Summer of Our Lives

Carmen and Alex are two sisters who are 17 and are from Orlando, Florida. Alex's parents died in a car accident when she was at the age of one. Alex's and Carmen's parents were the best of friends. In their Will, their only request was that Carmen's parents raise Alex, so that is exactly what they did. The girls both finished their Junior year in high school and are officially Seniors. Their mom is a fashion designer and their dad is a big time lawyer. As you can tell they don't really struggle with money. Anyway, Carmen and Alex's parents are letting the two of them go to Italy alone for summer vacation. What Carmen doesn't know is that Alex signed the both of them up to win a date with Austin Mahone. Who wins the contest? What happens when Austin has to bring an unexpected guest with him on his date? What hapens when that unexpected guest is Justin Bieber? Who falls for who? Guess you'll just have to read on to find out(;


3. The Call

Alex's POV:

Me and Carmen are on the beach tanning. The sun is shining and the water is just right. Today is the day we find out who the winner is to "A Date With Austin". I have my phone by me waiting until 12:00 pm. Carmen's phone is next to her and I'm watching it like a hawk along with mine. I put her ringtone on loud so I can hear if it rings. I wonder if she'll be mad at me. 11:59 am.... one more minute. Ring! Ring! For heavens sakes RING!!!!

Carmen's POV: 
I was laying out on the beach with Alex attempting to tan my pale skin. All of a sudden I hear my ringtone "Chloe by Emblem 3" goes off and a private number appeared on the screen of my phone. I was too busy singing along to the song like an idiot that I forgot someone was calling until the song stopped and my phone was up to Alex's ear. 

Alex- No this is her sister, but Carmen is right here dancing like an idiot. Hold on*I gave her the death stare*
*Alex handed me the phone with a stupid grin on her face*
Person- Is this Carmen Montgomery?
Carmen- Yes this is she. May I ask who is calling
Person: Umm... This is Austin Mahone. I am calling to inform you that you are the lucky winner. 

* I was in complete utter shock. I was frozen until he said "winner". Winner to what? I should probably respond to him before he thinks I hung up.*

Austin- Hello? Are you still there?

* Speak Carmen speak!!! Alex punched me in the arm (quite hard might I add) snapping me out of my gaze into space.*

Carmen- Um yeah sorry about that. What did I win exactly?
Austin- You are the winner of the "A Date With Austin" contest. 
Carmen- A whata with whoda?!?!?! *I pinched myself to make sure this was real and not a dream. OUCH!! No i'm awake. OH MY GOSHHH!
Austin- *He chuckled in amusement* The win a date with ME, Austin Mahone, contest. 
Carmen- Ohhh. Wait! What! How! Alex!
Austin- English would kinda be helpful *He said while laughing* 
Carmen- Well I didn't actually sign up for the contest. I think my sister did it for me. 
Austin- Oh... Well would you still like to.. Umm.. You know go on a date with me?
Carmen- YES OFCOURSE... I mean um yes that would be fine. 
* Smooth Carmen smooth!!!*
Austin- haha okay. Ill text text you later with the details tomorrow if that's okay.? Oh um can I get your number?
Carmen- Okay and ya you can text mean. And Austin?
Austin- Yea?
Carmen- You are calling me on my number * I said while giggling*
Austin- Oh umm right. Sorry.
Carmen- It's okay. Well I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow?
Austin- Yea. You sure will. Bye Carmen
Carmen- Bye Austin

With that I hung up. 

Carmen- Alex I freaking love you and hate you at the same exact time!!!
Alex- I get why you love me but why hate me? *She said with puppy dog eyes*
Carmen- Because you didn't tell me about the contest and I sounded like a complete obsessed lunatic! 
Alex- No, you sounded like a confuse loon * she said while grinning. Clearly pleased with herself*
Carmen- Shut up! But seriously, thanks. I kinda owe you one. 
Alex- Kinda? One? More like deffinately and your whole life. 
Carmen- yeah okay* I replied back sarcastically* It's not like it's a real date anyway. It was a contest!
Alex- Yeah, but he picked YOU!
Carmen- I guess your right but I'm not going with any expectations. 
Alex- Yeah whatever. We have to go shopping!!
Carmen- Tomorrow. Lets just just go inside and watch a movie. I have had enough excitement for today. 
Alex- Sounds like a plan Stan. 

We got back to the house, showered, ate, and relaxed on the couch watching a random movie. I wasn't really paying any attention to it. My mind kept going back to the call. I hope I don't embarrass myself. Wait!! What about Alex? I can't leave her by herself. UGH!! Maybe she can come with us. Ill call tomorrow. At some point during the movie I drifted off into a peaceful sleep 

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