Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


22. where do broken hearts go

A/N: this has been sitting in my computer for ages; forgive me for it has been a while and this is bad.

"What the hell is this?" Debra looks around the large empty warehouse to see a ratty couch set in the center of the dull cemented space. The air smells like animal carcass and year old rat piss; surely a candle wouldn't blow their whole cover would it?

"This is our humble hideout." Liam walks over to the couch and pats the spot next to him, a silent invitation for Debra to join him. Debra is a bit skeptical but nonetheless she takes the seat.

Liam ended up being the one who picked Debra up from her dorm tonight. She hasn't really talked to the boy but he seems friendly enough so she decides that maybe he's one of the more rational ones out of his group of friends.

The brown eyed babe reaches under the couch and pulls out a shiny Mac book pro. Debra can't help but to watch in wonder as Liam's fingers begin to decode something and a bright screen along with a satisfied hum shows that he has proven to be successful.

"That's amazing." Liam looks up from the screen and beams at Debra. "Most girls don't seem to find it very cool but thank you." He continues to type away until he begins to smile again. "What are you doing?" "Hacking into Oxford's server to get information." Debra's eyes go wide and her jaw practically drops. "Could you get any information on me?" Liam squints his eyes and after a few taps on his key board he begins to clear his throat. "Debra Valentina Montez. Born in New York, New York. You will be turning 18 March 23rd. You were ranked number 25 in your high school class with a GPA of 4.113. You currently reside in bunker dorms but it does list your home address too and-"

"That's honestly so amazing Liam. You're the brains of the group then?" Liam's shaking his head and begins laughing. "No, not at all. That's Louis; he makes the decisions, the plans and stuff." "But he wouldn't know what to do half of the time if it wasn't for the information you provide him. Take the compliment." Liam turns a bright red color at the apples of his cheeks. "Guess I never really thought about it like that."

"Thought about what like that?" Debra hadn't even heard the doors open or the group of boys walking through the space. "How even without a passcode someone could still easily hack into the computer." Liam looks over at Debra and drops his left eye to a wink.

"Okay you twinkle toes, sit the fuck down somewhere and listen up." Zayn scoffs and sits next to Debra on the couch. "I don't like being bossed around Tommo."

"Thought you would be used to it by now habibi." Louis is grinning to take the spite out of his words and Zayn's laughing too. "You know what, fuck you Lou." Debra looks around at everyone as they laugh and Luke is leaning against Ashton. She waves at both of them but Luke pretends that it's solely for him and waves back.

"We need a plan to catch these idiots. I'm thinking we can use Cara to lurer them in somewhere and BAM." Louis claps his hands to emphasize the Bam and looks at everyone.

"Great plan Tommo but one, it's not really a plan and two, isn't that kind of risky on Cara's part? Like can't something go horribly wrong? " Louis spins around and points to Zayn. "That's a risk I'm willing to take." Zayn shakes his head and leans it on Debra's shoulder. "You're an ass Lou." The whole room grumbles in agreement and Louis begins to smile but it quickly fades. Everyone looks at Louis' perplexed face as he squints his eyes. "What's wrong Louis?" Zayn's head snaps up and studies his best friend's expression.

Louis holds his hand out to silence everyone and he tugs on his ear lobe, telling them to listen. It seems ridiculous that someone is trying to break in, again. All the boys move to stand up except Liam who pulls Debra into his arms. Louis reaches for the gun he keeps on his hip mostly always when two bodies fall to the ground. But unlike the Australian idiots a week earlier, these two fall gracefully on their feet. It's silent as everyone stares at the intruders.

"Well it looks like a real shindig you all are having." The boy with the bright blue eyes moves forward but Louis takes his gun off his hip and in a blink of an eye he shoots a perfect shot to his head before he can take a step. As the boy stutters backwards,Calum dives and throws a knife dead center in the other's stomach when he fumbles for something in his back pocket.

Calum walks over to the boy and removes the knife before he begins stabbing him over and over again with force. Little droplets of blood hits all of them on their face and Debra thinks it feels more bullets then anything. She watches in horror as Calum finally gets up twenty four stabs later and takes his knife from the boys chest. He wipes the blood of his knife on to the dead boys jeans and sticks it back in his pocket. Everyone is looking at him in shock and he shrugs his shoulder. "You guys are looking at me like I just killed someone." No one laughs at his dark humor and Harry is ready to explode.

"What the fuck was that Calum? Not all of us has seen someone brutally stabbed to death." Calum begins to pat down the other dead boy, looking to see if he has anything valuable on him. "It's better if she learns this is real from the beginning, god knows I wish somebody would have informed me."

