A Photo To Remember

A girl named Tori was kidnapped when she was 6 years old and now she is 17 and in 1 day she will turn 18 and she planing to escape when she was looking at a photo of her family and her old best friends family. This photo was the last thing she had of her family. And hopefully she can find her family, her old friend or will she find the kidnapper aging? And is her Family alive or are they dead?


6. Shopping

Tori P.O.V 

Aww that was cute! Zayn wants  a memorable date for Jenna. "So what did he want?" Jenna ask while she was looking at some dresses. "Oh nothing really just he just ask what dress you are going to be wearing." I knew he wanted this to be a secret even if he didn't ask. "Oh ok.  Well do you like this one?" She pulled out a dress that was a light blue and flowy "That one is pretty go try it on!" I told her I think she will say yes to this on I know it. She tryed on about 7 dress i am sure she will say yes! She went into the change room. "How do I look!" She came out. "Wow that one look amazing on you but what do you think?" "I think it's the one its fancy but it's not too fancy!" "That's great!" I told her. We went to the check out so she could buy the dress.  "shoes time!!!!" She said we walk around the mall to look for a shoe store. We found one and went inside "look at all of these cute shoes!" Jenna exclaim. "Ya I know so which one do you like?" " Well I want a black pair so I can match my dress." She tried on some flats but none were her style and she tried  on some heals. "Found it the pair that are just right!" Jenna smile at me "that's good because I think you tried  on every black high heal in the store!" She just laugh. We check the shoes out. And left. 

 "Time to go shopping for you now!!" She look at me with her eyes like this was going to be a nightmare for me but when she dose this I know it going to be fun. "Ok so lets go!" We stop at Winners (the store). We were looking around at the shirts. 


Jenna P.O.V 

"Tori do you like this green T-shirt" I asked. "Yeah I do, it's really cute!" I put the T-shirt it in the cart. I look over and I saw Logan." Tori get down it's Logan. I don't know if he saw us yet" I said to her. "Oh no if he sees us i am dead!"she started to freak out. So I got to my phone and called Zayn. " Zayn we need you right now! Get Niall and get over here fast." I look around the corner and he was looking at some pants. "What happen?" He immediately answered back. "Logons here. Tori's kidnapper!" "Where are you?" "We are at the mall in winner store right now. I don't know how long we can stay here. I'm pretty sure he's looking for Tori hurry fast!" I told Zayn in a really scared voice. "I'm coming don't worry. I'll grab Niall and will be there as fast as we can I'll will bring the boys to help, so we can make a fast getaway." Zayn told me a worried voice. I really hope they get here fast and soon!


Logan P.O.V 

I was pissed off that the fact was that Tori ran away. But when I find her she will remember who owns her! Me! One of my buddy suggest that we go to the mall. It was a good idea to. Because you never know into you find out. When we got there. We looked around to look at in stores, we walked into winners to look and I saw Jenna and then right beside her was Tori. I look at a pair of pants so they did not think that I knew they where here. From the corner of my eye I saw them both dunk down. I was still looking at the pants. I decided to walk over there and catch her. With her not even knowing. I looked over there. "Hello Tori nice to see you" I said to her. They both screaming and then ran.  "I just want to talk to you" I yelled at them while I was running. 


Niall P.O.V 

We were playing Clue (bored game). I was thinking of Tori how wonderful she was. Could I be falling for her?  I did really fancy her. Then Zayn got a call from Jenna. He look terrified. He walk into the hall to talk. "What up with him do you think?" Louis said "I don't know but it's some thing bad. I can tell drone his face." I said "do you think Jenna said she can't go to the date with him?" Harry replied. "No. At lest I hope not. Zayn fancy her a lot!" Louis responded.  Zayn came runing to us "What's wrong?" I ask "We need to go to the mall and save the girls from being kidnapped aging!" Zayn ordered us. " what's going on?" I posed "The kidnapper is their! They could get kidnapped! So let's go!" Zayn yelled. We all got into the car and drove to the mall. "Harry, Liam and Louis stay in the car. Me and Niall will go in and grab the girl quick ok" Zayn said. Zayn and I went in to the mall and we heard screaming. "They are up on the 3rd floor!" I claimed. We both ran up the stairs. We saw Jenna but no Tori. Jenna was caught. I turn to look at Zayn  and he look furious.  "Were is Tori?" The man requested. Zayn ran towards her and punch the man in the face. I was following close by. "Are you ok love?" Zayn ask Jenna. "Ya. Thanks so much!" She responded. "Do you know where Tori is?" I questioned "Ya follow me. Anytime now Logan  wake up!" She ran towards a clothing store and pulled some cloths away from the rack. "You ok?" I mumbled. "Ya I'm fine. But we all won't be fine if we don't get out of here soon!" I turn to see that man. "Hello now please give me the girl! Before some one gets hurt." He exclaim "No she is not yours to control!" I shouted and stood up Zayn was right beside me. "No you can have me don't hurt any one please!" I turn looking at Tori who was walking right in front of us. "Now that's a good little girl." He said. "Don't do this Tori!" I yelled at her. "I have to." She responded back at me. 


Tori P.O.V

Niall look shocked for what I was doing but I did not want any one to get hurt. When I got to Logan he puts his arms out for a hug. I looked back and I saw Niall and Zayn shocked and Jenna smiling at me. But why? That gave me an idea. When I got to him I  kneed him I the spot that no man wants to get hit. He fell to the floor. "RUN!" I shouted. All of us ran. Just in a few seconds he was right behind us. We ran to the second floor. We ran to the closest stairs to the exit on the first floor. "You come back here you little rat!" Logan shouted at me. I turn to see how close he was. Then I trip and hurt my ankle. "Niall help" I yelled at him. He looked back and ran to me. He help me up. " You ok?" He ask. "Ya lets run now!" Told him. I tried to run but it hurt too much. I heard login fall on the stairs. I knew I had time to get to the car. I limped to the car and got in.  

"Is everyone ok?" Liam questioned. I look at my ankle and it was swollen bad. "Ya I am" Jenna replied. She look at me. When I was looking at my ankle. "But I think Tori's not!" She exclaim "You ok?" Liam asked "Well my ankle is a bite swollen but that about it." I whisper "How did that happen?" Harry ask. " I tripped and I was running on it." I claim "Well that will do the trick" Niall  fussed. I could tell Niall was beating himself up about this. We got home he was still mad at him self. Everyone was tired so we all went to sleep at Niall's house. Jenna was cuddling with Zayn, Harry was on the sofa with Louis and Liam was on the chair. They were all past out.  

I went up stair to go to get dress in some pjs that Jenna gave me. I heard a knock on the door. "Hey Tori it's me" Niall muttered "Come on in" I was done getting  dress. "I am sorry for what I did earlier" "What did you do that you should be sorry about?" I responded "I made you run on your ankle" "No you did not i said that I was ok it was not your fault!" I told him. "But it feels like it I should have carry you out!" He argued. "I bought you this for your belated birthday" He whispers. He gave me a card but with something inside. I open the card up and it was a neckless it was shape in a heart. I read the card it said... 
I never really knew you 
you were just another friend 
But when I got to know you 
I let my heart unbend 

I couldn't help past memories 
That would only make me cry 
I had to forget my first love 
And give another try 

So I've fallen in love with you 
And I'll never let you go 
I love you more than anyone 
I just had to let you know 

My feelings for you will never change 
Just know my feelings are true 
Just remember this one thing 
I will always love you

"Thank you so much Niall! I love it!" I smiled. I was positive that this was a hit that he like me. I took a second to think about it. And I did like him! "Your welcome I am glade that you like it." I lean in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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