Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


16. You've got a pretty kinda dirty face

"Come on let me pluck these furry things." Debra looks some what offended as Elizabeth begins to shape her eyebrows. Elizabeth doesn't know the meaning of gentle though as she begins to violently pluck her brows. "Stop moving her Liz, I don't want to burn off her scalp." Elizabeth rolls her eyes and Debra tenses when Ariana brings the curling iron near her ear.


"Only one more hour until you'll be out eating lobster and caviar." All three girls giggle at the silliness of the whole situation. "Don't worry girls, we're going out for Chinese, no caviar for me." "I bet Harry is somewhere panicking right now."


And Elizabeth is absolutely right. Harry has already left his flat, wanting to be there as early as possible . Even though he dropped the girl back off at her dorm this morning, he can't wait to see her again.


Harry looks out his window and hopes it doesn't rain but then again when doesn't it rain here. Harry is driving past the dark part of town, where there's nothing but drugs and violence, when he almost crashes his Audi. He squints just to make sure it is the same blonde he's thinking it is. It's hard to tell with the hair pinned up, the far too much makeup and the outfit that leaves little to the imagination. But when the light from his beamers hits her eyes, he knows it's her.


He pulls up to the side of the curb and waits. He nervously drums his fingers on the steering wheel and keeps his window up when some others try to offer themselves to him. All of the girls, and even some guys, wonder if he's a cop when he doesn't unlock his door for any of them. When one brunette with her breast practically falling out of her shirt comes next to approach the car, he slightly cracks his window.


"Tell the blonde one to come here." The girl lets out a raspy laugh that leaves Harry questioning if she's even gone a moment without smoking. The girl doesn't need to ask Harry which one, the leggy blonde has been a popular one this week.


So the girl comes walking- more of stumbling, she could never walk in heals, to Harry's car. She doesn't know who's in but she can tell she's going to get a big tip tonight if she's good.


Sliding into the car, she doesn't glance to the drivers side, she always gets nervous at this part. Harry on the other hand can't help but cringing when he sees the girl in the dim light of his car.


Saying she looked wrecked was an understatement.


Her blonde hair was now in a mess of tangles not even hairpins could fix. She had dark circles under her eyes that not even makeup could hide. She smelled like cheap perfume and god can she at least put lotion on her legs?



This is usually the part where the guy, or the girl, says something. Or is she supposed to offer a price first? She's forgotten everything Charlotte has told her about this job. She mentally rolls her eyes at her choice of word for describing this.


"Um, I'm going for £50." Even her voice sounds damn different. The girl looks over to Harry and her breath hitches. This couldn't be the same guy, could it? Then she begins to laugh, she could never get this boy confused. She's memorized every speck of green in his eyes, the exact depth and spot where his dimples indent and even every curl on his head.


"What the hell are you doing here Cara?" Cara's first instinct is to run out of the car but Harry has already locked the door and begin to drive off somewhere. "I thought Louis was just fucking with me when he said you were back."


And when Harry says this, Cara feels like punching herself because she could have sworn that was Louis she saw in the resturant but she dismissed the idea.


"And when the hell did you get back? And why in the hell are you out here prostituting. You on drugs too? Are you snorting heroin, cocaine, LSD?" Cara flinches at every harsh word that Harry says. "What the fuck no!" "Then why the hell are you here?"


Cara sighs and takes the pins out of her hair. Harry reaches in the arm rest and pulls out a pack of wet wipes. She graciously accepts them and begins vigorously rubbing to get all her makeup off. "It's a long story." Harry's eyes flicker to Cara then to the road. "It's good that I've got nothing but time."


Debra curses under her breath as she feels a rain drop on her skin. She takes out her sleek iPhone and sighs when she sees it's now 9:15, making Harry more than an hour late. She has left him 3 voicemails and sent him multiple text messages but alas, the green eyed boy has not responded. She thinks that she should just go back upstairs and cry her eyes out to her roommates but decides against it. She opens her contacts and taps on the first name she sees. She holds the phone up to her ear and uses her arm in a fail attempt to shield herself from the now heavy rainfall.



"Um hey Luke, do you think you could pick me up from my dorm, and bring a towel?"



