they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


5. celebrations and ...

Louis' P.O.V.

It's been a couple months since Sara and Olivia had their jobs. They could move out in a couple more months, if they wanted to. They're fun to have and they think that they are taking up space. They're not. they're awesome.

I was watching the telly, when a commercial for their show came on. I paused it before the commercial and pulled the boys in the room. "coming soon, 2 girls are the new kids in school:

Olivia: do you mind?

Sara: yes (plays keyboard loudly)

will they bland in?

Olivia: (dumps ice water on Sara sleeping)

Sara: (jumps up)

will they ever be... normal?

*at school*

girl: are you ever normal?

both: no!

best friends. coming soon.


Oh my god! they are already coming on TV. When they got home, we showed them the commercial. "congratulations!" I said.... 

'celebration tonight?", Niall asked after he kissed Sara's cheek.


"lets get more people to watch it... video diary?", I said.

we agreed on it and went on the couch. :

no ones P.O.V.

Niall: hi, we're One Direction

Louis: so... you are probably thinking "who are those people!!! I don't know I'm so confused WELL... they are new here.

Sara: hi I'm Sara

Olivia: hey. I'm Olivia

Louis: Nice to meet you!

Harry: Sara was ditched and we found her on her way to the store. So, she told us the entire story, and we wanted to help her. So, when she has enough money, she will get her own place. Olivia, Well, You guys tell your story

Sara: on a vacation, I got ditched. Olivia here, was my only friend. I stayed at her house for a couple weeks, then I moved out. I was going to get a couple things at the store to isit a friend a couple hours away from where we were, but then... i saw the boys. Olivia was my only friend

Olivia: and she was my only friend. She told me about a show she might be on, and they needed an extra person. So, she called me

Sara: we live with one direction, but moving soon. Yeah, our show is best friends. it will be on TV soon. We saw a commercial for it. So, that's good.

Niall: So, we are doing this video diary so they could introduce themselves. like if you see pictures of them with us... that's who they are.

Louis: yep (burps)

Sara: weak!!!

Louis: what!

Sara: I could burp better than that.

*Louis walks to the fridge*

Louis: root beer or sprite

Sara: root beer please.

Olivia: are you really gonna burp... on camera.

Sara: yep

Olivia: wow

Sara: (burps)

Louis: you win... and I didn't even burp yet!

Sara: told you

Liam: anyways... Sara and Olivia guys. We are gonna celebrate for their show coming soon

all: Bye



I'm half asleep and I couldn't go to sleep to a wrote that


Sara's P.O.V.

That night, we celebrated. When we were dancing, my phone rang. I didn't know that number. I went in my room and answered. "hello"

"Sara is that you! Where are you!"

"who is this"

"your mom"... wait what!

"Why did you call me"

"because I'm worried about you. Where are you!"

"somewhere and how come you call me months after that!"

"i just did now where are you." i walked in the other room. The music was loud and the boys were louder... weird. "where... who are they?"

"one direction and Olivia"

"oh my god! stop saying one direction! that's all you say"

"I'm serious. I'm living with them... with Olivia and we are now celebrities!"

"stop playing around. where are you!"

"I'm in the U.K. with One Direction!", I held my phone up to the boys. they said hi. "now do you believe me"

"yeah you live with them but come home"

"i can't. I have an important job and I would have to fly back here every day. its the only TV studio for the show."

"fine", and she hung up. I don't know what to do. My mum obviously doesn't care about me. She never noticed a single bruise on my body... and i was almost all purple! I'm not going back.

We continued dancing, then Niall swung me on his back. I kissed his cheek, then he ran around the house. When I got down, he kissed me on the lips. It was the best kiss ever!

Around 6.. we crashed. At first, it was a celebration party... but it turned out to be a random party like an hour later. It was fun.

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