Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


7. Truth

Debra wakes up sprawled out on Harry. Their legs are intertwined and her arm is wrapped around his waist.  Harry begins stiring in his sleep untill he finally slowly opens his eyes "Well good morning beauty." Debra giggles at Harry's deep morning voice before trying to get up. "No stay for just a minute longer." Harry's legs tighten around Debra and she stops moving around. She had bit of a headache from the alcohol yesterday so a few more minutes won't hurt. 

"Was everything ok yesterday? With Louis and everything. " Harry sighs as Debra smoothes his hair from his face. "Yeah Louis just needed to talk about something." Debra stops smoothing Harry's hair and he pouts. "Don't stop doing that, I have a serious headache." Debra kisses his nose and untangles her body from his. "I'll go find you some aspirin then." 

Debra leaves the room and goes down stairs to see Louis attempting to clean the trashed living room. "Morning Lou. Have any aspirin?" Louis feels around in his pocket and tosses Debra a small bottle of aspirin.  She walks in the kitchen and grabs a bottle of water for Harry. "You hung over too?" Debra shakes her head. "Nah these are for Harry." 

"You seem calm." Debra sits on the arm of the couch. "Why wouldn't I be?" Debra takes a sip from Harry's water as she waits for Louis to answer.

"Well with Joey being found dead in the alley and everything I just thought you'd-" "What?" The water bottle falls onto the floor with a loud thud. "What do you mean they found him dead? What? When? " Louis ruffles his hair and looks down at his feet. "There was a police report filled for him and I don't know all the details but they checked the alley yesterday and found him dead. Harry didn't tell you?" 

Debra ignores his stupid question as she sprints up the stairs. Harry is sitting up and his smile quickly falls when he sees Debra's mad expression. 

"When in the hell were you going to tell me?" She throws the pill bottle across the room at Harry and he catches it before it hits his face. Stupid Harry and his catching skills. 

"Tell you what?" Debra stands in the door way looking like she was going to pounce on Harry at any moment. "About Joey fucking being found dead."  Harry sighs and stands up. "It doesn't really concern you honestly."

 "Doesn't concern me? You beat the hell out of him because of me!" "How do you even know that I was the one who did it? Someone else could have found him and finished him off. Joey doesn't have the best reputation around here."

Debra mind flashes back to when Joey said him and Harry went way back. How did they know each other in the first place. 

"You need to go to the police and tell them what happened." Harry frantically shakes his head. "Absolutely not, no. He got what he fucking deserved." Debra looks at Harry in disbelief. "He may be a cruddy person but I'm pretty sure he doesn't deserve death!" Harry storms over to Debra and stands in front of her. "That's the thing Debra. You don't fucking know anything about me. I've only known you for what,three weeks, god! You're just some random girl I shagged once. So honestly you don't have a right to tell me what the fuck to do." 

Ouch, that hurt. Debra tried to fight the tears welling in her eyes. "You know what, stay the fuck away from me Styles." Debra stomps down the stairs and out of the front door. She pulls out her phone and texts Sarah telling her she was taking a cab home. 

She was done with Harry. 

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