The Secret


Timothy Blunt was an average citizen of Paradox the daughter of the United States after it fell in 2035. Until of course he stumbled upon the secret that would change his life, and his family's for the worst.

Timothy worked for Renaissance Corporations he believed like all the rest that they believed in rebuilding the world and the cultures that were lost in World War Four. Until he overhears the conversation. What is RC hiding? Read The Secret to find out.


8. Life in Hell

Chapter Eight: Life in Hell




Timothy Blunt sat next to his sister as she helped him plan the funeral of his late fiance. Timothy wasn't paying much attention to anything she was saying, he was looking at pictures of her, of both of them, and their engagement photo. He held her Dream Sequence in his hand.


"Timothy; roses or lilies?"




"Roses or lilies for Tish?"




"That wasn't an option."


"She loved Daffodils, especially the red ones."


"Okay, red daffodils it is. Are you okay?"


"Are you?" Timothy countered. "Your husband was just sent to prison."


"Yes, but the woman you wanted to spend your life with was murdered."


"Yeah I know. How can I forget?" The door bell rang, and the projection showed it was their brother. "Martin is here."


I'll get the door." Rebecca got up and got the door, Martin pulled her into a hug,


"Becky I'm so sorry; if I'd known what a creep Maxwell truly was I would've kicked him out the first time Tim brought him home. Where is Tim anyway?"


"In the kitchen, he's so depressed. I don't think its healthy for him to continue living here, Tish was killed in the living room."


"You sure know how to pick them don't you little sis?" Martin Vanders asked sarcastically.


"Oh shut up,"


"Ouch, that hurt, right here." Martin said in a mock hurt tone indicating to his heart.


"Oh give it a rest will you Marty?" Rebecca led him into the kitchen where they found Timothy staring intently at a photograph.


"Hoping she'll pop right out?"


"How'd you know?" Timothy whisper. "This isn't fair."


"No, its not. But we're Blunts, we'll pull through this; trust me."


"Martin, how's Natalie?"


"She's great, the best dog I've ever had."


"Great, at least you've got a companion."


"Hey, you'll find someone." Rebecca said sitting down. "You're only thirty seven,  you've got time."


"Yes, but there's only one Tish for me. Now she's gone and I'm alone."


"If it makes you feel any better my friend Christiana liked you a lot in High School, and she's single still."


"I'm not ready yet, I just lost her you know."


"I know, I'm just giving you options. Just try; when you're ready to move on. Its what Tish would've wanted. Not you sulking around your apartment all day. You've got a company to repair."


"I know." Timothy looked at Martin; and smiled. "Martin you can sit down you know."


"Everything looks so expensive. I don't want to soil anything with my grime of law."


"Martin, father loved you, and approved of your career choice. We love what you do." Rebecca reasoned.


"Its just that I don't feel like I belong in this world."


"Insanity man, Martin wherever you are, good things follow. You saved us from a life of running and fear." Timothy said.


"But I didn't save Tish."


"Hey, what happened to Tish isn't your fault. We should have come to you in the first place." Rebecca reasoned. "Please don't leave us. We're all alone now. We don't want to live a Life in Hell without our older, wiser, handsomer brother." Rebecca continued.


"Becky, you do know all the right things to say don't you?"


"Yes, I do don't I? I was going to school for political science and reasoning but mother died, and then father shortly after. I lost my mind to the grief and forgot about my schooling. My professors finally gave up trying to get me to return and I-I reduced myself to thinking about caring for father's waxen figure."


"What?" Martin asked.


"I regret that I ever gave Rebecca that illusion. Father was murdered and I didn't want to be the one to tell her. So Uncle Drake and I pitched in to make that real life looking wax doll. She was so far gone...I'm sorry Rebel. I really am."


"You just wanted to protect me." Rebecca said looking at her hands. Timothy knew deep down that Rebecca would never fully forgive him for deceiving her the way he and their Uncle Drake had done. Timothy wasn't thinking of the long term affects of such an action would have on Rebecca's already fragile mind. 



"Rebecca that's no excuse for what I did. I should've told you all those years ago."


"Timothy, its in the past. Its fine I'll forgive you okay? Now we have a funeral to plan." Rebecca said, venom coating her voice.


"Yes, let's get down to business." Martin said to ease the tension the two had created,


"When should the service be held Timothy?" Rebecca asked civilly,


"Her birthday sounds reasonable, so does our wedding day."


"When was your wedding to take place?" Martin asked.


"Next week, it seems fitting to launch her into space on that day, when we were supposed to start our new lives together."


"Oh Timothy!" Rebecca cried, throwing her arms around her brother, "There's always cremation!" 


"I like that option better. I couldn't bear the thought of Tish floating aimlessly through space for all eternity. Will you guys come with me to pick out the urn?"


"Of course we will brother," Martin assured his younger brother


"Good, good. The service will be three days from tomorrow. If you'll excuse me I'd like to be alone now. Feel free to stay the night being that I have two spare rooms. Help yourselves to refreshments." Timothy left the room and entered the living room. The red smear that once had been the pool of blood he had found the love of his life in was now a reddish brown stain on the pale wood of the floor. Timothy sat down next to the smear that once had been life and the woman he wished to marry. He sat down and he cried, he cried for Tish, he cried for the situation he was in and worst of all he cried out of regret and guilt. He regretted seeing to Maxwell's demands to go see him before the meeting, he regretted ever hearing that conversation, he regretted telling Tish, he felt guilty for pulling into the mess, and he felt guilty for her murder he didn't commit. "I'm so sorry Tish, what am I going to do without you?" Timothy laid down next to the stain, placing a hand in the center, remembering the day they had moved into the penthouse that surrounded him, he had carried her over the threshold, he had told her; I'm practicing for the big day. The memory brought a sad smile to his face. 


He remembered the day he first laid eyes on Tishabeth Davidson. She was wearing a black professional dress, with matching heels. Her hair was done up in a tight bun; she was gorgeous. His father had hired her to be Timothy's personal secretary, but Tish turned out to be so much more than that. For nearly a decade they had been together, keeping their romance a secret the first five years. When his father passed on, and Maxwell took over as CEO Timothy proposed to Tish, knowing somehow his father would've approved of their relationship when he was alive. Now, Tish was dead and he'd never kiss her again, hold her in his arms, comfort her when she was afraid or sad. Hear her laugh, watch her replay her memories and dreams, hear her say 'I do' or see what their children could've looked like. He'd never get to give her an anniversary present, never see a child of theirs graduate from school, so many never's now. Now that Tish had been prematurely ripped from him, from his supposed best friend Maxwell Tylerson. 


"Tish how am I supposed to survive life in hell? Loving you was like breathing. I needed to love you to survive. What am I supposed to do?" Timothy was expected to lead his father's company from the ruins Maxwell had left it in, but somehow Timothy couldn't bring himself to do it just yet. Timothy had enacted the emergency vacation with pay clause of his employee's contract. He'd let them know when he was ready to return to work, but for now he was in no shape to lead anyone to victory, much less run a country with the help of the president that is.




Rebecca Blunt sat with her back facing the kitchen door, yet she could hear everything her brother said to himself. She looked to her eldest brother at a loss for words. She finally uttered,


"I don't feel right leaving him like this. Let's stay in the spare rooms, in case he needs us."


"Yea, you're right. He's in no shape to be alone."


"I wonder how he's going to cope now that he's living life in hell?" Rebecca mused.


"We won't know until we burn up Tish." Martin replied.

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