Summer of Our Lives

Carmen and Alex are two sisters who are 17 and are from Orlando, Florida. Alex's parents died in a car accident when she was at the age of one. Alex's and Carmen's parents were the best of friends. In their Will, their only request was that Carmen's parents raise Alex, so that is exactly what they did. The girls both finished their Junior year in high school and are officially Seniors. Their mom is a fashion designer and their dad is a big time lawyer. As you can tell they don't really struggle with money. Anyway, Carmen and Alex's parents are letting the two of them go to Italy alone for summer vacation. What Carmen doesn't know is that Alex signed the both of them up to win a date with Austin Mahone. Who wins the contest? What happens when Austin has to bring an unexpected guest with him on his date? What hapens when that unexpected guest is Justin Bieber? Who falls for who? Guess you'll just have to read on to find out(;


11. What A Day

Carmen's POV:

I walked (more like limped) into the kitchen, and for once I am ready before Alex is. I hope I can control my limping for today. I dont want Austin feeling bad when it was an accident. I am sitting on the couch when I receive a text message.

From: Austin Mahone(:

Hey beautiful(: I just wanted to let you know me and Justin will be there in the next half hour(: Did you know that they are dating now?

They are what now?!?! Why didn't she tell me?!

To: Austin Mahone(:

Hey cutie(; Can't wait<3 WHAT?!?! Are you kidding?

From: Austin Mahone(:

Me either<3 No I'm not. He even wrote her a letter. Maybe it is still on the counter?

To: Austin Mahone(:

Okay. I will go look. See you soon(:

I put my phone on the coffee table and head into the kitchen. Sure enough there is a letter from Justin. I feel bad reading it but she won't care. I opened the letter and started to read the contents that it holds.

Dear Alex,

I am so sorry for last night. I only told the paprazzi you were just a friend because i didnt want them hounding you. I also know how cruel the fans can be. You mean to much to me to see you hurt. I thought i was protecting you but i hurt you even more. I am so sorry. You are not just a friend to me. You mean everything to me. I know we just met but i know everything I need to know about you. You are a head strong, sarcastic, beautiful human being. These last few days have been the greatest. Im glad Austin lied to Carmen and told her he had to bring a friend too when he didnt. I havent been this happy in a long time. Have i mentioned to you how beautiful your are. I really hope you can give me a second chance. If you do, i will tell the world that you are the one for me and you are mine. That is if youll still take me. Okay im done babbling. Just think about it.

Love, Justin

WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH!!! Hold the freaking phone. Austin lied to me about the date!!!

Carmen- ALEX!! COME HERE PLEASE!!! *i shouted only because she was far away.*

Alex- Is everything okay? *concern is clear in her voice*

Carmen- First, congrats on the whole Justin thing. Second, I didn't mean to be noisy but I read the letter, what in the world does Justin mean when he says Austin lied about the date?

Alex- I have no clue. I was going to ask him about it later. You dont know either?

Carmen- No. I will talk to him, but should I do it before we go out or after?

Alex- I think you should do it after breakfast. Justin and I will leave you alone while you talk to him.

Carmen- Okay great. Thanks. You actually had a great idea. Thats a first

Alex- Okay well someone is in a grumpy mood. I will ignore that remark. How is your ankle?

Carmen- It realllllly hurts.

Alex- Do you want to get it looked at?

Carmen- I dont know right now. All im worried about is finding out what this lie is?

My mind is going crazy. I dont know if I can wait till after breakfast, but I know I have to. We have been getting along quiet well. I just wish I knew how he felt. To top i off, he is leaving in 2 days for his tour. Justin has to leave in 1 and half days to finish his. His concert is tomorrow, then he leaves. The thing is Alex ndJustin are actually dating. How is that going to work? I was too caught up in my worries that I forgot Alex was there. Whoops

Alex- Carmen? Did you hear me?

Carmen- No sorry. I was lost in thought. What were you saying?

Alex- Dont worry about the lie. It probably isnt that big of a deal. Whatever it is, dont let it ruin your time. We came here to have fun not mope about celebrities.

Carmen- You say that now, but what is going to happen when Justin leaves in almost 48 hours?

Alex- I hate you! I wast even thinking about that until you brought that up *she pouts*

Carmen-Im sorry. Maybe you should talk to him about it today?

Alex- NOOO WAY!!! He will most likely think im clinggy

Carmen- Dont worry about it. Sorry I brought it up

She nodded and was about to respond when there was a knock on the door. I get up to answer it and see Justin.

Justin- You girls ready for some good eatin

Alex- Your a weirdo *He comes in and gives her a kiss on the lips. They are TOOOOOO perfect*

Justin- Only for you babe *He winked*

Carmen- Lets rolllllll * I said walking out the door*

Justin- Carmen? Whats wrong with your ankle?

Carmen- I ummm tripped up the stairs this morning and umm hurt it *I lied*

Justin- Areyou sure?

Carmen- Positive. I think I would know what happened *I probably sounded harsh* Sorry for being rude I just have a lot on my mind

Justin- Dont worry about.

Alex- Come on guys lets go.

Justin and Alex hopped into the backseat. Austin got out of the car and held the door open for me.

Austin- M'lady. Why are you limping? Are you okay?

Carmen- Thanks and yea. Im fine. I just tripped going up te stairs. No biggie

Austin- Im taking you to get it looked at after the beach

Carmen- Its not that bi-

Austin- Dont sass me missy.

Carmen- Ok *I sighed. I just want to know what the lie is!!! UGHHH!

Austin- Are you okay. You seem like something is bothering you. What is it?


Carmen- Nohing. Im fine. Just tiered from Alex waking me up late last night and early this morning.

Austin- Oh okay

For the rest of the car ride me and Austin stayed silent.

