A Photo To Remember

A girl named Tori was kidnapped when she was 6 years old and now she is 17 and in 1 day she will turn 18 and she planing to escape when she was looking at a photo of her family and her old best friends family. This photo was the last thing she had of her family. And hopefully she can find her family, her old friend or will she find the kidnapper aging? And is her Family alive or are they dead?


3. Who are you?

Mini authors note: oh I forgot to put that May knows what happen to Tori when she was little. 

Tori P.O.V

I look up I saw the blond boy than I saw my stuff scatter everywhere. I heard voices " where is she?" A man said. I hurry fast to pick up my stuff and putting it into my bag. The blond boy is helping me picking the stuff up. " I'm sorry for bumping into you" I say " it's fine no big deal right?" He says " right" I told him " my name is Niall by the way." He said to me. " my name is ....." I got caught off by Niall "why do you have this photo of me when i was little with my old friend! Where did you get this photo? Their is only one of these!" He said looking mad and sad at the same time. " none of you business" I shouted at him. I grab the photo out of his hand. I heard people come " their she is!" Logan said. I turn to look than ran. "Sorry Niall" I shouted at him. I ran to an coffe shop where I told May to meet me but she was not here yet so would have to wait for her. I was looking at the photo thinking. "That brown hair boy in the photo was Niall!" I whispered to myself.


Niall P.O.V

  "why do you have this photo of me when i was little with my old friend! Where did you get this photo? Their is only one of these!" I said to her. I looked at her she was beautiful she had straight long dark brown hair and hazel eyes that where majestic. " none of you business" she shouted at me. She grab the photo out of my hand. I heard people coming but it meant nothing to me   " their she is!" Some man said. Than the girl ran "Sorry Niall" she shouted at me while she was running. They must be chasing her for a reason but I did not know what. But the photo she had of me and my best friend when I was little it really made me curious. Then the men walked pass me talking I heard them talking " I can believe she left furring work! Where do you think she went?" A old man said. " sir I believe she want that way " another man said pointing towards a school yard. Maybe they think she went that way. I walked for a bit in till the lads found me.


Tori P.O.V.

I wait for May for a few minutes . I order myself a cup a coffee while I wait. Than I saw May walk in she rushed towards me hugging me. " I'm glade you are alright! I thought they found you I was so scared! And thanks for the note to meet you here and why Starbucks?" She ask "because Logan would never look here that's why." I told her "oh  that's makes sense any way when I got your note I quit my job as a bartender!" She smilies me. " why?" I questioned her  " I hated that job and I thought maybe you will need help to find your family!" May told me like I had no chose too. "That's good and thanks for helping me your are such a BFF!" I grind at May while I hugged her. "Oh guess what" I ask her "what?" She asked with confusion  " found out who the name of my best friend when I was little! His name was Niall!" I said with excitement "wow!  how did you find this out?" May demanded while she was acting funny. "I bumped in to him while I was running, he told me his name and freaked out when he saw the photo." I said "thats great. So lets get down to the stuff how cute was he!" She demanded "he was cute but his hair change which I think was an up grade" I giggled and blushed a bit.

"nice anyway I want to tell you my real name. My real name is Jenna." She said. I looked at her like wow that's different. "Why?" I asked her. "That's what the company gave me because a striper was name that and they didn't want to get confused." Jenna said with anger in her. "Wow that's not good" I said in a caring voice "ya but whatcha going to do about thou." She told me. She pulled out a sweater, a pair of skinny jeans, a cute tank top and a pair of sneakers. "here put this on." Looking at me with concern. "Thanks I don't like walking around with this sluty outfit on." I left to the wash room to go get change.


Niall P.O.V

"Hey Niall get in the car!" Louis shouted. I got in to the car. "So why did you leave the club? Did you meet girl?" Harry ask "I needed fresh air." I look at him and I thought he was going to get hammered tonight "oh k than well you left just I time any way the hole club got shut down. Everyone was kicked out!" Liam told me. Well that tells me why they aren't drunk yet. "Hey do you guys want to go get a coffee before we go home?" Zyan ask us. We all nodded our heads yes. We were only about few minutes away from Starbucks. We got there hoped out of the car and went into the shop to order. I saw Zyan head over to girl sitting by herself. " Niall it looks like Zyan has a new girlfriend" Louis pointing at the girl. I just laugh. Then I turn to look at some photos on the wall than I saw that girl that bumped into me earlier in the night.   




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