Blood-Thirsty Beast

Daniel leads a normal teenage life but his world rapidly gets turned upside down when he finds out that there is more to him than just a 16 year old boy. The other side takes over too. The blood-thirsty beast side. There's no way to control it. There's no way to stop it. There's nothing he can do but let this cold-blooded killer take control over his body at any moment. He needs to stop this madness. He needs to find the cure. Or else he may end up slaughtering the people he loves the most.


2. The Cure

"According to the police, two more people in Toronto have been murdered. A mother and its child. The only picture we have is a Teenage-looking boy with huge wings sprouting from its back. This strange beast is turned around with only his back faced towards the camera---"

Daniel turned the T.V off "Shit... I'm losing more and more control every time I taste the blood." He mumbled. He sighed and laid back on his bed. His phone vibrated on the bedside table. He picked it up and saw that his girlfriend had sent him a text.



Meet me at the schoolyard, NOW... I need to tell you something important!!



End of chapter 1 Sorry its short.........Thanks for reading this far -bows-



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