Just a Friend

Hi i'm Claire i'm seventeen and my best friend is Justin Bieber a World Famous Pop Star Ever-Since he got discovered i haven't seen him in a while but whenever i do see him he is out with a new girl or is busy making music but after a hangover at a party my whole world has changed.


2. Skype

*Justins POV*

I log into my Skype looking at the list of people i should talk to then I see Claire's name

I havent talked to her i a while i so i decided to call her. I remember in 5th grade when 

I bumped into Claire and i had a huge crush on her so i made friends with her before you knew it we where best friends i told her my secrets like how i loved to sing and she told me how

she lived in a orphanage i wonder if she was adopted yet.

Claire showed up on my computer screen Wow she is beautiful!


*Claire's POV*

I got a call from justin so I quickly picked up it seems like i haven't talked to him in age's!

Woah! I thought when did he get that tattoo? i wonder if he has a girlfriend? I ask him if he 

Is going to visit Canada any time soon, and he said that he was going to visit with his girlfriend next week so she can meet his grandparent's. I frowned and justin asked whats wrong "umm nothing just umm my friends cat died and i just remembered about her." justin looked at me 

Weirdly so i faked a smile and changed the subject i asked him about his tour and how his mom was doing before i knew it i had to hang up and help cook the dinner we said are bye's and he promised to text me after dinner.

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