Summer of Our Lives

Carmen and Alex are two sisters who are 17 and are from Orlando, Florida. Alex's parents died in a car accident when she was at the age of one. Alex's and Carmen's parents were the best of friends. In their Will, their only request was that Carmen's parents raise Alex, so that is exactly what they did. The girls both finished their Junior year in high school and are officially Seniors. Their mom is a fashion designer and their dad is a big time lawyer. As you can tell they don't really struggle with money. Anyway, Carmen and Alex's parents are letting the two of them go to Italy alone for summer vacation. What Carmen doesn't know is that Alex signed the both of them up to win a date with Austin Mahone. Who wins the contest? What happens when Austin has to bring an unexpected guest with him on his date? What hapens when that unexpected guest is Justin Bieber? Who falls for who? Guess you'll just have to read on to find out(;


7. Anxiety attacks and Explanations

Austin's POV:

I feel really guilty about throwing her in the water. I was just trying to mess around. The last thing I wanted to do was upset her. I made her cry. I am such a JERK!!! I should have just put her down when she asked me to, but no I had to be an idiot and throw her in the water. She probably hates me now. She wouldnt even look me in the eyes. When we got back to her house, she went into the shower and told me to make myself comfortable. I sat on the couch scolding myself when Alex plopped down next to me.

Alex- Hey, how did it go?

Austin- Horribly. I bet she hates me now and never wants to see me again and I don't blame her.

Alex- What?! Why???

Austin- because I am an idiot and threw her into the water when she dont me not to.

Alex- WHAT?!?!?! Is she okay?

Austin- I dont know. She went into the shower. Why is she so upset, if you dont mind me asking?

Alex- she should be the one to tell you. Not me. But she isnt mad at you. She is just scared of the water and paniced. You didnt know, therefore she wont hate you.

Austin- Ill wait for her to get out. Is it too soon to ask her?

Alex- No. You deserve an explanation. Just from her not me.

Austin- Okay

Alex- Im going to go check on her.

Alex left me alone with my thoughts. What could have happened to make her scared of water?

Alex's POV:

Oh gosh, I hope she is okay. I know Austin didnt know. Its not his fault and she wont be mad at him. Hopefully. I need to make sure she is okay. I walked into her room to find her curled up in a ball on her bed crying her eyes out. She is shaking and her breathing is heavy. CRAP!!!

Alex- AUSTIN!! GET IN HERE NOW . Carmen I need you to relax. Try to breathe out of your nose.

*she nodded because her voice was inaudiable*

Austin- *rushes in her room almost falling on his face, but he caught himself*  Whats wrong? *Worry clear in his voice as he watches Carmen shake and shiver*

Alex- She is having an anxiety attack because she was crying. When she gets these attacks asthma attacks follow and they can be bad. I need you to stay with her and try to calm her down while I go look for her inhaler. Make sure she breaths from her nose not her mouth!

He nodded at my demand and I left to go on a scavenger hunt for her inhaler.

Austin's POV:

I watched as her pale body shook and shivered. I grabbed my jacket that was on her bed still from last night. I put it on her and zippered it up for her. I pulled her into a hug and started drawing circles on her back with my fingers.

Austin- Babe, i need to you to breath in and out of your nose for me. Take deep breaths.

She did as I told her but was finding it hard to. I knelt down infront of her and did what I was asking her to do. She was mimicking my breathing and her's finally slowed down. Tears streaming down her beautiful, colorless, face. I wiped them away with my thumb before speaking to her.

Austin- Do you want some water?

Carmen- Yes please * she spoke in a soft whisper because her throat was dry from all that weasing  and crying*

Austin- ALEX, GRAB HER A WATER. SHE IS CALM NOW! * I screamed because I didnt want to leave Car by herself.

Alex- OKAY THANK YOU! *She yelled back clearly relieved that Car was calm*

Alex ran into the room with a bottle of water handing it to me. I opened the lid for her and put it in her still semi-shakey hands. She placed the bottle to her dry lips and started chugging down every last drop.

Austin- Are you feeling better?
Carmen- Yeah. Im just tiered. Thanks for helping me *her voice was back to normal but still sounded weak and tiered*

Austin- Are you too tiered to tell me what happened out there on the beach?

Carmen- * She took a deep breath and shook head head 'no'* Here is was happened. *She began and as she went on my heart ached for her*

Carmen's POV:

Carmen- *I took a deep breath and shook my head 'no' so he would know im not too tiered and i will tell him* Here is what happend. When I was 13 i went to a friend's pool party. I didnt know how to swim. I didnt want to seem like a wimp so i went to the party anyway. These to guys thought it would be funny to throw me in the pool, so they did. They tossed me into the deepend of the pool which was 8 feet deep. I sunk right to the bottom struggling to get back up. I was drowning until Alex jumped in and saved my life. I almost didnt make it. Ever since then I havent been able to go in the pool, bathtub, or ocean. Sorry for not telling you. I just didnt want you thinking I was a baby or over reacting.

Austin- Dont you dare appologize .I am sorry.  I still shouldnt have thrown you in when you told me not to. I would never think that about you. You have every right to be scared. I know i would be if that happened to me. I am here for you no matter what. I care about you and I dont want to see you hurt. When ever your ready to face your fear I will gladly teach you how to swim.

Carmen- Thanks Austin, for everything.

He embraced me in a hug that lasted for atleast 10 minutes. But I didnt mind. I could stay like this forever. Then ofcourse Alex had to come in and ruin the moment.

Alex- Hey are you going to be okay by yourself? I can reschedule the date if you need me too.

Carmen- No its okay. Go ahead and have fun. Ill just lay on my bed, pop popcorn and watch a comedy.

Austin- I can stay if you want me to

Alex- Okay if your sure. And Austin, that would be great.

Carmen- Um Alex, I think he was asking me. Austin, I would love that.

Alex- Okay. Bye. Love you. Austin take care of my sister.

Austin- I will dont worry

Carmen- I am fine. Go have fun and I love you too.

With that she left. I went into the kitchen and popped some popcorn, while Austin was in the room picking out a movie to watch. He chose the movie 'Just Go With It'. We cuddled on my bed eating popcorn and enjoying the rest of our night. I eventualy fell asleep with a huge smile plastered on my face because once again i feel asleep on Austin's chest with his arms tightly wrapped around my waist. If only we can stay like this forever.


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