Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


19. You're burning up, I'm cooling down

"That's an even worse idea then suggesting we keep Cara and Debra in a crack house." Calum rolls his eyes and places his foot on Harry's coffee table with a soft thud. "Hey that plan could work but you're too worried that some will try to drug Debra or kidnap her or blah blah blah." Harry groans and lets his head fall back onto the couch as his clock lets out a shrill ring signaling a new hour.

2 am.

For two hours straight the boys have been going back and forth on ideas of how to keep Debra, and somewhat Cara, safe. "We could send her back to America. Hide her in a closet. Send her to Norway. Disguise her as a stripper. " As the seconds drawl on, the ideas get crazier and everyone gets more irritable with someone else.

Debra's head is in Zayn's lap and her feet are resting on Ashton's thighs. Zayn's nimble fingers comb through her coiled together locks and occasionally he softly scratches her scalp causing her to snuggle closer to him. With Zayn's soothing movements and Ashton rubbing her feet, she is so close to being pulled under...

"You know what this is ridiculous , why doesn't she just stay with me?" Debra opens her eyes and everyone is staring wide eyed at Luke. Everyone looks like they are actually concerning the plan and of course seconds after Luke says it, Harry is already voicing his disapproval. "Hell no. What the hell is she going to be doing at your house? I'd rather suck Greench's dick then to let her stay with you idiots."

"Ah come off it. No one knows where the hell I live, she will be safe there." Everyone looks around at each other nervously, afraid anything they could say will set Harry off. Even Calum is biting at the corner of his nails taking in the ordeal in front of him.

And then there's the ever wise Louis.

Louis is tapping on his chin as Harry keeps saying all the things he would rather do then let Debra stay with the Australians. The boy holds up his hand to silence the brooding brunet right as he was saying he'd rather eat his own ass then let Debra stay with Luke.

"No no Harry, that's actually a good idea. Not eating your own ass of course, but Debra staying with Luke." Louis gets up and begins to pace across the living room. He wished he had some cigarettes to help him think properly."Guess you've got a hot date with Greench or your anal canal Harry because it's settled." Harry's face turns cold and he opens his mouth to retaliate. But the look Louis is giving Harry dares him to argue with him at two in the fucking morning when he has class in less than six hours. Harry slumps back in his couch and Louis flashes a victorious smile. "Now, someone carry her to the car, she looks like she's been through hell and back."

Debra shifts when she feels someone lift her easily in their arms. She cracks her eyes open to see Harry walking her in the elevator. Ashton, Calum, and Luke all stand silently in the enclosed space with Harry. Debra clings to Harry shirt as the elevator begins to descend to the ground floor. Harry attempts to smooth her hair back but as soon as his warm palm makes contact with her forehead, Debra recoils into herself again. Harry sighs and when the elevators comes to the halt, he walks through the yellow police tape and to Luke's car. "Unlock the door puke." Luke does what he's told and Debra can feel the cold leather of the passenger seat on her thighs.

Before Luke can walk to the driver side, Harry grabs him by the collar of front of his shirt."I swear if you cause her a millimeter of pain in anyway, I will rip that stupid looking lip piercing right off of your face." Luke laughs at the irony of Harry's statement and shakes his head. "Are you done threatening me now.?" Harry moves to where his nose is touching the blonde boys and he can smell what product he used in his hair this morning . "That's a fucking promise."

Harry unclenches Luke's shirt and shoves him backwards. Luke begins to walk towards Harry but is startled by his car horn. Luke turns to see Debra's pleading eyes and he sighs. "See you in Greench's Styles." Harry's nostrils flare as he sees Debra fully awake and alert when Luke gets in the car. She gives the blonde boy a sleepy smile and Harry feels a pain in his chest as she begins laughing as they turn and speed off. Could this night get any worse? Then Harry remembers that it's actually two in the morning and no doubt all of the current boys would be crashing at his place. Great.

"Where do you live Lucas?" Luke looks over for a split second and smiles, returning his attention to the empty streets. "Not that far from here, just get some sleep ok."


"Debra, we're here." Debra slowly opens her eyes and then lets them almost pop out of her head. She turns her head to Luke and he begins nervously laughing. "What?"

"What? What?" Debra repeats the words in disbelief. "You live here? Are your parents fucking royalty or something, holy shit."

Sitting in front of Debra is nothing short but a miniature castle. It's made entirely of a grey stone and sitting on the two sides are two huge towers. The driveway looks like it's made of cobblestone and when Luke stops his car in front of the place, the lights turn on and the fountain begins to spurt water.

"I thought my parents called someone to fix that; the lights and stuff just randomly come on sometimes." Debra stumbles out of the car and up the brick steps to the front door. Luke unlocks the door and Debra takes everything in. There is a winding staircase on both sides of the large open space. A crystal chandelier hangs above their head and a gold detailed rug beneath their feet. By the door is a pile of shoes and on the railing are assorted jackets.

"Are you secretly the prince of Australia, blink once for no, twice for yes." Luke begins to laugh as Debra walks further into the house. "No, we got it from Austria and bought some land and rebuilt it here." Debra turns around and looks at Luke's red cheeks. "What do your parents do?" "My dad owns Hemmings Music; if you want an instrument I could give you a pretty wicked discount." Debra looks around at the various guitars hanging on the wall. "My first violin was made by Hemmings, I can't believe I didn't catch the connection."

Suddenly Debra has a rush of just running. It's like there's so much build up energy in her that she just needs to move. So that's what she does. She takes off across the marble floor and Luke can do nothing but just watch her in amusement. The marble floor is warm beneath Debra's feet and the some of the lights come on as she runs by them. The house smells like cold pizza and brown sugar and the air is warm and almost every surface is sparkling.She runs into the main living area where there is a T.V hanging on the wall and very plush looking couches. She runs into the kitchen and there are three stoves, two fridges, and as many cabinets as you can think of.

"Looks like someone is amazed with the palace." Ashton laughs at how Debra is running up and down the halls like a mad woman. She comes into sight but then quickly darts into a room. Debra runs towards Luke and in a blink of an eye, Luke and her are laughing on the floor. "This place is just so damn pretty." "Like you." Luke thinks to himself but doesn't dare say it out loud.

"Wait until you see the view from one of the towers." Debra's eyes go wide and she nods her head eagerly before letting it drop onto Luke's lap. "You'll love it, you can see miles and miles away, and it's especially beautiful at night; the stars are shining and..."

Luke's looks down and see Debra sleeping soundly on his lap. Ashton's bandana is still wrapped snugly around her head and Luke runs his fingers through her hair. Ashton sees the familiar look of fondness in Luke's eyes so he makes a dramatic clearing of his throat. Luke looks up and the boy is just shaking his head, his stupid grin plastered on his face. "What?"

Ashton is still shaking his head and he rocks on the heals of his feet."Harry's going to whip your ass if you try anything with her you know." Ashton says it so matter o'factly that all Luke can do is gather Debra in his arms and roll his eyes. "Good night Ashton. " Luke lifts Debra up in his arms and begins to walk up stairs. "Good night lover boy."

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