The Secret


Timothy Blunt was an average citizen of Paradox the daughter of the United States after it fell in 2035. Until of course he stumbled upon the secret that would change his life, and his family's for the worst.

Timothy worked for Renaissance Corporations he believed like all the rest that they believed in rebuilding the world and the cultures that were lost in World War Four. Until he overhears the conversation. What is RC hiding? Read The Secret to find out.


3. A Sickness that can No Longer be Cured



Chapter Three: A Sickness that can No Longer be Cured



Timothy Blunt sat up in bed, suddenly aware of the eerie silence that fallen over the apartment. Where was Tish? He jumped from the bed and entered the living area, suddenly very aware of the ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach. Could Tish's dream been a foretelling of the future? 


"Tish? Sweetheart please don't be playing games with me."


"Timothy Blunt, when has Tish ever played a game with you?" Timothy whirled around to be faced with the man he had identified as Mr. Chestworth, the man fueling Maxwell's ludicrous plan of taking over the universe.


"How did you get in here?"


"Oh Timothy, Max said you liked to play dumb, I hadn't realized how dumb you wished to play." Timothy didn't know whether or not to take offense to the comment or not. Surely Maxwell mentioned him only to make plans to ruin him. Not to tell Chestworth of his ways of playing 'dumb' as the man in front of him put it. "Nice pajamas by the way. Hadn't realized they were still the style."


"I'm not a pod child."


"Oh yes I am quite aware of your origin Timothy Blunt. After all I am the man behind the Pod Children. Your mother refused to have the operation done, so you were conceived without the 'powers' of the pod children like your beloved Tish Davidson."


"What do you want with me? Where's my fiance?" 


"She's safe, she's hidden away in the storage cupboard she wouldn't shut up. Screaming for you really, wonder why you didn't wake up."


"The door is sound proof ass hole." Timothy replied, losing his calm demeanor. "Now why the hell are you in my apartment?"


"Maxwell wished me to drain you of your memories. I told him it wouldn't work on you since you are not of the Pod. But he insisted I do something so without further a do, 'Loschen'" The German word was lost on his eighth grade education of the subject. He felt all his memories of the day before going away. Chestworth didn't know he had told Tish everything. He felt his world go black, and the last thing he saw was Tish laying next to him, pleading for him to wake up.




Timothy regained consciousness slowly, although he couldn't remember why he had been on the floor, only that Tish looked quite alarmed. He smiled and kissed her hand. She jumped at the contact and threw her arms around him.


"I'd thought he killed you! Oh Timothy Blunt never scare me so again!" Timothy couldn't recall the 'he' either that Tish supposedly thought had killed him, but he took her word for it and allowed her to ease him up onto the nearby couch.


"Tish, what did I do yesterday? I can't remember a thing."


"Tim, you found out this huge life threatening secret, and then this man who claimed to know you and wished to help you showed up at the door and then I was in the closet and you were on the floor, barely breathing." Timothy wished he could believe her, but Maxwell would never keep a secret from him, no not him. He was his best friend, Max told him everything. Involved him in everything.


"Tish I don't think that's possible."


"Max wants to take over the world using Medieval Incorporated and then the universe and put you behind bars for embellishment."


"No, Maxwell wouldn't dream up such ludicrous notions. You've been reading too much science fiction thrillers Tish before bed."


"Timothy, I believed you, why can't you believe me?"


"Because I can't remember!" Timothy yelled at no one in particular. "You are claiming my best friend wishes to frame me for this scheme, and that somehow he gained control of my father's business?"


"He killed your father ten years ago Timothy! You heard it from him! Your amnesia it has to do with that word that man used, what was it?"


"What possibly could a word do?"


"Loschen" Tish said. Timothy's world went black, and he collapsed against the cushions as the door banged open and Tish's screams for help faded with his consciousness. 







Timothy didn't remember ever leaving his apartment, or coming to work. Or ever coming to the mail room in his building, ever. Timothy's vision returned in pixels, the way a broken T.V would strain to show a picture. He heard screams for help, muffled by rope or cloth. A hand smacking bare skin sounded like gun fire in Timothy's ears. He strained against his bindings and realized he was bound in chain and barbed wire. Timothy heard Tish's screams and he regretted ever getting her involved in whatever it was that he involved her in. It had something to do with Maxwell, and with his beloved company.


"Tell me what he told you, you Pod Whore!" He heard Maxwell yell at Tish, her cries echoed off the steel walls and tore at Timothy's soul. 


"I already told you, he didn't tell me anything! Even if he did I would never believe him!" Tish cried.


"How did you know that word?"


"What word? The German word that makes Timothy black out?"


"Yes that one."


"I overheard it."


"From who?"


"Chestworth," Tish said. "You're pets should be more careful." Tish spat. Timothy groaned, so close Tish so close. 


"Tish, that's not your place to say." The crack of the whip sent tendrils of pain up and down Timothy's already weak body. He felt her pain and it caused him pain. Guilt infused pain that he could not escape. He heard heavy foot falls as the monster came towards him. He struggled but the wire bit into him, drawing his blood.


"Timothy now now, I won't harm you. I just want to be sure that Chestworth fulfilled his duties." Maxwell's devilish grin shook Timothy to his core as he realized Maxwell would kill him, and tell his sister he went on a vacation. 


"What are you talking about? Who's Chestworth? What am I doing in the Mail Room?" 


"You're questions shall go unanswered because my friend, my fears have been destroyed, you are harmless to the Cause. Davis, return them to their home, erase their memories and exterminate them if they cause any trouble."


"Yes sir." the one called Davis said as he unchained and cut the wire from Timothy, still clad in his pinstripe pajamas, Tish was unconscious, and Davis went to carry her but Timothy took her from his grasp, 


"Don't touch her. You people already hurt her." Davis nodded and he nudged them towards freedom to home... whatever Maxwell was hiding, whatever he didn't remember he was determined to find out. No matter the consequence. Even if it meant saying goodbye to Tish. To Rebecca to his life. He would find out Maxwell's secrets, apparently, again.



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