How to save a life

Ali and Sam have been friends ever since they met on a sunny American afternoon at kindergarten. Quickly their friendship blossomed into something special and unique. They have share chocolate bars, birthday party's, double dates and as time flies an apartment. Ali is confident funny and knows everything about Sam...His dreams, His crushes, His secrets and his fears. Sam is shy and caring and knows just as much about Ali. Everyone around them knows they are going to be friends until they grow old together in an old peoples home, they're inseparable

But as time goes on. Sam is stolen from her by society itself. It's ripping away everything she has ever known and trusted about him. She can only watch helplessly as Sam morphs into a different person and she is terrified of what lies in their future...

The roles between them have changed. Now its only Ali who has the power to get Sam back but through blame and hurt the main purpose is lost and she might just be on the losing side...


6. Regret


He presses the cold blade to his skin, making a light white mark which fades after a couple of minutes. He lifts his hand... Almost as in movie slow motion the blade slices through his wrist. Blood runs down his arm and his face grimaces in pain. He has done it. There’s no way he can live. His whole artery is snapped in two. His skin is hanging of his arm like an oversized t-shirt. And he is starting to lose conciseness.

His mind stumbles over thoughts...

I made a mistake

I don’t want to die

I love Ali. I love her. I love Ali. What have I done?


His mind screams. His hands fall. His eyes close. And his body topples to the floor like a puppet, its strings cut. He breathes one more sigh. His bright blue eyes fade over and become glassy like a dolls And then he is lost to the world.... And to Ali.



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