Not even twenty minutes later, a black Mercedes comes to a halt in front of Debra. The window is rolled down to reveal a smiling Luke. A black beanie covering half his head and a white Nirvana shirt gracing his torso.He makes a move to get out of the car but Debra quickly yanks the door open and slides into the seat. "It's too cold and wet to try and be a gentleman Lu."


Luke grins back at Debra and cranks up the heat. "So," Luke pulls off and begins driving to some unknown destination , "Care to tell me about why you were standing in the rain at 9:30 at night?"


Luke gives Debra the towel he's brought and she smiles as she takes it. "I would but it is an awkward and somewhat time consuming story." Debra takes the fluffy yellow material and dries her soaking hair.


Luke bites on his lip ring and his eyes flicker to Debra."Well Queen Debra, it's a good thing we have nothing but time."



Cara still hasn't said a word about her story, not even when Harry offered for her to stay in his flat.


"You've got to tell me something, anything Cara." Harry feels like he deserves some type of explanation of where she went to at least. Some nights he would just lay awake, wondering if she was even alive wherever she was.


Cara takes the mug out of Harry's hand and inhales the aroma of hot chocolate. "You remembered that I like one big marshmallow in it." Harry turns his head away and sits on the couch adjacent to the one she's sitting on. "Well, I need to get rid of them so I thought I'd just plop one in."


But truth be told he hasn't been able to eat a marshmallow since she had left. So it was strange to everyone around him how he buys a bag practically every time he goes grocery shopping. No one ever called him out on it though.


"I ran away to South Africa."


Harry leans back in the plush cushions and waits for Cara to elaborate.


"After you told me about , well you know, I ran off to South Africa. I wanted to be as far away from the danger and this place as possible. I was also tired of the yacht parties, tired of the ballet recitals I was always the star of. So, I did the cliche rich white girl move, I took my daddy's shiny credit card and left. And it was scary as hell to tell you the truth but I started to get used to the life. And then about a month ago I met this guy and he was from London and the way he talked made me miss it here and he said he was heading back and I made another impulse decision and a week ago I came here with all my shit packed in my purse. I'm dancing again but the lessons are too much and my, day job, job can't cover my cost of living and the dances so."


Cara moves her free hand in a spiraling motion to represent the mess her life has become.


"Cara, selling your damn body isn't the answer." Harry's voice is soft but still scolding of her decisions. "You could have gone to your family, for Christ sakes you could have come to me or Louis or any of us."


"Yeah that would have been smart, go to the people I hurt and fucked over the most." "Cara", Harry takes the mug of hot chocolate from her pale hands and places it on the floor. "You left me for shit but damn I would always help you when things get this bad. You know that."


Harry awkwardly reaches out and tucks her hair behind her ear. She mumbles a quite thank you and begins crying into his shirt. He doesn't know if he should comfort her or not, it seems like he may just fall back into the hole if he does.


"Oh god, I'm done ruining your fancy shirt." Harry looks down at his green button up with Cara's snot and realization hits him like a ton of bricks.


"Shit I'm late." Harry begins to panic even more when he sees that the clock says 9:50. "I'm almost two hours late holy shit." Harry begins frantically searching around for his phone and Cara sits in confusion.


"What are you late for?" Harry pulls out his phone from his pocket and curses again when he sees all the missed messages from Debra. "I need to leave now." Cara stands up and follows Harry out of the door. "What are you late for?" Harry presses the ground button for the elevator and jumps a bit when he sees Cara looming over him. "I, I had a date. With this amazing girl. And shit."


Cara face falls but she quickly hides her emotions. What made her think that Harry would wait around all this time for her?


"I'm coming too." Harry sweeps his eyes over Cara and he shakes his head. Her face and hair now don't say prostitute but her outfit choice does.


"Fine, just please don't say anything, stupid." Cara is offended by Harry's statement but she says nothing as they rush to Harry's car. Cara doesn't even have time to put on her seatbelt before Harry darts out of his parking space.


"Easy, I don't want to be killed." Harry lets out a snort at the irony of Cara's statement and he increases his speed even more. Cara closes her eyes and feels the car turn easily on the road. When she feels like he's maxing out his speedometer she speaks up again. "Harry please slow down." Harry suddenly stops the car, causing both of them to jerk forward in their seats. Harry jumps out and cara has to struggle to keep up with him. She may have long legs but they're no match for Harry's speed.


