they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


15. Slenderman

Sara's P.O.V.

Today, we're going back home. It was a really fun 2 weeks. Niall and I took a shower. There's only one shower and our flight was soon, but we're married so it's not weird.

We got on the plane and went home. They didn't know we were leaving a couple days early. The plane too off, and we watched the land above. We were going to land in Texas, so while we landed for about an hours, we stayed on heir and watched YouTube videos. I saw this one a while ago that I never showed Niall. It's called "the game that makes grown men cry - SLENDER, A Reaction Montage"



"I didn't know a guy's voice could go that high. even Louis can't do that!", Niall said. I cracked up, but it's true. Slender man vs. Annoying Orange... Oh my god!



PAPER AIRPLANE!!!!!!!!!!!! Apple is mean! and poor bananas.

I saw this video of someone playing slender... IT SCARED ME!!! we went to download Slender the Arrival... the 10 bucks was worth it.


A/N I actually have this game and I never got passed Slender woman. It took me a month to get passed the 8 pages cuz I was really scared and when I finally got to the kulman mining place, I almost got caught by slender woman, but I jumped off of the 2nd floor and I think sh jumped too cuz I was flashing the light at her so she would get kinda scared... then I went back there and she was behind me. I got the second try... Slenderman was right there and he caught me. I gave up. I'm really scared to play anymore cuz i know slendys tentacles get like a billion times bigger than him at the end where the Forrest fire is. I'm the weakest girl ever. but ya basically here when they play, Sara would be me and Niall would be vannah^.^ the first time we played together



It started out in day, car crash. I had that car in a dream once years ago before a single slender game before... weird.

Once we got to the house, it was already dark. The door was half opened, so I went to open it all the way... it closed on me! Niall laughed at me. "that's nice"

we went inside and went into the living room and saw a note on the table. It was pink and white. "thank you. I can't thank you enough for coming out all this way. It's been a pretty rough road trying to sell this old place. I wish i would've turned to you sooner. You have no idea how happy I'll be once this is all behind me. love always, Kate" (a/n told u i played it a lot)

I found a flash light,then went upstairs. I went through the hall, and looked out of the window, nothing was there. I went to the room next to it. need a key. I looked in all the other rooms and found it. The bathroom has a kitchen in it! I want that house!!!!

I unlocked to door and pictures of slender man were everywhere. "he hates the radio tower. Let's go there", he found a paper on the desk that said to the woods on it, then we heard a scream... "KATE!!!", I shouted but not too loudly. Kind of like a whisper shout. We went outside... then there he was! i didn't know where to go, so I stood there looking at him, then he disappeared. "that was weird. Maybe he doesn't get you when you're in the house"

"apparently.", Niall said.... playground! go on it", he said.

I went on it... and I went down the slide! We were cracking up then the game said "achievement unlocked: going down a slide in a horror game", we laughed even harder. (a/n i actually got tht achievement). We went out of the yard into the woods... LOADING

"we're a girl. She's brave", Niall said

"i know right. I would never do that if i already saw him. I would fix my car and LEAVE", he giggled and we were walking... A PAGE!!!! I kept walking, then I was in tall grass.

"OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT!", I said. The screen got staticky... then there we was! I ran away... but there was an invisible wall... I turned around right into him.

"i hate this game", I said.

"and that was scary", Niall said. The pane was about to leave so we quit and went back home.

We got off of the plane and got a taxi ride to the house.

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