My one and only love <3

this will be a fanfiction of Caroline that has a big fight with her mother and is kicked out the house and lives on the street, until oneday a tour bus comes by and stops. Now Caroline lives with the one and only one direction, but does she have feelings for niall horan or is it all just a dream.


16. Exclusive

Niall and Caroline Are Now Married

They Have 4 Children *Sophie, Max, Katlyn, Jacob*

They Have 2 Dogs * Cookies, Cream*(Niall's Idea)

Louis is married to Eleanor

Zayn is married to Perrie

Liam is married to Danielle

Harry is going out with a Hannah

Niall and Caroline live in London.

Niall and the lads are still very close

Uncle Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam Love there Nieces and Nephews.

Caroline's Mother was sentenced for life

Niall Loves Caroline just as much as he did when they first met. 

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