Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


18. They say only fools fall in love

"Hey sunshine." Ashton closes the door behind him and plops down on Harry's bed beside Debra. It feels like ages since she's talked to Ashton, or have seen him really. But there he is, a mug of some sort of hot beverage in each hand, an orange bandana wrapped around his head and his dimples carved into his cheeks. 

"The boys have told me that you now know the little secret." Ashton hands Debra the black mug and she inhales the aroma of, grape soda? Ashton grins at Debra and takes a sip from his own mug. "I hope you wouldn't think I would be so cliche to give you tea, now would you?" 

"Why yes I actually would." Debra drinks the cold purple beverage while Ashton begins to clap, causing some of his own soda to spill over the rim of his cup. "So she speaks to me! Eureka!" Debra bumps her toe on Ashton's knee and smiles. "Well I was quite pissed at you but if I forgave Luke I should be able to forgive you too right?" 

"Ah so you forgave Luke before me? Interesting." Ashton sips smugly from his black mug and Debra pushes his broad shoulder. "What?" Debra is grinning as Ashton darts his eyes dramatically around the room. "Ash!" Debra can't fully utter the name with out breaking into a laughing fit. 

"Nothing, nothing!" Ashton tries to put on a straight face but he cracks the second he looks at Debra's joyful smile. The two fall back onto the bed with the giggles still in their throats. When she thinks she has them under control, she looks over to Ashton and begins laughing all over again. 

But then the dark thoughts start consuming her brain. She turns her head to Ashton and the thought hits her in the chest. Debra sits up and gives a tired smile to the boy laying beside her. 

"Ashton, how many people has... How many people have Harry..."  Ashton pushes him self up and ties the bandana around Debra's hairline, knowing exactly where she is going. 

"Don't even ask such a thing Deb." Debra traces the material resting on her forehead with her pinky finger. "Don't ask it because the question is unnecessary or because the answer is alarming."

Ashton takes Debra's hand in his unusually large one. "Let me tell you something, we all make mistakes. Some big and some small. It's how we try to fix those mistakes that makes a person who they are . Always remember that." Ashton kisses Debra's forehead before giving her hand a squeeze. 

Two knocks signal that someone is at the door and Debra can already smell his shampoo and gum. Harry cracks the door open then fully opens it when he sees the two on the bed. 

Ashton rolls off the bed and grabs the two mugs he brought with him. "I'll leave you two alone." Harry pats ashton on his back as he passes him to get out of the room and Debra pulls a pillow to her chest. 

Harry slowly sits down on the bed and softly smiles at her bandana clad head. "Going for the rock Aussie look I can tell." Debra clutches the pillow tighter and offers a small smile to Harry. He takes her hands in his but it doesn't feel like when Ashton took them a moment ago or when Harry held them an hour ago. 

It just feels different. 

The longer he holds it, the more Debra squirms. Debra flashes back to the night Harry beat Joey. She just thought he was caught up in the moment but how many times has he done that? Beat someone until they're nothing but a bloody body. Possibly even taking a life when no one was there to pull him back? But could someone so beautiful be so twisted and dark? 

Harry looks at Debra's shaking hand for a beat before studying her face. She's so lost in thought, she doesn't notice when Harry lets go of her trembling hand. "Why are you shaking?" 

Debra looks at her out stretched hand and drops it into her lap. Her mouth opens but nothing escapes but a sigh. She jumps up a bit when Harry slams his fist onto the bed. He leaves his balled up hand pressed into the bed and watches Debra's shaking body. 

"You're afraid of me." He says it mater o factly and in a blink of an eye he is up and pacing his floor. "You're now god damn afraid of me!" 

"I'm not afraid of you Harry" 
"Yes you are. You keep looking at me like I'm some fucking crime scene." Debra tilts her head to the left as Harry aggressively runs his fingers through his air. She can almost feel the weaker strands being ripped from his skull.

"You've got to be kidding me right now. Harry you're being ridiculous." 

"Oh but I bet you'll go in there and forgive your little knight in shining armor Luke." Debra stands up and jabs Harry's shoulders with her pointer finger. He jerks away from her and she narrows her eyes at him, the anger about to bubble out of her at any second. 

"You damn right I will because I don't love Luke, I love you Harry. I'm not going to fucking ponder on if Luke is ok more then I'm going to worry about you. Luke doesn't owe me a damn thing but you-" 
"I what? Owe you something?" The tables have turned and Harry is backing Debra against the wall. "I love you sweetheart but I don't owe you a damn thing. I could have had you replaced at any second, don't forget it." 


The two stare off for a moment. Debra studies everything about Harry at this moment. She wants to reach ouch and touch his skin one more time but she can't. She won't. The tightening of her throat and the prickling of her eyes give her the cue that it is time to wrap this conversation up. 

"Well I think we're done here." Debra wriggles away from Harry and turns towards the door. She grips the handle and turns back to Harry. "God I can't believe I was stupid enough to give a fuck about you ." Debra swings the door open and there standing is Louis. The boy has a sleepy look on his face and Debra's pretty sure he heard everything. 

"Hate to just interrupt but Liam hacked into some security camera  and we have the faces of the guys."  Debra can now feel Harry's presence behind her as she squints at Louis' phone screen. It's a blurry shot but one thing stands out to her, bright blue eyes. 

"There's like nine of them, we have to go to the police." Louis has to bite on his bottom lip to keep his laugh from coming out.

"Debra, the police have already came and went. It's up to us to now stop these guys." "But they're only like five of you on the same.... Side right?" Louis nods his head grimly and begins to rub at his temples. " Which is why I'm regretting my decision already." 

Calum walks in and claps his hand on Louis' shoulder. "Surprise! We're now allies to make sure you don't end up in a ditch Debra. Isn't this going to be fun!" 

Calum uses a large amount of false enthusiasm and shoots Debra thumbs up.

"Now all we need is a plan. And bacon, god I need some bacon."  

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