The Secret


Timothy Blunt was an average citizen of Paradox the daughter of the United States after it fell in 2035. Until of course he stumbled upon the secret that would change his life, and his family's for the worst.

Timothy worked for Renaissance Corporations he believed like all the rest that they believed in rebuilding the world and the cultures that were lost in World War Four. Until he overhears the conversation. What is RC hiding? Read The Secret to find out.


4. Remembrance





Timothy sat on the couch next to a still sleeping Tish, waiting for her to wake up. He still remembered what had happened, Maxwell his best friend had kidnapped him and Tish, and planned on taking over the Universe. Timothy turned the T.V on to a random network with re runs from a show almost a century old, Timothy tried to place the name of it, he knew it had been a popular reality show, something to do with the old state of Jersey, he couldn't place it though and fell asleep to now dead people party into the night. He fell asleep with the thought of how ridiculous the names of the characters were. 


He awoke some time later with the TV black and Tish looking at him for explanations. 


"Tish you're awake!" The look Tish gave him confirmed that the word 'Loschen' worked both ways. Wiped and returned the unwanted memories. 


"Of course I'm awake Timothy! Its five in the afternoon! Why aren't you at work?"


"Why aren't you?" Timothy returned.


"I don't know! I don't remember anything at all!"


"Uh yes darling you can blame that on the creep."


"Maxwell? What the hell does he have to do with me having a slight case of amnesia?"


"Everything. 'Loschen'." Timothy whispered the word as he put ear plugs in his ears.


"Tim-" Tish's eyes drooped and she fell to the ground unconscious. Timothy stood and carried her to the bedroom.


"Sorry Tish, its for you're own good. I love you." Timothy recalled a few German words and hoped they'd have the same affect as 'Loschen', "lange Schlaf" Timothy kissed her once more and hurried from the room, changing his clothing. He was going to Medieval Incorporated and telling them Maxwell's master plan. He didn't bother with a jacket, it wasn't far to where he had to go, after all he only lived a crossed the street from Medieval Inc. He walked quickly through the on slaught of freezing rain and entered the grand entry way of the Incorporation founded by his uncle Drake. He hurried up the steps shaking excess water from his suit jacket. The receptionist recognized him immediately and phoned Drake. 


"Mr. Blunt, a Mr. Timothy Blunt is here to see you." There came static and then the gruff but gentle voice of his uncle boomed through the reception area,


"Send him up Victoria."


"Yes sir. Go on up Mr. Blunt." The look in her eyes showed that she was confused with all the 'Blunts' Timothy nodded towards and went towards the elevators, attaching the visitors clip to his pocket. He was greeted by his uncle's secretary and trusted assistant McGreggor. 


"Hello Greg,"


"Hello Mr. Timothy."


"Nice weather isn't it Greg?"


"Very funny sir, how's Renaissance?"


"Troubled I'm afraid."


"What horrid news. I suppose you're uncle is the last to know?"


"Of course of course." Timothy exited and was greeted directly by his uncle.


"Timothy my boy! What a great day it has become! If only Rebecca visited as much as you!"


"Uncle, I have dire news concerning RC,"


"Yes I suppose you do. Is it about that contract I signed?"


"Not precisely but that's part of it."


"Why don't you come into my office." His uncle place a hand on his nephews shoulder and guided him to his well lit and cherry wood decorated office. Timothy sat on a leather chair in front of the fire place while his uncle sat opposite him. The office cat, Mr. Shackle came to sit on Timothy's lap,


"Hello Shack," the car purred and laid down. "Uncle, Maxwell is planning something diabolical."


"And what is that my dear boy?"


"Well it started ten years ago." Timothy launched into the story of how Maxwell had killed his father and Drake's brother in an ongoing plan of taking over the world. When he reached the part of Maxwell using MI to take over Paradox and then the World his uncle's face paled.


"How can he do this and get away with it?"


"I didn't know myself, and I doubt Rebecca know's her husbands true plan."


"It wouldn't hurt to ask."


"Uncle she's been through so much."


"Don't you think its time to burst the bubble?" Timothy looked at his hands and slowly and reluctantly agreed, it was time to break Rebecca's perfect world.


"Its time to visit poor Rebecca." Timothy said slowly. "Its time she knew father is dead."





Rebecca Blunt Tylerson sat alone in her father's bedroom, combing back his thinning hair, her father looked so peaceful when he slept. He was always sleeping Rebecca thought. It was almost as if he was dead or she was simply invisible. Her husband was always gone on business, but her father didn't seem to mind at all. He liked that Maxwell headed the company. She didn't remember her brother ever wanting to replace Maxwell to lead out his birth right as the prince of Paradox. 


"Daddy, you must eat something. You can't sleep forever!" Rebecca heard the door bell ring and she looked back at her father, "Eat your soup I'll be back. We have company!" Rebecca set the soup on the nightstand and went to answer the door. It could be her brother or her mother! Oh how she wished it was her mother! She hadn't seen her mother in twenty years! She opened her door,


"Hello Uncle Drake and Timothy too! Oh what great fun!"


