diary of my mind

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE if you are my friend then you know that i am perfectly hyper. i dont know ANYONE else personally on movellas. so if any of you guys read this and is like "Hey!!! i like this gurl, shes cool and all tht fun stuff, then you can be my movella-buddy!


1. DAY ONEEEEEE: July 16th 2013

DAY ONEEEEEE: July 16th 2013


Don don donnnnnnnnn...

i just got done babysitting. i have to babysit 4 kids!!!!!!!! my brother, and my neighbors, 3 kids. soon i will also have to babysit a fifth kid! its like jeez! how many kids do expect me to watch! i am SO open to tips if anyone has any;)

luckily i got off today early:D so happy. i dont have to watch ANYONE.

just some random facts about me:

i am not a directioner nor a...[what do you call non-directioners?]... well im not a non-directioner either. BUT i am so anti-justin beiber... see i even spelled his name wrong!


i am NOT 18 like it says on my account. i am really 13. but it wont let me read the dirty stories unless i am over 16 sooooooo 18 it is. {i have a dirty mind} wahhhh wahhhhh wahhhh

i am single and i am 50-50 happy about it. u c there is NO ONE at my school tht is even handsome in any way. but i am sad cas all of these stories on movellas talks about LOVE and how amazing LOVE is and it drives me INSANE!




***also did you know that the TAB button doesnt work on movellas... like wht da faq!!!!!

i like katy perry cas of how out going she is...i like zayn malik cas hes hot...i like niall horan cas hes cute...i like liam payne cas hes MATURE... i like pink cas hur music is so amazing... i like avril lavigne cas of the same thing as pink...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i am so bored.




65         <<< tht number popped up when i slammed my head on my lap top in boredom. at least it wasnt 69 cas tht is just embarassing.


t6           <<< head slam again cas i am SOOOOO bored



i mean i am seriously just sitting here... OHHH have you guys ever played HappyWheels. it is sooooo creepy and fun. im gona eat some chocolate, yal have fun.


o and i live in OHIO..........OH-----------IO~~~~~~~~~by u guys are so purty

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