they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


11. plans and 1 month later

Olivia's P.O.V.

After a long week, we finally went home. A lot of questions were asked about Sara ad Niall. Our break from between seasons is in about a month. That will be when their wedding is! We're all so excited... especially Sara and Niall... obviously. I might move somewhere soon. Niall and Sara can live together alone. All of us crashed on the couch and watched a movie. Sara was still kind of injured and a lot bruised, but she said she's ok and she puts make-up over it. It's a lot of make-up but then people are just going to ask what happened and stuff and she doesn't want to explain it.

After the movie, the boys went home and I was going out with Harry. I'm not sure about Niall and Sara, but they pry want some alone time. They will pry plan the wedding more than likely.

Sara's P.O.V.

I'm so excited! one more month until the wedding. It's gonna have a lot of blue and green too. Blue's my favorite color, And purple but more blue. Niall and I bought some decorations and went home. When Olivia's back, I'm going shopping for my dress. I'm so excited. I might die my hair blonde again, Because it's ll brown now. Yay Olivia's back!

"hey Olivia. You want to go somewhere with me."

"I just got home", I got out my phone and wrote a message "it's for my wedding dress", but I really said out loud that I just need some things and maybe we could get some clothes.

"ok. Let me put this down and we can leave.", She ran to put her things down, then I kissed Niall's cheek and we left.

When we got to the place, there were so many dresses. One of them was really pretty. It was a tube top, with a ruffled bottom and one side was short, the other went to my feet.The other dress was White as well, and it had one strap and a little bit of ruffles on the very top of it and a kind of big bow like right on my waist and the bottom went to my feet as well and it was wavy. They were really pretty. 

I went and got the first one and we left. When I got home, Niall and Harry was on the couch watching TV. Olivia ran the dress up stairs and hid it in her room. we all watched TV and talked for a while, then Harry left. Olivia ran up stairs, so it was just me and Niall. We wanted to go somewhere. "maybe ice skating", I suggested.

"sounds fun, but what about the injury's"

"I'll be fine"

"then let's go", we left and went ice skating. It was fun, and cold too.

We stayed there for about an hour and went home. I fell a few times, but didn't get injured. I don't have bandages on anymore, so that's good.

*one month later*

Niall's P.O.V. 

The wedding's tomorrow! I can't believe I'm about to marry Sara. I love her so much! I didn't see her dress, but I know she will look beautiful in it. She's beautiful no matter what. I went to see the boys while Sara was taking to Olivia about tomorrow.

Today is now the wedding. Sara woke up the same time as me. "good morning future husband", she said. "good morning future wife. 

At about 12, we headed to the church. the wedding was in a couple hours! we had cameras there, so it was going to be cool. Obviously the paparazzi would be there they're everywhere!

Sara's P.O.V.

I'm so excited! I went to get my hair and make-up done. I curled my brown hair into small curls and put part of it in a pony tail. I put on some purple eye shadow, black mascara, black eye liner and some bronzer. I had kind of reddish lipstick on, then I put my dress on. One of the boys offered to walk me down the aisle, I don't know which one yet. My parents aren't coming, but it's ok.. This is the happiest moment of my life right now!

I heard Louis calling me. He was the one to walk me down the aisle. "wow. You look beautiful".

"thanks", I smiled and looked at the floor.

Olivia was the made of honor, so she was really happen.

It was time, the music played, and Louis and I walked down the aisle. I stood next to Niall and smiled. When we said out vows, he started first

"Sara, when I first saw you alone, I wanted to help you no matter what. When you and Louis were running around, I knew you were the one. Then, you agreed to come with us. When one of us were down, we brought each other back up to our feet. When I see you being injured, I feel heart broken and I try my best to help. When those girls made you be in the hospital, I felt awful and I prayed that you would get better. I love you and always will", then, I went.

"Niall, I've loved you even before you knew me. I always told myself, if we ever went out, I was hoping that you loved me back. When I was left alone, I was so happy to see you the most. When we went on that unexpected date for the first time, then Louis brought us together. I felt like I couldn't be happier. When we kissed for the first time, I never felt that big of a spark before. You helped me with the people who have bullied me and still do, and I would do anything for you and I always will, because I love you so much".

"you may now kiss the bride", we kissed and the crowd applaud. Part of my family made it, and my parents would see it. We put on the rings and partied. It was truly the bast day ever!

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