"The fuck are you talking about? She's not joining this shitty thing." "She's connected to every single one of us, especially you. You should know that's all the membership enrollment you need." Calum groans as he doesn't find anything on the boy with the sparkling blue eyes. He moves to the boy he killed and sighs when he finds little bags of cocaine in his pocket. He holds it up to the light to inspect it and his nonchalant attitude is pissing Harry off even more but it's Ashton who speaks up this time.

"Could you treat the body with a little less disrespect at least." Calum snaps his eyes to the boy who just spoke and then to everyone in the room. "Don't make it seem like I'm the fucking bad guy here. I knew this fucker." Calum uses his foot to roll the boys head to face him. "Taylor Caniff and trust me if you think I'm an ass wipe you should have met him. He could have had anything and fucking killed us all. And all of you fucking hesitated and we all learned that night not to ever fucking hesitate."

"He's right." Louis pushes himself off of the wall and strides over to Calum, facing the group. "I'm sorry that you had to see two people killed tonight Debra but it is what it is; nice work Calum." Calum gives a small smile to Louis and goes back to checking the boys. "Haz, take Debra somewhere to get her cleaned up, we've got everything here. If anything comes up we'll call you."

So Harry scoops Debra in his arms without any hesitation. He lifts her bridal style and her head falls onto his chest. Harry brushes against Luke accidentally on purpose and the blonde boy watches a little heart broken. Debra can hear Harry mumbling about how he should have never allowed her to come while he places her in the car and drives off.

"We're going to the beach house to get cleaned up to avoid any questions from anyone in my building." Harry drapes his arm over the steering wheel and takes a quick side glance at Debra. She looks absolutely petrified and Harry can't help but feel a pang of guilt hammering at him on the way to the beach house.

"We are here." Harry thinks about the last time they were here as he opens the door for Debra and scoops her in his arms again. She leans into his touch and he has to bite the bottom of his lip to keep from showing his giddy. His nimble fingers work at the door lock and when they're in the house, he takes her to the bathroom and sets her down on the floor.

Harry turns on the shower water and runs his hand over it until he decides the temperature is just right. "Come on, arms up." Debra doesn't look Harry in the eye as she allows him to undress her. His hands ghost over her hips and stomach. He begins to unbutton her pants but she shakes her head. "I've got this part."

Harry begins undressing himself but he keeps his eyes glued on the girl in front of him. She's gripping onto the counter as she kicks the tight pants off of her along with her underwear. She unfastens her bra and adds them to the pile of clothes on the floor. Harry is pulling the glass door backwards and offering his hand.

Harry squirts a huge glop of shampoo in his hand and nods his head at Debra. "Head down babe." Debra leans her head on Harry's shoulder and watches as the water turns slightly red when he begins washing her hair. She realizes how intimate this is and how it shouldn't be but it is. Harry's humming soft and deep as he gently scratches her scalp.

"Why do you all do this?"

Harry stops scratching his nails against Debra's scalp for a second before starting up again. "At first it was to give us something to do; but now..." Harry lets the sentence hang in the air as he lifts Debra up so she's under the mini rain storm. And he doesn't finish it as he continues washing the two of them up.

Harry takes a large towel from the rack and dries off Debra. He leaves the towel draped around her shoulders as he grabs one for himself. And Debra's fingers are twitching to reach out and touch this beautiful person in front of her. Harry must have taken a notice because he stops running the towel through his wet hair and stares as Debra takes two timid steps in front of him.

She just stares at him. Goes over the routes she's already mapped on his face. Takes in every other possible road attraction that she could have missed. And then she's gripping him by his neck and pulling him close until their noses bump softly and their lips meet. And she feels every little crack and crease on his cotton candy pink lips before she realizes she can't do that anymore.

Harry's confused as she pulls away quickly and stumbles backwards. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, my brain just isn't working probably, oh Jesus I'm mortified I just did that because we're not supposed to do that anymore." Debra's right hand flies to her face to prevent her for saying anything else stupid. "I'm really embarrassed right now Jesus Christ." Harry's face falls and he grabs the girl by her wrist.

"Don't you ever be embarrassed around me ok?" And then Harry is picking Debra up again and placing her on the extravagant marble sink top. He slots himself in between her legs and she adjusts the towel falling from her chest. "And don't you ever be embarrassed to kiss me or tell me how you feel. Only got eyes for you. Only love you." Harry moves to kiss Debra again but her mind is somewhere else as his lips touches hers.

She loved him too. This boy she knew for less then five months was someone she would do anything for.

And maybe that was the problem right there.

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