My one and only love <3

this will be a fanfiction of Caroline that has a big fight with her mother and is kicked out the house and lives on the street, until oneday a tour bus comes by and stops. Now Caroline lives with the one and only one direction, but does she have feelings for niall horan or is it all just a dream.


7. The date

The restaurant*Caroline's Pov.*

Me and Niall arrived at the restaurant, that's when we saw the boys waiting for us. We got out of the car and headed inside. Reservation party in the private room for Horan. Niall said. His voice was so sexy. Everyone that came was *Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, Harry, Me, and Niall* Ladies why don't you guys go to the ladies room. With that we left to go to the bathroom.

*Niall's Pov.*

Niall's got a crush!!!!*Harry Mocked* Yes I Love Caroline!! Well then why don't you tell her then.*Louis said* Yea Tell her* Liam and Zayn said. Cause I don't know if she is ready, and I don't think she likes me.


*Caroline's Pov.*

We walked back from the ladies room, I thought I heard Niall say ( I don't think she likes me) Me, Perrie, and Eleanor sat back down and enjoyed our dinner. After dinner we said our good byes. Me and Niall got back in the car. We finally got home and I went to the bedroom. I was about to get changed when Niall comes in there with his shirt off. My mouth drops and he says sorry. I said no its okay, I didn't know that you worked out. Well yea but not that much* Niall Said* I just wanted to run my hands all over his chest *SNAP OUT OF IT Niall would never like a girl like me.* I went to the bathroom and changed into sophie shorts and a tank top.

*Niall's Pov.*

Dang Caroline has a great body. Just the right curves, the perfect brown curly hair, perfect light brown eyes, and tan skin. What is something wrong???*she said* No its nothing. She went to the bed and laid down with her head toward the ceiling. I went over and laid in the blankets next to her. Caroline!!!*I said* Yes Niall. Do you trust me Caroline!!! Of course Niall, You are the only guy that has ever treated me like uhh like ......... Princess*I said* Yea a princess* She said* Goodnite Niall. Goodnite Caroline Sweet dreams. Then she was sound to sleep. Tomorrow may be my chance. I got up quietly and shut the door. I walked to the guest bedroom and started to write a song. I cant wait till she heres it. I hope she feels the same.                                 


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