other teammates. Three more erasers flew at us. The bird kid and I dodged each on, but also beat them in the process.

                Suddenly, a pair of rough hands locked my hands behind me. I looked back, finding a nasty eraser grinning at me with disgusting, yellow, sharp teeth.

“Gotcha!” he growled happily. We were still airborne, correct? I flashed a smile at the eraser, leaving him confused.

“If I go down,” I began, “you’re going down with me.”

The eraser tilted his head to the side, giving a slight “huh?” but before he could even ask, I tucked my wings in, making us descend quickly to the ground. I’m surprised the mutt didn’t use his wings, but they were also no good for his own rescuing. They were like chicken wings.

                As soon as I felt his death grasp on my wrists slowly loosen, I snapped my wings out, letting them lift me. The poor flea bag couldn’t catch on and fell, disappearing into some tree tops and a harsh thud. I smirked and soared up to the sky again, finding the new mutant freak.

“We’ll be on the run for quite a while,” he said, scanning the skies for more flying strays. “Let’s find a place to stay at. Follow me.”

Reluctantly, I did as ordered. I never liked following orders.

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