How to save a life

Ali and Sam have been friends ever since they met on a sunny American afternoon at kindergarten. Quickly their friendship blossomed into something special and unique. They have share chocolate bars, birthday party's, double dates and as time flies an apartment. Ali is confident funny and knows everything about Sam...His dreams, His crushes, His secrets and his fears. Sam is shy and caring and knows just as much about Ali. Everyone around them knows they are going to be friends until they grow old together in an old peoples home, they're inseparable

But as time goes on. Sam is stolen from her by society itself. It's ripping away everything she has ever known and trusted about him. She can only watch helplessly as Sam morphs into a different person and she is terrified of what lies in their future...

The roles between them have changed. Now its only Ali who has the power to get Sam back but through blame and hurt the main purpose is lost and she might just be on the losing side...


1. The Blusher Brush

The girl bashes her arms against the door screaming for him to open it.

There is silence. The girl stops screaming...

“Please...” She now begs, silent tears flowing down her pale cheeks

“Please ... Open the door Sam please...”

But it’s no use. He isn’t going to open it. He leans his back against the door, listening to her. He wants to open it. He does. He wants to fling the door open and end this empty void which has grown so cruelly between them. What happened to them? When did it get so real? He had no idea.

His breathing is heavy and his eyes have a far of distant look. He wants her to go away, why can’t she just go? It’s been nearly half an hour and she is still outside crying and kicking the door trying desperately to get in. He spots a chair leaning against the tiled bath and rams it under the rattling door handle. The handle stops shaking and he breaths out a sigh of relief... Then he spots something on the side of the white marble sink. He picks it up...Examining it, It’s a brush...A blusher brush.... A memory flashes in his eyes....


“What!” The girl shouts back playfully

“Please we have to go how long does it take?”

Sam starts to storm up the stairs making a deliberate thud on each one, Ali chuckles to herself; she has known him too long to be scared of him even when he was having one of his “tantrums”...

“How long does it have to take?” Sam repeats while he is standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

Ali tuts cheekily. It makes him really annoyed couldn’t she see he wasn’t in the mood for her games?

No this was Ali we were talking about, Of course she couldn’t.

“Sam you cannot rush a lady when she is perfecting herself” Her voice is so silky it almost sounds like she is singing.

“Fine” He growls dangerously “You have five minutes and then I’m leaving so hurry up or you can find yourself another FREE lift” He stresses on “FREE” which only makes her laugh more.

“Oh Sam you wouldn’t make me pay” She says in mock shock

He only raises his eyebrows and then turns curtly and walks away.

Ali was nearly finished. Men just don’t understand, to any other girl putting on makeup takes at least twenty minutes and he is limiting her to five!

Only a minute later and she hears him start storming up the stairs again. She just can’t keep a straight face. She loves annoying him like this. He was just so funny when his macho male side got in touch with him!

Just as he reaches the door. She slows down the pace of her hand. Applying the mascara Very S...l...o...w...l...y

 He can feel the anger boiling up inside him, he opens his mouth to speak...But then he sees her amused face in the mirror reflecting back him.  Her baby pink lips are turned upwards. She is laughing at him...

He just can’t help himself. He bursts out laughing and she joins in. They are both holding their sides because they are laughing so much it is painful. He walks over and slides his arms round her neck. She reaches up with a brush in her hand and slyly swipes it across his cheek. He looks up at his reflection to see a very dark shade of red blusher splashed across his face.

“That’s what you get for making me rush! She says sternly but there is lightness in her voice

“Aww Al come on! If you start you know you have to Finnish, I can’t be a half drag queen!” He teases sliding on the chair with her.

“Ok then! But don’t say I didn’t warn you...” She replies already reaching for the bag to get started... They were going to miss their interviews but who cared...


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