Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


21. With a sense of poise and rationality.

"Thanks for dropping me off Lu." Debra looks over to her blonde friend and out the window to her house. It sits proudly in front of them atop of the perfectly manicured lawn. Despite the weather being less then favorable for growing plants, a patch of petunias are growing strong and brightly.

She's been spending a lot of time with Luke this past week. The two were constantly together and she's been enjoying his company. Luke is someone who is really easy to talk to; if you ask something he'll give you what he thinks is best for you. And he's not too shabby at making cookies either.

"No problem cupcake, you need me to pick you up?" Debra shakes her head and Luke scratches his nose. "Well I'll see you tomorrow for the meeting then." Debra presses a quick and soft kiss to Luke's cheek before hopping out of his car. He waits until her mom opens the front door to pull off, giving a wave at the older woman eyeing his car suspiciously.

"Was that the Hemmings boy? What were you doing riding with him?" Debra's mom gives her a hug and Debra rolls her eyes when her chin is over her shoulder. "Exactly that, riding with him." The two of them walk into the warm house and Debra sees Sarah helping set the table. "Wow mom, no butler? I'm almost impressed." The older woman playfully slaps her daughter on her behind. "I'm still in the process, I'm trying to fly one out of France to work with us but there's so many complications and udder nonsense that is still being worked out with us."

Debra looks at the dinner table and sees that more than four plates are set at the massive dinning table. "Who else is joining us mom?" Mrs.Montez begins to smooth the gold colored table cloth. "The Tomlinsons. It turned out to be more of a business dinner then a family one, sorry. But on the bright side we're also discussing all of us going to the French Alps for a part of your semester break." Mrs.Montez excitedly claps her hands and Debra smiles at her mom. She wants to tell her she didn't give a grumbling fuck honestly but her mom looks so excited and hopeful. So she begins to act overly excited and rushes to give her mom a hug. Mrs.Montez smiles but then quickly pulls Debra off of her when she said she smelled something burning. She meant well, she really did.

"Hey Debra can I talk to you in the living room?" Sara places the last plate on the table and drags Debra to the couch. The younger girl opens a bottle of water and places her feet on her older sisters lap. "What's up Sarbear?" Sara shifts in her seat and leans closer to Debra. "I think I'm pregnant." Debra chokes on the water she's drinking and Sarah begins to furiously pound on her back. Way to drop a fucking bomb. "Debra darling, are you ok?" Mrs.Montez sticks her head out of the kitchen and Debra gives her a thumbs up and turns back to her sister.

"And may I ask who in the hell is the father?" Sarah looks around the empty living room and drops her voice down even more when she reveals the name. "Louis." Debra widens her eyes and begins to shake her head. "Upstairs. Now."

Debra stomps up the stairs, completely infuriated with Sarah. She is supposed to be the reckless one and Sara is supposed to be the one who scolds her for doing said reckless things. But clearly the tables have turned as she shuts the door and pushes Sarah on the bed.

"Please tell me when you said Louis you weren't talking about Louis Tomlinson." Sarah grabs Debra's nagging finger and lowers it from her face. "He's a nice guy once you get to know him." "I don't fucking care if he's the fucking king of fucking niceville! He's still god damn Louis!" Debra begins to pace the floors of her older sisters bedroom rubbing her temples.

"You know what, how do you even know you're pregnant? Have you taken a test?" Her older sister shakes her head and Debra feels like screaming. "My period was due two days ago and it didn't come yet, I'm taking a test after the dinner." "And may I ask what the hell you're going to do if there is a fetus growing inside of you?"

"Sarah, Debra, the guest are here." Never in her life has Sarah felt happy about hearing her mother's voice. She bounces off of the bed and begins skipping out the door. "We're not finished with this conversation young lady." Sarah flicks her sister off and Debra begins to wonder when did the roles reverse in their relationship.

"Sarah, Debra these are the Tomlinsons. And your father arriving late with the crème brûlée." Her mom begins to introduce everyone but she can't help but to be fixated on Louis. Of course he was bound to be here but it was weird seeing him dressed so, so typical rich white boy. Louis is only staring at Sara though and Sarah is eyeing him back. After a moment of Debra watching them make googley eyes at each other she waves her hand in between both of them. That whole business is what got them in this situation in the first place.

There's a knock on the door and Debra looks around wondering who on earth else could be coming. "That must be Anne and her lot. Oh I just said lot, I'm turning more and more English everyday!" Debra cringes at her mom as she opens the door and then it hits her. Anne and her lot. Anne and her fucking lot.

"Megan! It's seemed like forever since I've seen you!" Anne hugs Mrs.Montez and places a kiss on each cheek." Thanks for having us over at such short notice love, our oven just wouldn't work."

