How to save a life

Ali and Sam have been friends ever since they met on a sunny American afternoon at kindergarten. Quickly their friendship blossomed into something special and unique. They have share chocolate bars, birthday party's, double dates and as time flies an apartment. Ali is confident funny and knows everything about Sam...His dreams, His crushes, His secrets and his fears. Sam is shy and caring and knows just as much about Ali. Everyone around them knows they are going to be friends until they grow old together in an old peoples home, they're inseparable

But as time goes on. Sam is stolen from her by society itself. It's ripping away everything she has ever known and trusted about him. She can only watch helplessly as Sam morphs into a different person and she is terrified of what lies in their future...

The roles between them have changed. Now its only Ali who has the power to get Sam back but through blame and hurt the main purpose is lost and she might just be on the losing side...


4. Nothing left

The boy stops remembering. There isn’t much more to remember he has come to the end. He took the drugs, Swallowing tablet after tablet, stuck injections with viscous fluids into his arm and drank till he thought all his organs would burst. It made him feel funny, It made him feel powerful.

He looks up. Guilt and despair washes over him like shock waves. He can feel a whole in his stomach where he hasn’t eaten in over twenty four hours. But he deals with the pain. There’s him feeling hungry while Mike’s heart stopped beating, under his short blood crusted pocket knife.

The police will be here soon. It would be only a matter of minutes and then he would hear the tell-tale sirens screaming down the streets, He would see the bright flashing blue and red lights and then he would know that his time was up.

It was only a matter of time...


The boy closes his eyes. He is pained to remember how insane he had been. He had lost complete control. But he had been soo angry. He had to take his anger out on something...Someone, and what better person than Mike?

The creator of all of this?, Of the lies and the blame. Of his parents, His teachers and his Ali losing all hope in him. It was his FAULT! And in that moment he wouldn’t have cared if Queen Elizabeth herself had been present he just had to get revenge.

And boy revenge was sweet... If only for a little while anyway...


He was sadistic enough to enjoy the sound of mikes jaw cracking under his fist. To relish in the fear that was displayed so clearly in his eyes. He felt pure joy as watched blood run down Mike’s forehead.  And he had laughed bitterly and cruelly when Mike had pleaded him to stop.

But then everything had turned a deadly shade... The blood tripled in itself and his fists got stronger his mind faded and the only thing that was replaced was the animal instinct to kill.

He knew what he had to do. No one would forgive him now. He had taken a life. Ali would never look him in the eyes without seeing “Murderer” as if a permanent marker had scrawled it carelessly on his whole body. He would be shoved into a cell for decades. Never seeing sunlight, never hearing birds sing or smelling the glorious smell of frying bacon early in the morning...

He has nothing to live for. He has nothing left to fight for.

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