Just a Friend

Hi i'm Claire i'm seventeen and my best friend is Justin Bieber a World Famous Pop Star Ever-Since he got discovered i haven't seen him in a while but whenever i do see him he is out with a new girl or is busy making music but after a hangover at a party my whole world has changed.


3. school

  *Claire's POV*

I walk into school being laughed at by Lauren, Sydney, and Klarissa Wow! Aren't they a bitch! i just ignore them and walk to my friend, Mia she told me i should just forget about them and that there just a bunch of air-heads. Mia use to be part of their group but she was sick and tired of there bullying. As we walk to are first period i see my stupid Ex Boyfriend, Cody making out with the school slut cameron I ignore them and me and Mia walk to are first class eew math! As i walk to my seat Cody trips me and i land flat on my face! I ignore the laughs and sit down next to Mia RRIINNG!! Oh Crap! my phone is going off i Quickly answer and go to the restroom

*Phone Convo*

Claire -Hello?

Justin -Hey claire I'm in Canada and i got kicked out of my hotel because i was to "loud" plus my girlfriend's flight got canceled and i need a place to stay do you know if i can stay over at your friends house? because i know i cant stay at a orphanage.. Do you know somebody who would be willing to let me stay over?

Claire -Really justin? too loud! okay i know i place you can stay my friend Mia's parents are out of town and i was going to have a sleep over but i guess you can come too ill ask her and we will see what she say's but she a huge fan.. but trust me ill make sure she doesn't fangirl okay?

Justin -Okie Thanks that would be great and she's a fan wait your at school right? can you and your friend ditch? you go too Canada Heights right? (A made up a school idk if its real).

Claire -Yeah um meet us at the back door in an hour and we can go and hangout at Burger King or something

Justin -Its fine by me as long as I pay!

Claire -Okay see you later Bye!

*Claire's POV*

Hey um mia let's ditch i have to tell you something really important okay?

"Sure" Mia said 

As we pass by the hall's i tell Mia about Justin and she promised not to fangirl before opening the back door she told me that it's totally fine and that Justin can stay over

*Justin's POV*

As the back door open i see Claire And her friend Mia, Wow there pretty! off to Burger King, Mia told me that her parent's where going on a vacation so i could stay as long as i don't brake anything I was surprised that she didn't fan girl she was pretty chill for a fan.

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