How to save a life

Ali and Sam have been friends ever since they met on a sunny American afternoon at kindergarten. Quickly their friendship blossomed into something special and unique. They have share chocolate bars, birthday party's, double dates and as time flies an apartment. Ali is confident funny and knows everything about Sam...His dreams, His crushes, His secrets and his fears. Sam is shy and caring and knows just as much about Ali. Everyone around them knows they are going to be friends until they grow old together in an old peoples home, they're inseparable

But as time goes on. Sam is stolen from her by society itself. It's ripping away everything she has ever known and trusted about him. She can only watch helplessly as Sam morphs into a different person and she is terrified of what lies in their future...

The roles between them have changed. Now its only Ali who has the power to get Sam back but through blame and hurt the main purpose is lost and she might just be on the losing side...


5. Decisions


The boy grasps onto the bath tub. He needs some support and he imagines its Ali. She talks to him softly and he can almost hear her tinkling laughter. His shaking hands find the bathroom cabinet where medicine is kept. He stops then and thinks for a second. He is deciding how to do it. The easiest way would be to take a whole load of random tablets until he blacked out. But that would be the coward’s way. And he was everything but a coward. He is then reminded of the knife. The very same one used to do the ghastly deed just a couple of hours ago. He doesn’t need to think twice. It seems fitting that his life should be taken by the same weapon he had used to take another’s.

He slips the knife into his hand. It feels oddly light. There is still flakes of Mikes blood covered on it. It reminds him strangely of Ali, But just because of her hair. Her dark blond hair with auburn/red streaks running through. He smiles to himself. He wants his last thought to be of her. So he concentrates and concurs up Ali in his mind as his hands move closer to his wrists...

He can see her as a child. When they first met in kindergarten. She is sitting on her own. She is crying softly to herself. He approaches her keen to find out what is making her cry. She won’t tell him, until he bribes her with half of his kit Kat, It’s melting from the heat of his sweaty toddler hands and it’s slightly slimy but nonetheless her face lights up and she grins up at him...

Now he sees her as a ten year old. They are playing on the WII together. He is winning. Ali was always rubbish at video games but every time he came over she insisted to play. This time he has an idea. Instead of dodging the obvious punch coming from her player on the wrestling ring he lets her player hit him bam smack in the middle of his players face... GAME OVER PLAYER 1 WINS...The words flash up on the scream. Ali jumps up and spins on one foot yelling at the top of her voice.

“I WIN!”



“I WIN!!!”

She then rushes to him and holds out her hand. He Shakes it.

“Nice playing but I don’t think I need to play anymore it’s just a bit too easy! But good try Sam!” She says her eyes bright with triumph

He just smiles and nods along.

He looks down. The knife is so close. He can smell the metal of it. It’s a sweet tangy smell. He silently remembers Ali; they grew up together, Sharing birthdays and double dates. Playing truth or dare and spin the bottle. Talking over a good movie, laughing at all the wrong moments. He thinks about their inside jokes that no one else could understand, their secret Bff handshake which was so lame and yet cool at the same time.

He would miss so much about her...

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