"Hello Rebecca." 


"Timmy you call me Rebel remember?"


"Not today Rebecca."


"Did I do something wrong?"


"No not you Rebecca. We didn't tell you this ten years ago and its time to tell you now."




"Rebecca, where's father?"




"Rebecca, father is dead, has been for a decade. Upstairs is a wax doll we made to fund your illusion."


"No, Father is asleep...he's eating his pea soup right now."


"No, Rebecca, Timothy is telling you the truth, we didn't want to risk a further mental break. After you're mother died you shut down. You kept on believing Claudette was alive, even making lunch dates with her. When your father was murdered, we didn't tell you and presented you with the wax sculpture. We regret to inform you that the murderer, you've been married to for the past fifteen years."


"No, no-no Max wouldn't do that! He would not kill Papa!"


"Yes he would, he would do anything to get what he wants!" Timothy said.


"How do you know?"


"He kidnapped Tish and I, and wiped our memories, I overheard him talking to Chestworth the man behind the Pod Children. He wants to take over the Universe using RC and MI."


"I don't believe you! Mom is not dead, father is not dead!"


"Rebel, you must listen to me." Timothy pleaded with his deranged sister. "You must leave Maxwell. Once he knows you know, once he knows I still know he'll kill the both of us and uncle."


"I can't leave Max, I love him and he loves me. We're expecting a child, a real child Timothy. Like you." 


"How is that possible?"


"Max doesn't know of the child just yet...I didn't tell him and its past the time to insert the embryo in the pod." 


"Rebecca, he doesn't care about the child, you must come with us!" uncle Drake persisted.


"No, what of father?"


"He's dead. The thing upstairs is a DOLL. Just a doll Rebecca." Timothy pleaded,


"I don't believe you!"


"I'll take you to their catalyst! Just come with us!"


"Fine. Show me the Catalyst in which they enjoy eternal slumber wrapped in one another's arms for all eternity but if they are not inside the tomb, I will murder you Timothy Blunt." Rebecca grabbed a jacket and closed the door. 





Maxwell Tylerson stepped from the cloak of shadows and smiled an evil laugh. So this was Timothy's plan? To break his sister to mere strands of sanity? Maxwell gave a laugh and climbed the steps of the Blunt Mansion, and into the room where Rebecca spent most of her days. In the center of the enormous bed laid a waxen figure of a man who resembled the one he had murdered a decade ago. Maxwell smiled and picked up the cheese knife from the bedside table and cut into the waxen figure and sliced it like a filleted fish,


"How does it feel old man? To know even in death, you are not safe from the wrath of the Tylerson's?" He left the knife in the waxen figure and left the room, leaving the lamp facing the figure. The heat from the lamp already making the 'doll' melt. Maxwell smiled and wiped the wax from his sleeves. He headed to work, his chauffeur never asking why he smelt of modeling wax.





Tish sat on the bed, wondering how on earth she had gotten here when she had been interrogating Timothy just a few seconds before. She rubbed her head and reached behind her ear for her Dream Sequence. It was still there, but not attached as it should be. It had been disconnected on one side, rendering it useless in recovering her memories. 'Timothy' she thought, she swung her legs over the bed and went in search of her love. 


"Timothy Blunt when I get through with you I swear!"


"Big words for such a tiny woman." The familiar sound of the CEO of Renaissance came from behind her. Maxwell Tylerson came closer to her, a silver gleam coming from his hand. "I believe Tish, that Timothy is planning revolt against my plans."


"What plans? Why the hell are you here?"


"You see, Timothy figured out my secret."


"What you're having an affair?"


"No,, I'm not going to tell you but give Timothy a message using you." Maxwell shot at her, the bullet grazed her arm and she ran, refusing to feel the pain now coursing through her body. "I regret to inform you Tish that those bullets are coated in poison, even a graze will kill you. Goodbye you'll be dead before Timothy returns." Maxwell left locking the apartment door behind him. Tish sank to the floor, crying through the immense pain that was engulfing her. Her nerves were on fire, she was hyperventilating, feelings that had been destroyed surfaced in her, fear, anger, vengeance. She felt the poison running like a million stallions towards her heart. 


"Good bye Timothy. I love you." She crawled to the legal pad on the table and wrote to Timothy explaining her death.



        Maxwell came to the apartment. We talked and he told me you knew something you shouldn't. He shot me with poison laced bullets and left me here to die. I feel it, the poison is a red hot pain it spreads like greedy fingers of a man with a pretty girl. God you must stop him, stop what ever he's planning and avenge my death. Remember that I love you and I will love you forever even in death. I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill my promise in marrying you. I love you forever and always. I don't have much time. Just know the murderer is your best friend you must stop him. I love you,


                     Tish, forever and always Timmy.' 

Tish collapsed onto the floor, and shook...the pain and the poison causing her tremors. She felt the poison grip her heart, tease it and then constrict it until she could no longer feel it beat. She cried as she took her last breath, blood trickled from her arm and her mouth. She whispered,


"I love you Timothy Blunt." She closed her eyes and she was the wind...gone forever.

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