they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


1. this isn't the store

Sara's P.O.V.

One day, my family and I were going on a vacation. it was good, until when we were leaving and i got left alone. They never even called me to ask where i was. I've stayed with my friend Olivia ever since. 

It's been 2 weeks at Olivia's. I'm going to leave. I can''t stay here forever. I'm 15, I can live by myself, if i had money. I had  suit cases and 3 backpacks... I can fit everything in it and find some empty home. And to find a job.

I was walking to Walmart when I saw a white van park near me... Louis!!??!!! no... it can't be. they got out of the van. It was one direction! why would they want me! "hey. running away?", Louis said.

"no. I just don't have a home", I said shyly.

"oh. Why? what happened" Harry said, looking upset.

"my parents ditched me on a vacation a couple weeks ago"

"oh, I'm so sorry. You can stay with us for a while" Louis said. "if you want"

"I can't. I don't want to take up your space"

"we get to design our new house. We will have extra room.", Niall said. I love the way he talks. I wear a Niall dog tag every day. "you have nothing to worry about"

"are you drunk? I pretty much said no and 1 girl with 5 guys... no way"

"Perrie and Eleanor is there. They moved in."

"really. so 3 girls and 5 guys... I still won't take the offer."

"you know, there are a lot of fan fictions where we kidnap fans", Liam said. Of course he said that. he reads fanfics. 

"so you're gonna kidnap me now"

"we don't want to, but we want to make sure you're ok", zayn said.

"i promise, I'll be find", i said. Louis started to get closer... so i was backing up. He was about to grab my arm, but I was off like a bullet. Louis and I were playing tag. I've been here many times so I know how to trick him.

i went back to the car. Louis got there shortly after. "you're fast", he said. he was out of breath.

"well now i give up. take me with you", i got in the van. I was hoping no one would sit next to me... but Niall did. i just put my music on and grabbed my headphones. Why did he sit next to me? weird. I wanted to make a 1d duct tape flower. I got out red, white, black, and 1d duct tapes. Luckily, i brought skizzors with me. i put them on my lap while i quietly ripped off tape. Niall only saw the skizzors and grabbed them. "what the heck! give them back"

"no. You don't need them."

"what do you think I'm gonna do! cut myself"

"ya. Your one sleeve is rolled up to your elbows and you only have the scissors out", I showed him the duct tape.

"and my sleeve keeps falling down"

"ohhh", i shook my head and cut the tape. I took a lot of small pieces of each color and made a flower pen. It was full of one direction.

When I was finished, Niall told me i did a good job. I said thanks, and it was awkward. "you wanta listen to music", i asked. he said sure and i handed him the headphones.

after Wings by little mix, the best d*** thing by Avril Lavigne came on. the lyrics in the beginning got Niall's attention. the lyrics were:

let me hear you say hey hey hey (hey hey hey)

alright, now let me hear you say hey hey ho (hey hey ho)

i hate it when a guy, doesn't get the door when I told him yesterday and the day before...

"wait... that part is like a cheer", he whispered.

"well more at the end they do a cheer", i whispered back.

"put the music on full blast without the headphones on"

"ok?", i did that. when Avril said hey hey hey... all 5 of them shouted hey hey hey. same thing with the hey hey ho part. i paused the music so i could put the headphones back in.

"hey what happened to the music", Louis said. I put thee music back on. I was quietly singing to myself. I think Niall heard though, When the lyrics said "I'm the best d*** thing that your eyes have ever seen", Niall said "you're a good singer"

"shut up I'm the worst singer in history"

"no your not. we've heard way worse"

"so you know I'm a bad singer", there was an awkward silence

"awkward silence", i said.

we got to a hotel and got a few rooms. It wasn't awkward at all

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