You guys are fucking billionaires, could you have not just went out to dinner. Or bought another oven.

"Debra you look so beautiful!" Anne walks up to Debra with out stretched arms and engulfs her in a hug. "Mrs.Anne! I didn't expect to see you all here. Where's Gemma?" Debra secretly meant where's Harry but no one needs to know that.

"Oh those children are coming. Harry should be arriving any second now and Gemma shouldn't be that far behind him." Someone's knocking on the door and Anne exclaims that must be one of them and she opens the door.

And standing there is Harry and Mindy?

"I brought a guess, hope you don't mind." Harry's grinning softly at Debra's twitching middle finger. He did not bring Mindy of all people to her house Jesus Christ. Louis notices the two and god all he wants his a cigarette or to fuck Sarah upstairs. Either one would do.

Everyone goes to sit at the table and someone is knocking on the door again. Gemma smiles at everyone, saying sorry for being late. She waves at everyone and takes a seat next to her little brother,eyeing him incredulously.

"Your hair is getting long you hobbit." Gemma reaches next to Harry and pushes his hair back even more. "Mom have you taken a good look at Harry's hair? He looks like he's trying to grow it longer than mine." The whole table erupts in laughter and Harry smacks Gemma's hand away. "Leave my luscious locks alone ok." Harry dramatically shakes his hair out before smoothing it back again but a few strands fall in his face.

"Oh Harry just make sure it doesn't cover up your gorgeous features love. Your face is too handsome to be hidden away. Especially your eyes, they're your best feature." Gemma scoffs and rolls her eyes. "Mom come on now we all know it's the dimples that really pulls them in." Gemma's making pinching gestures at Harry's cheek and he's all bright eyed as he swats her hand away.

All of a sudden there is a breakout argument on Harry's best feature and apparently everyone is willing to share their favorite. Eyelashes, legs, dimples, eyes, hair; what the fuck was this, a lets give Harry endless compliments that he doesn't need and will ultimately give him an even bigger ego than he has now dinner?

"Debra what's your favorite feature on Harry?" Debra's fork clatters against the plate and she looks like a deer in headlights. Anne is smiling at Debra and Louis mumbles something along the lines of awkward under his breath. She looks, really looks, at Harry for the first time tonight. "He has this little mole dot thing near the bottom of his face . It's cute." Louis nods his head in approval and then shakes it; those two are too far gone to be saved.

"Well I like his hands; they're strong and nice and could do wonders." Gemma chokes on her juice and the rest of the table cringes and falls silent at Mindy's statement, except Louis of course. Louis just covers his eyes with his hand and sighs when Mindy's words finally seep into his brain. "Jesus Christ Mindy, this is a family friendly dinner not a place where you can let your imagination run free. Have some respect."

And yeah, maybe if Sara was pregnant, Debra wouldn't mind Louis being the father.


"I'm back Liz and Ari-" Debra looks confused as she sees Ariana sitting on the bed with Calum. Books are spread out around them and Calum actually looks adorable with his pencil in his mouth and his face twisted in concentration. Calum is furiously scribbling away on his notebook and Ariana is looking at him with more kindness then she does usually with people.

Debra lets the door slam shut and the two look up at her before Calum goes back to whatever he was doing. "Hey Debby, how was dinner?"

Debra kicks off her shoes and walks straight to her bed, falling on it head first. "Fucking Mindy was there." Debra turns her body around and looks at Ariana.

"'Course she was there, she has no chill." Debra looks at Calum and can't help but laugh. He slams his pencil on the bed and flashes Ariana his notebook. She studies over it before beginning to grin. "That's completely correct." Calum slides his hands down his face and raises them victoriously. "You're seriously the best Ari, I would be failing Calc without you." He tackles Ariana in a hug and Debra looks away, feeling like she's intruding on something. "I'll see you Monday ok?" Calum begins gathering his stuff and he throws his pen at Debra's face.

"Ouch?" "Don't forget, we have to help Louis out with his project tomorrow." Calum raises his eyebrows and Debra throws the pencil at Calum's face, which he catches before it could even come close to his targeted eye. "I know, Louis reminded me at dinner." Calum nods his head and chucks the pen back at Debra. "I'll see you two later ok?" Ariana smiles and watches as Calum leaves the room. When the door clicks shut she falls backwards with her arms sprawled over her head.

"Calum's nice isn't he?" Ariana turns her head to one of her closest friends and all Debra can do is smile. "He's something I know that." Ariana hums in content with her answer and turns her gaze back to the ceiling. "What does Louis need help with?" Debra looks around the room nervously and realizes her answer is taking too long.

"Just a criminal justice project."

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