they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


17. great...

Niall's P.O.V.

I'm kind of sad that the surfing competition is canceled for Sara, but I'm happy because we have a new kid in a few months! :D

We went to the boys house, and told them.

"why is it canceled", Louis asked.

"My eggo is preggo", Sara said. We all laughed

"Are you serious", Eleanor asked

"yeah", I put my arm around her.

"That's great congratulations!"

"thanks" she said smiling.

We all went to the movies and saw a movie. It was a good movie. When we went home, we played spin the bottle... again... Louis' idea. he turned up music loud and he went first like always. It landed on...

"Perrie!!! truth or dare", he said


"dang it. Ok so if Zayn wasn't in the band, who would you date out of the 4 of us. BE HONEST!!!!!", if he said me, ok...

"umm, Liam"

"what! is something wrong with me!!"

"fine Louis!"

"that's better, spin", she spun the bottle. It landed on me.

"Truth", I said.

"would you prefer a boy or a girl"

"I don't care. No matter what, I would love him or her", everyone awed. 

"ok, what are the goods and bads between the genders for you"

"nothing. If it's a girl, they all have their period so that doesn't really care. I would still love her. And for a boy, they would get a lot more injured. I would be a good dad", again, everyone awed. I spun he bottle.

"Harry truth or dare"


"finally you chose dare um I dare you to... AHH", I got cut off by thunder.

"freak storm again... right above us. weird", Sara said.

"but we do have the music on loudly and the thunder just shook the house", Louis said.

"WOW CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!!", Sara shouted. We all laughed.

"well we should turn off some things that are plugged in just encase. The power might go out", Eleanor said.

We all unplugged the telly's and the stereo. Then, the power strips and the computer.

When we unplugged everything, the thunder was our music then.

"hey I have music n my phone and a speaker", Sara said. She went to go grab it and we put it on full blast. The thunder was still louder because it was still shaking the house.

"ok. Harry I dare you to... run outside down the street and back"

"Niall Do you know how dangerous that is", Perrie said.

"I've done it many times before, and i only have to go like a 100th of a mile there and back. It's a short street", Harry said.

"I can change the dare. I don't want you to get struck. I just wanted to see if you actually were gonna try"

"I'll do it", he ran outside

"NO HARRY", I shouted. too late. He ran to the stop sign and back. Even though he was out there for like a minute, he was soaked!

"wow, I can't believe you did a dare that I didn't really want you to do Go dry off now and join us again", I said. We went to his room and changed into dry clothes.

When he came back, he spun the bottle... "Zayn"

"truth. I don't wanta go outside", we all laughed.

"is it true that you don't wanta marry Perrie"

"I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! I wanta be with her forever!", he said. It looked like he was gonna punch Harry in the face. we all awed and he hugged her.

During that hug... the power went out.

"great..." Sara said. We got our phones out  and looked for flashlights. Sara's phone died, so we had no music.

"hey, how 'bout we sing. You don't need electronics for music", Sara said. Louis handed me a guitar, and he held one. We all sat in a circle and played music.

"Sara do you play any instruments", Harry asked.

"violin, viola, cello and I barely know any guitar"

"wow. How long did it take you to learn all those instruments", Liam asked

"for violin, a couple weeks. Viola, like half an hour, and I used a book for more advanced violists. and cello, like 10 minutes"

"how did you learn so quickly", I asked

"it's easy. Go on violin online to learn the fingerings, then play it on the violin. Then, just remember. Same thing with viola and cello. There's viola online AND cello online"

"wow. You're very talented. What's you favorite one out of the 3", Eleanor asked.

"thanks and cello", I'm going to the music store tomorrow! i wan to really surprise her. Maybe if she wants to learn guitar, I can teach her and she can teach me how to play cello. I've heard of an electric cello. Never saw one though. I'll get her one tomorrow.

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