The Secret


Timothy Blunt was an average citizen of Paradox the daughter of the United States after it fell in 2035. Until of course he stumbled upon the secret that would change his life, and his family's for the worst.

Timothy worked for Renaissance Corporations he believed like all the rest that they believed in rebuilding the world and the cultures that were lost in World War Four. Until he overhears the conversation. What is RC hiding? Read The Secret to find out.


1. Can You Keep a Secret?

Timothy Blunt was a tall man, nicely built. If anything came down to it, he could win almost any fight. Although he didn't remember much of the past United States now renamed Paradox , he wished to go back more than anything to the time where it was simple, cars had tires, babies were developed inside the mother and not in pods, and boats went in water and not the air. Sidewalks were for walking and not some type of conveyor belt. When Timothy was pulled from his thoughts he saw he was in front of his work, Renaissance Corporations he exited the conveyor and stepped onto the escalator instead. The doors opened automatically and he was reminded that there was no going back for him. It was February 7, 2060 a few years after the final World War. He held tightly to his briefcase as he chose the fire escape stairs instead of the elevator. When the wall read 7th he opened the door and was greeted by his secretary. 


"Good morning Mr. Blunt. Mr. Tylerson would like to see you before the big meeting with Medieval Inc."


"Tell him I'll be right there."


"Alright sir." He watched her go and put his briefcase in his wall safe and again exited his office to find Mr. Tylerson, the CEO of RC. He knocked on the closed door and he could hear a hushed conversation on the other side. He heard Mr. Tylerson and another male voice he couldn't place. Timothy listened closely and tried to make out what it was,


"When we join forces with Medieval Incorporated we will be near impossible to defeat! Together we will rule this pathetic excuse of a planet! Together we will truly show them what its like to LIVE!" that was Mr. Tylerson saying those ludicrous notions!


"Yes Maxwell we will rule over this planet, but what do we tell your kind hearted Vice President?"


"Mr. Blunt? Why he doesn't know what's going on beneath his nose. He'll be so bewildered with the embellishment claims he will forget about our plan!"


"You'd frame your brother in law sir?"


"Why not? I killed his father to get to where I am."


"All to rule all of earth and Paradox?"


"Yes Mr. Chestworth all to rule over the world, and soon the UNIVERSE!" Timothy had heard enough and turned to leave when the door flew open and Mr. Chestworth presumably stormed past him. His brother in law and best friend just looked at him enough to say, 'How much did you hear Blunt?'


"Tish said you wanted to speak with me?" Timothy said instead of letting on that he knew the secret.


"Oh yes. I wanted to know if your presentation was completed."


"I would sure hope so Maxwell its the big meeting today."


"Well then we should be on our way." Mr. Tylerson grabbed Timothy by the arm and led him towards the conference room. Timothy cringed at the touch of the murderer of his father. They entered the Conference room and Timothy went to the front of the room. He clicked seemingly invisible buttons on the wall and his presentation appeared in the center of the long white table. 


'Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Progress.' the Presentation spoke in a British female voice,

'If MI and RC joined forces the outcome would rival that of the 1500's the world would be cast into another Golden Age and the advancements would be unimaginable.' 


"As you can see, the idea of not sealing the deal, is well unimaginable." Timothy said finishing off the presentation. He clicked the same buttons and the presentation disappeared. Applause erupted throughout the room and Tish was beaming. 


"Thank you Timothy for that compelling presentation. Medieval Inc would gladly except your offer for the sake of Paradox and the world!" Maxwell shook their hands as the CEO of MC signed the contract. As did the Vice President. The contract was handed to Max and then Timothy whose signature came out as shaky as a rattle snake's tail. The MC's left and Maxwell put a hand on Timothy's shoulders. 


"Are you alright, you don't look so good."


"I'm feeling a bit under the weather actually."


"Go home rest, you did a splendid job today." Max smiled. Timothy hurried to exit the room and retrieved his briefcase from Tish's desk. Tish looked up at him with a worried look,


"Are you alright?"


"I tell you when you get home." he said as he pushed the button on the Elevator, like a torpedo shot from a submarine he was on the ground floor in seconds. He hurried onto the conveyor sidewalk and made his way home. When he reached his condo he pulled down all the shudders and curtains and even the bullet proof and radiation proof steel doors a crossed the windows and locked his doors. He then went into his bed room and thought about the information he had over heard. His beloved company planned to take control of Medieval Inc and take over the world! What could he do? Max planned to frame him with embellishment scandals. He'll be the wolf in sheep's clothing to the whole country! No one would believe him. But he also couldn't stand by while Max took over the world and universe with the help of Mr. Chestworth. 


He had to fight back. Whether or not it got him killed or not he could not let Paradox fall like the United States did all those years ago. He couldn't tell Tish, he loved her too much to endanger her life, to tangle her with his death mission. Maxwell will kill him because now Timothy Blunt is the threat, the quiet country mouse, the one who wished for the old ways was the threat to the plan ten years in the making. But Timothy would not give up. He would expose The Secret.


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