My one and only love <3

this will be a fanfiction of Caroline that has a big fight with her mother and is kicked out the house and lives on the street, until oneday a tour bus comes by and stops. Now Caroline lives with the one and only one direction, but does she have feelings for niall horan or is it all just a dream.


4. Nightmare

*Caroline's Pov.*

I saw my mother standing right there in front of me and she had a knife in her hand. I walked up to he and hugged her not knowing there was a knife in her hand. Uhh I got you my mother yelled at me. I fell hard to the ground and the splash if blood I felt when it was pouring out my body. Next thing I know my mother had a gun and shot me in the head. I screamed my head off.

*Niall's Pov.*

I woke up to the sound of Caroline screaming. I jumped up to go see what was the matter.

What's the matter Caroline why are you screaming.

I had a nightmare* she said* When she said that I held her in my arms until she closed her eyes. I got up, until she said Please stay with me niall!!! with that I layed down holding her until we both feel asleep. I may be getting feelings towards Caroline

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