A Photo To Remember

A girl named Tori was kidnapped when she was 6 years old and now she is 17 and in 1 day she will turn 18 and she planing to escape when she was looking at a photo of her family and her old best friends family. This photo was the last thing she had of her family. And hopefully she can find her family, her old friend or will she find the kidnapper aging? And is her Family alive or are they dead?


4. Could It Be?

authors note: i am deeply sorry about spelling Zayn's name wrong in the last chapter.

Zayn P.O.V

When we go to Starbucks we jumped out of the car and went inside. I saw a girl sitting by herself. She glanced at us than away to her phone. Wow she looks amazing. She had brown hair and brown eyes. I decided to walk over their to see if she need some company. "hey" I grinned at her and she put out a small smile. "hello" she giggled underneath her breath. "so whats your name?" questioning her " Jenna. Yours?" she ask back. " Zayn." i told her " nice name " she said giggling. I could not help it but to laugh to.


Jenna P.O.V

I saw a bunch out cute boys come in. one looked at me than i just turn to my phone hoping he did not see me looking at him. "hey" he grinned at me and I put out a small smile. "hello" I  giggled i just could not help but to thou. he was so cute. "so whats your name?" questioning me " Jenna. Yours?" I ask back. " Zayn." he told me  " nice name " I said giggling. i look at his and i guess he could not help but to. I look to see if Tori was going to come out and she was. when i looked at her it triggered something i need to say happy birthday to her. She needs it her first birthday in awhile out free.  


Tori P.O.V

I got change in the washroom and took off some mack-up that was on my face.I was thinking about where we were going to live. we had no were in less we could go to Jenna's place. No we cant Logan would look for me their. So i walked out of the wash room to talk to Jenna about the situation. When i got out  i saw Jenna talking to a young man. I just walked over their and sat down. "Hi Tori this is Zayn. Zayn this is Tori" Jenna winked at me. "hi" I looked at him. "Hey"  He said back happily. I look around  and then I saw him Niall looking at me than turning to order. Oh no this is not good he is probably mad at me for running away from him. " Jenna can i talk to you in the wash room now please?" She look at me confused " umm why?" Zayn looked at me confused  too."We will be back" I told Zayn and grabbed her wrist and went to the wash room."What the hell why did you that?" She demanded an answer. "Hes here!" I look at her with concern. "So whats wrong with that?" She had relief on her face. "Well I am  pretty sure he is mad at me for running away from him and not giving him answer"  I look worried at her. " Clam down he wont be mad after you tell him who you are. Then he will under stand."  She looked at me then gave me a hug. I felt better "Lets go so we don't keep Zayn waiting." I told her. So we went out then i saw Niall with Zayn talking i wounder what about?


Niall P.O.V
When I saw her she was walking to the other girl that Zayn was talking to. Zayn was talking to her, maybe he knows her name now. Then she looked at me and I turn my head ready to order. I order a coffee. Then turn to see her gone. I walk over to Zayn to see what's up. "Hey mate!" Looking at him smiling "Hey" he looked back at me. "How's it going with the girl?" I asked him "Good she is so nice and funny! Her name is Jenna. And she has a friend." He's looking at me thinking that we should talk. "Ya I saw. I bumped in to her while i was walking. Do you know her name" I asked hoping he knew. "Ya her name was Tori" Why did that name sound familiar? "Hi we're back!" I believe that was Jenna and standing by her side was Tori. "Hey" Zayn answered her "I would like you two meet Niall." Hi Niall I'm Jenna and this is Tori" she said smiling. "Tori I believe we meat" "Ya I bumped into earlier." She said back " we'll I am hungry so I am going to go get something" Jenna said " I will come with" Zayn said. Now we are by our selfs. "I am sorry about the photo thing about saying its none of you business because it is yours" Tori told me. I raised an eye brow looking confused. "Hey so we got to go. And Jenna told me that you two don't have a place to stay." Zayn said "ya" Tori said. I thought maybe they could stay at my place. Zayn texted me saying "let them stay at your place tonight." 
  " you two can stay at my place Zayn has people over but you are both welcome if you want?" I look at Zayn and he set this up. Oh well. "Sure that would be nice." Jenna said


Tori P.O.V

WHAT! Now I am sleeping over at his house oh joy this is going to be just great! But that was nice of him thou. I look at Jenna and she just smilies. Before we left to Niall's, Jenna gave Zyan her number. We all got in to the car and drove to his place. "We'll we are here!" Niall said "wow you have a vary nice place!" Jenna said. We all walked inside. "I will show you to your room" Niall told us. He showed Jenna to her room. We walked down the  hall "Well here is your room. Do you need some cloths?" He ask me "Ya I do" I look at him than the ground. " don't worry about it I will get you some cloths to wear" " thanks " he left to go get me cloths. I grabbed my bag and then grabbed the photo. This is the right time to tell him.  He came back with some cloths. "Here you are. They might be." Niall comes back " that's ok." I giggled. I showed him the photo. He looked at me "still why do you have this" "because that little girl in that photo was me" I told him. He looked shocked. "I can't believe your alive!" He shouted.


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