By the time they're to the fifth floor Cara feels like she is going to cough up her lungs. Harry wants to ask her hasn't she done more physical activity then this in one night but he decides he probably shouldn't. Harry begins to bang on the door and Cara looks around, wondering if anyone else is disturbed by the loud noise.



"Could you please get that Lizzy, I'm almost done with this math problem."


Elizabeth sighs and rolls off her bed, grumbling about everyone always knocking on her damn door at anytime of the day. Elizabeth swings the door open and closes it almost immediately from shock.


"Now is not the time to be rude Elizabeth." Ariana looks at her friend puzzled as she shakes her dipped green locks. She creaks open the door before Harry shoves it open. Cara comes in slowly behind Harry and Elizabeth actually reaches out to tug her hair.


"Where is Debra." Harry looks around the rather small dorm in a panic.


"What the hell? We thought she was with you!"

"What? No, I never even picked her up."


"You lost our god damn roommate, really Harry?" Elizabeth still couldn't help but eye Cara. Damn, when was the last time she actually took a decent shower. She smells like the streets of London. She looks like the streets of London.


Meanwhile, Luke and Debra are walking up the last flight of stairs to get to her room.


"Thanks again for the smoothie, and for the company." Debra's bumps her shoulder into Luke's and he softly bumps hers back. She smiles at him and he begins to tug at his lip ring. "You know you should stop doing that, one day you may swallow it." Luke begins to laugh at what Debra just said. "It will not fall off into my mouth."

"Well since you're such an expert at piercings, maybe you should come along if I ever decide to get my belly button pierced."

"Yeah?" Luke knocks his shoulder into Debra's once again and she softly bumps his back. "Yeah."


The two had gone out for smoothies where Debra spilled her awkward story about Harry. Luke had been a great comfort to Debra and by the time they pulled infront of her building, her stormy mood had drifted away.


The two are now standing in front of Debra's dorm room and she's digging around for her keys. "You can come in for a bit while I find the English notes for you."


Debra finally finds her key and when she opens the door, everyone in the room goes silent.


"Debs oh god." Harry immediately rushes up and pulls her inside the room. "I am so so sorry." Harry kisses Debra's forehead multiple times between each word. She leans into him and he leans his head into her slightly damp hair. "It's fine Harry." He hears shuffling outside and he looks to see Luke standing awkwardly in the doorway.


"Why is puke standing in your doorway?" Harry's bright green eyes meet Luke's now ice cold blues. "I picked her up, some dick just left her standing in the rain. Can you believe that?" Harry pulls away from Debra but she keeps a firm hold on his waist. "Don't, not tonight."


Debra looks over to see where she put her backpack before her eyes fall on the blonde sitting on her bed. She points at her without saying a single word and looks back at Harry.


"Debs, this is Cara." Debra clucks her tongue in distaste at the girl. And the whole situation to be quite frank. She actually looks like Harry picked her up off of the streets,like what the hell is she wearing?


"Ahhhh Cara. I haven't heard anything about you really but it's nice to meet you. " She walks right past the girl and begins to plunder under her bed before she pulls out a stack of papers.


"Here you go Luke, I will see you bright and early Monday morning." Luke gives Debra a hug before leaving her room. He makes it look like he's walking down the hallway before he hears Debra's room door close. He turns back, fetching a key from his pocket. Walking to the dorm right next to Debra. He opens the door and flicks on the light.


"Dude, I gave you a key for emergencies only." Luke walks over and snatches the pillow off of Calum's face. "Cara is back."


"Is that one of my old flings? Who is it?"Luke bites his lip ring in frustration at groggy Calum. "Cara Delevingne."


Calum's eyes snap open and he sits up straight. "Impossible, she dropped off the face of the earth like a year ago." "Well then why did I just clearly see her sitting on Debra's bed with Harry."


Calum runs his hands over his face. "Do you think Harry's still protecting her?" Luke shrugs his shoulders as an answer because to be honest, he doesn't know.


"Well you know what this means little Luke." Calum has already slipped on his black vans and placed a beanie over his head. He digs around in his side stand and pulls out a small handheld gun.


"The games have officially begun."

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