A Photo To Remember

A girl named Tori was kidnapped when she was 6 years old and now she is 17 and in 1 day she will turn 18 and she planing to escape when she was looking at a photo of her family and her old best friends family. This photo was the last thing she had of her family. And hopefully she can find her family, her old friend or will she find the kidnapper aging? And is her Family alive or are they dead?


2. Escape Time

Tori's  P.O.V.

" Why me! Why me!" I start sobbing after he abused me for not coming to him ASAP. I should have known because this is not the first ever since I was 10 that had started. " oh stop sobbing go grab a soda!" He shouted " ok Logan" I said I went into the kitchen to grab him a soda while still crying. I gave him the soda he open it up then said "thanks sweets now go in to your room and stop crying!" I look at him disgustedly for calling me sweets. 

I went into my room still crying I grab a photo I had when I was tooken it was my mom and dad with my best friend and his mom and dad. I don't really know his name I forgot it over the years. But his brown hair and bright blue eye are noticeable from any were for me. I miss them all of them. Tommarrwo was my 18th birthday  and I need to get out of what I call a hell hole. I will go tommarrwo night when i leave to go to my job. For the first time sneaking out he will never see it coming. "Go to bed Tori " Logan said "yes sir" I shouted back at him I got dress in my pj's and got into bed then drifted off to sleep. 

"wake up you useless human! You need to get ready for work!" Logan shouted at me like their was no around us. "Yes sir. May I ask what time is it?" I ask nicely or he will beat my down. " it's 1:00pm" he said with anger rising in him. He left then I did my hair, nails, face then I was getting dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror I never thought I would turn out like this wearing denim short shorts  and a hot pink belly shirt with silver high heals. I work at a night club as a pole dancer. I  hate my job creepers looking at me. The only reasoning work here was because of Logan. I have no clue why he had me work here maybe because he needed to watch me. I look at the time it was 6:00pm " Tori it's time to go now I don't want to be late!" I rushed out to him so we can go. " wow you look hot tonight" he said looking up and down at me. We got in the car and drove off to the night club. 

  I got out of the car and went in to the dressing room were I saw a good friend of mine named May I  know that's not here real name thou. " hey Tori how's it going!" She asks with happiness in here eyes. " good I have to tell you something thou." I told her " what happen tell me!" She said " I am leaving to try to find my family." I told her "wow that's great!" May told me " not the reaction I thought you will give me but ok" I said to her " when  are you leaving?" May said " at lunch break" I told her " ok good luck if I don't see you than!" May said "thanks" I told her. Then left to dance. Then I saw him those eyes he was with some friends but I knew it was not him because of the hair it's blond not brown. Any way it was brake time I made my way to the dressing room and grabbed my stuff, looked for May to say bye but no where to be found so I left leaving a good bye note for her. As I made my way out I saw that boy aging heading out too. I realize I'm so close to leave then I heard yelling! " stop that girl now" he said I turn quick it was Logan! I start to run I go out the door than I ran a few miles the opposite way from home than I bumped in to the boy and we fell to the ground.


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