save you tonight

this is a story about a girl named angelina and her first day of high school.



           *Hey guys im doing another series becuz my other other one sucked:(

Im angelina,im 17,i just moved to bradford,with my mom and dad.i really dont like my dad acaully i hate him becuz whenever my moms not around he will beat me and rape me.i never told my mom about him becuz ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT MY DAD WILL DO TO ME IF HE FOUND OUT I TOLD MY MOM!!!!!! Today i was starting my  first day of high school at my new school. I got out of bed and took of all my clothes till i was finally nakedthen i got into the shower and slowely washed my hair which felt so good then my body.When i got out I grabbed my towel and rapped it around me. then i went to my closet,i didnt know what to where, i kept digging and digging untill i found  a plain purple rumper and a pair of flat. i went downstairs to find my mom and dad.My mom said you look really nice.Then i said"Im just trying to make a goog impresion.then my dad said ,yeah you look really really nice.I then gulp wondering what will my dad do to me after school today ,but then my thoughts were interrupted by my mom saying you better get going or else you'll be late.I then saidgood bye ,got into my car and left.When i got to my new school I went to the office door when i walked up to the front when a lady said what do you need?I told her im a new student.Angelina ocegueda?she asked. yes i am .i answered. she handed me my period paper.then i waked out of the office ,to a whole bunch of boys staring at me

     Zayns pov

There was a girl that had just walked out of the office ,she looked so beautiful she was skinny and had a big bum and nice sized boobs,she had the most perfect body ever. i had to get her name.She had to be mine!!

      angelinas pov

all the boys looked like they were bad boys,but then again i dont know them.I kept walking"i dont know where to"when i was looking at what classes i have,I bumped into someone ,I looked up and saw a blonde haired boy.I told him sorry but he said its ok and helped me up.

       naills pov

the girl was so beautiful ,i needed her name.Then i finally ask her."wahts your name'i asked.its angelina. i shake her hand and say im naill.

      angelinas pov

His name is naill.hes kinda cute,not to much.I ask naill if he can help me to my classes ,he said sure let me see your paper ,he then lookedup off the paper and said i have all the same classes as you besides gym.oh ok then we shoul start waliking to class now. he responded with ok.We then walked into the class and he intoduced me to the teatcher and the class.My first class was music.The teatcher then asked who would like to sing first?Naill then rose his hand.the teatcher picked him.I was in hearing this.Then he went up and said im going to sing the song "treasure"by bruno mars.He started singing.When he was done everyone started clapping,he was very good..My next class was history. i walked in with naill and once again he introduced me to the class and teatcher.i took a seat.

            zayns pov

so her names angelina,im going to right her a note,i started righting


i know we havent met but i think your very pretty and i would like to get to know you.

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