The Secret


Timothy Blunt was an average citizen of Paradox the daughter of the United States after it fell in 2035. Until of course he stumbled upon the secret that would change his life, and his family's for the worst.

Timothy worked for Renaissance Corporations he believed like all the rest that they believed in rebuilding the world and the cultures that were lost in World War Four. Until he overhears the conversation. What is RC hiding? Read The Secret to find out.


2. The Survival of Paradox

Timothy Blunt waited quietly in his apartment. The very thought of taking down the most powerful company in North America was irrational and stupid. Timothy in all his life had never done anything so life threatening. He paced back and forth pulling at his perfectly gelled hair with his hands. He walked to his mirror and stared at its perfect surface and wondered how he had become so flawed. How he had removed himself from the norm of every day life. As a citizen of Paradox he was expected to wake up, move slowly on the conveyor to work, ride the elevator, and return home after seven hours of meaningless work. How did he the second most powerful man in the country detour off his course to success so quickly, so drastically. He was no longer the ideal citizen he was Outlaw Number One, he had secrets that were Death worthy. He heard a key being shoved into a lock and he stopped in his tracks and looked towards the living room, afraid Maxwell had decided to come and 'check' on him.


"Tim? Timothy are you alright?" he heard Tish say from outside the door. He let out the breathe he had been holding and opened the bathroom door that he had quickly walked into.


"I'm fine Tish. Really." Timothy said reassuringly taking her delicate hands in his.


"Are you sure? At the meeting you were acting peculiar, or more so than usual." Timothy looked at his soon to be wife and smiled, many secrets could be hidden behind one innocent gesture. 


"Really honey I'm fine." he reassured her once more. "How was the rest of work?"


"Boring since you're my boss and not Maxwell Tylerson, that guy gives me the creeps." Tish said. Timothy let out a laugh and was surprised by himself. Here he was facing his own destruction and he was laughing about how Max gave Tish the creeps. Tish noticed the change in his demeanor and asked once again this time looking him dead in the eyes.


"Timothy Alexander Blunt you tell this instant whats the matter with you. I've known you long enough to know when you're lying to me!" Tish said, she was clearly becoming angry with him for not telling him what was bothering him. 


"Alright, I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to endanger you. I overheard Max and this other guy, Max is planning to take over Medieval Incorporated and the planet and then the universe. I know it sounds crazy but its true and then they plan to cover it up with framing me for embellishment!"


"Tim dear, I believe you, but whatever are you going to do? RC is a huge powerful company that controls everything Paradox does."


"I know that. But the worst of it is that Max killed my dad." Tish looked at him surprised. 


"What? No that can't be right. Why would Max kill Mr. Blunt?"


"To become President of the company and start his ten year plan to rule the world. I swear he might be the first to do it to. Hitler tried all those years ago, he didn't succeed no, but Max he's stronger than that Nazi! He'll be worse than that half mustached freak! He'll wipe us all out and replace us with robots! Robots I tell you!"


"Timothy I think you need some sleep. You can think of your plan tomorrow. For now try to get some rest."




The next morning Timothy woke with no recollection of the previous days events. It took him some time before it came back to him that his brother in law was an evil master mind and planned on using his father's company to take over the world.  He glanced over at Tish's sleeping form and put his arm around her. If anything were to happen to her and not to him he didn't know what he would do. He kissed her cheek and removed himself from the bed, as his feet hit the icy floor a shock of pain traveled through his body. Being one of the last humans to be born inside the womb had its disadvantages. Pod children did not feel pain, or much of anything besides the basic, love, happiness, ambition, and passion. The government believed the other emotions got in the way of a successful country, so they took those emotions and destroyed them. Timothy though could feel more than four emotions. He felt pain, betrayal, depression, sadness, right now he felt betrayed by his friend, by his family really. Timothy was dressed before Tish could even finish her dream sequence. Tish was the first Pod child and they gave each Pod child a dream sequence code that could be downloaded onto a computer. Tish opened her eyes yawned and got up, she reached behind her right ear where her dreams were stored and plugged that into a USB stick. Her dreams from the night before came rushing onto the computer. He saw his face many times, and then Max's but Max held a weapon, and Tish was in the corner of a room, and Timothy was there to rescue her.


"Tish, why do you dream of me killing Maxwell?"


"Huh? Oh Uh I was dreaming at first of our wedding and then Maxwell was there and he began chasing me and chasing me until we came to this old abandoned ware house where he cornered me, I thought for moments that I was going to die, and then you came. You shot him and you rescued me. You brought us back to our wedding where we wed and lived happily ever after."


"Let's just hope I make it that far." Timothy said after a few moments of silence. "How am I going to act at work? I know everything that Maxwell is thinking now. I mean he's my best friend or he was. We grew up together. For God's sake we're brothers he married my sister!"


"Do you think Rebecca knows? Do you think she's in on it?"


"Becky isn't power hungry and if she knew he killed our father she would have killed Maxwell in mere moments after having found out." Timothy said dismissing Tish's idea.  "Even if she is she isn't the greatest actress." Timothy smiled, remembering a moment from long ago,



"Daddy, I want to work in Hollywood someday!"


"Rebecca darling, you can do anything you like. But remember not all dreams come true."


"But mine will, won't daddy? You can buy my way into Hollywood can't you?"


"Perhaps, but if you work hard it will feel better once your there. Timothy what is your dream?"


"Father I dream of being the CEO of Renaissance Corporations when I grow up. Silly dreams of becoming an actress or actor isn't worth my time. Sorry Rebecca if I have offended you."


"My dear boy you will become the CEO one day. Keep your chin up and work hard."


"Yes father, just because you are rich and the CEO of the company doesn't mean I can just slide on by in life. Life is about hard work and being the model citizen!"


"That's right my boy."


Even though he and his father never exchanged a heart felt conversation in Timothy's life he knew his father loved him, and his father knew both his children returned his love. In his memory Rebecca acted like a spoiled brat more often than not Rebecca was the most level headed little sister any one could dream of having. Although they shared a remarkable age difference he loved Rebecca like a best friend given his ten year advantage over her he helped her make it through their father's tragic death, he just couldn't picture her involved in the tragedy.


"No definitely not. Rebecca had nothing to do with it."


"Its just a suggestion. Don't tell her anything about Maxwell, it may endanger her." Tish said quietly. 


"I know. After all these years you'd think I could save her somehow. I never wanted them to marry. He's much to old for her."


"Much like you and I?"


"That's different. She's my sister. You're my sexy secretary." Timothy said. Tish smiled and came to sit next to him.


"What ever are we going to do, Mr. Blunt?"


"Miss. Davidson, I just don't know."


"Would you like me to call you into work to say you're much to ill to make it in?"


"Whatever pleases you Miss. Davidson."


"Hold on a moment Mr. Blunt."


Tish left the room and Timothy looked around the room and noticed her dream sequence was still plugged in. He went over to the computer and pushed 'DOWNLOAD DREAM SEQUENCE' he waited until it said 'FULLY DOWNLOADED UNPLUG DSS' he did so and placed it carefully on the desk so she could find it. He then walked quietly to the bed and went back to sleep. He knew he was sick but not for reason Maxwell was being led to believe. He was sick with the knowledge of the fate of Paradox. 



The survival of his country, his planet and the universe rested on his shoulders. He was only human, and not even a pod child. He was a defenseless human with no allies except for his fiance and perhaps Medieval Incorporated if he could convince that Maxwell was evil. What could one man do?

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