Austin's POV:

I wish I knew what was bothering Carmen. She hasnt talked to me since we arrived at IHOP. I have this feeling she is mad at me or something. I was ripped out of my thought by my phone vibrating.

From: Justin

Whats wrong with Carmen??

To: Justin

I would like to know the same thing. Maybe Alex knows.

From: Justin

Maybe. Let me text her and ask her.

I was just sitting there eating my pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns while Justin and Alex texted eachother. Carmen wasnt really eating her face pancake she ordered. She seems really caught up in her thought.

*New Text Message*

From: Justin

Bro dont kill me, but Carmen read the letter I wrote to Alex and in the letter i may have mentioned you lied about the date. PLEASE dont kill me!!!

To: Justin

Did you mention what the lie was?

From: Justin-


To: Justin

Thats whats bothering her. She is trying to figure out what the lie is. I should be mad at you but I am too worried about Car to care

Austin- Hey Car, can I talk to you out side for a minute?

Carmen- I guess *she sighs*

We walk out side and find a quiet place to talk.

Austin- I know that you know that I lied about the date

Carmen- You do?!?! *Shock is clear in her sweet soft voice*

Austin- Yes and its not as bad as you think. Remeber when you said you had to bring Carmen and I told you I had to bring a friend as well.

Carmen- Yes? *She has a confused look in her eyes*

Austin- Welll ummmmm. I didnt actually have to bring a friend. I lied so you wouldnt cancel on me because the moment I saw your entry sheet and talked to you on the phone I wanted to meet you. I didnt want to seem like a liar so I called Justin to help me out. Thats all. Are you mad?

Carmen- Thats the lie?

Austin- Yea

Carmen- Thats actually really sweet that you would go through all that trouble for me *She blushed.*

Austin- So your not mad at me?

Carmen- I was never mad. Just worried.

Austin- Phew. okay good. Lets go finish our breakfast.

She responds with a nod. I grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers. We then walked back into IHOP. Im glad she isnt mad at me anymore. About 30 minutes later we finished eating and were now on the beach. Me and Carmen were walking behind Justin and Alex hand in hand.

Austin- Did i mention how beautiful you look

Carmen- Thanks *There she goes blushing again. God she is soo cute*

Austin- Im going to miss you when I leave in 2 days

Carmen- *sighs* Yea me too

Austin- We can still text thouhg and facetime

Carmen- I guess

Austin- Im really going to miss you

Carmen- Im going to miss you too goof ball. I am glad I got to know you

Austin- Me too. Do you think you can drive me to the airport on thursday?

Carmen- Of course I can

Austin- Really?

Carmen- Yes. Would you lik-

She was cut off by fans and paprazzi screaming and asking questions.

Pap 1- Who is the girl Austin?

Pap 2- Is she your girl friend?



she is not a slut!!! Just keep walking. Ignore them Austin. I was doing a really good job at ignoring them until a fan asked a very great question.


That is a good idea. It would be alot easier then having to say goodbye to her. Carmen looks scared and flustered. Thats when I realized Justin and Alex are talking to the paprazzi. I need to get Carmen home. I Slipped one of my arms around her waist and guided her to Alex and Justin

Austin- Im taking Carmen back to the house *I whispered in Alex's ear.

Alex- Keep her safe *she whispered back.

I mouthed "Always" before grabbing a hold of Carmen again and bringing her back to the house. She was holding her ankle with a look of pain on her face.

Austin- Are you okay?

Carmen- No it really hurts.

Austin- Come one. Im taking you to the hospital.

She didnt even bother arguing with me. She just nodded and grabbed her phone, wallet, and keys. I then picked her up bridal style and took her to my car. She didnt say anything. She just laughed with her contagious laugh.

~20 minutes later~

We pull into the parking lot of the hospital. I get out of the car and rush to Carmen's side of the car and put one of her arms around my neck. I then slippedone of my arms around her waist to steady her and so she doesnt put anymore preasure on her ankle. I know she didnt trip up the stairs. She is a horrible liar. I feel bad because it is my fault. I sholdnt have pushed her of the bed.

We reach the fron desk and the lady says a doctor will be right with us. In less then 5 minutes a doctor with the name of Mr. Brown coms out. He took her and sid I have to wait in the waiting area. I do as i am told. I grow impatient. It has been 30 minutes. i decided to text Alex and tell her where we are so she desnt have a panic attack.

To: Alex

Camen and I went to the hospital to get her ankle looked at.

*2 minutes later I get a reply*

From: Alex

Oh thank god I was starting to worry. Text me whe you find anythng out

To: Alex

will do

As soon as I hit the send botton, Carmen walks up to me on crutches.

Carmen- Hey cutayyyy *She shouted and giggled*

Mr. Brown- *Chucled at her goofiness*She twisted her ankle. I advise her to stay off of it for 2 days to give it a break. I aslo gave her pain killers. That is why she is acting all loopy

Carmen- Am not *She pouted and crossed her arms like a 5 year old*

Austin- Thanks doc.

Mr. Brown- No problem. I want to see her in 2 weeks for a follow up

Austin- Yes sir

with that we left. I helped Carmen in the car. She blasted the radio and One Directions 'Best Song Ever" blasted through the speakers. Carmen then decides to start singing the song like a loon.


This is how she was the whole way back to her house. She eventually fell asleep. When we get to her house I carry her inside. Alex asked what happened and I told her what happened. I brought Car to her room and tucked her in her bed. I placed a kiss on her forehead. Her beautiful blue eyes flutter open.

Carmen- Stay

I didnt respond. I just took my shoes off and got in next to her. She moved so her head was on my chest and one of arms were placed on my stomach. I retaliated by grabbing her by her waist and holding her close to me. With that we both fell asleep in eachothers arms. What a day.






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