Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


17. Take another step into the no-man’s land

"Can I talk to you outside, please?" Harry snaps Debra out of the dazed trance she's in. Blondie is sitting on her bed with her stupid long legs and stupid perfect eyebrows. She's chatting away excitedly with Ariana about the past few years but Elizabeth is eyeing her suspiciously, rolling her eyes every time one of the girls so much as giggle. Debra knows shes the one Harry told her about in the wee hours of the morning. But the question is why the hell is she back.


"Debs?" Debra realizes she has been glaring at the blonde and she tugs at the end of her dress."Yeah. We can go outside ."


Harry grabs Debra's hands and pulls her out of the room. Debra leans against the door and waits for Harry to give an explanation. Or to bow down to her and beg for her forgiveness; which ever one works.


"Debra I'm so-."

"Hey Debra." Harry groans and turns around at the fucks who just interrupted his apology. The two look vaguely familiar and he thinks he must have had a class with them last year. The one on the left eyes are so blue he guesses he must be related to that gay kid Troye.


"Um hi. I'm sorry but do I know you?" The one on the right with the stupid looking SnapBack smiles, shakes his head, nods, then shrugs and Harry wants to punch him in the face for being indecisive.


"Maybe, I'm in Greench with you; I let you borrow a pen of mine like last week." Debra taps on her nose before snapping her fingers in realization. "Cameron right?" The SnapBack boy nods his head and Debra begins smiling. "So did you come back to retrieve that pen? If so, sorry, it writes to well to give back."


This time the blue eyed boy laughs but quickly stops when he sees Harry giving him the death stare. "I just came to see what was due for tomorrow, I'm getting a late start on all my assignments." "Um, it's 2000 words, single spaced, on the way the author uses rhetoric devices to shape her argument." The guy smiles and thanks Debra. "See you tomorrow." The guy waves as he's backing away and she waves back.


Once the two idiots are gone, Harry finally has Debra's attention.


"You're mad." Debra shakes her head and Harry cups her face. "You were with Pucas." "Don't talk about him like that, he picked me up when you left me alone in the rain." Harry's nostrils flare and his face falls. Debra feels a bit guilty about snapping at him so she brings her hands to his. "It's just that you showed up with her. Where did you find her?" "I found her on the street, I swear. She didn't come to my door we didn't do anything, I just wanted to make sure she was ok."


Debra stares into Harry's eyes for a moment. "Do you, feel anything for her still? I know that's the girl you told me about." Harry begins to frantically shake his head ," No, I don't feel the same way when I look at her as I do when I look at you." Debra's cheeks become florid and she looks away. "God, when did you get so cheesy." Harry can hear the grin in her voice which makes him begin to grin with her.

"Will you spend the night with me again?" Debra looks uneasy and sighs. "We have classes tomorrow Harry, I don't want to be late." Harry has his hands covering his ears like a child and begins belting out Stay The Night by Zedd.


"Harry keep it down!" Harry just shakes his head and begins singing even louder. "ARE YOU GONNA STAY THE NIGHT? DOESN'T MEAN WE'RE BOUND FOR LIFE. SO OH OH ARE YOU GONNA STAY THE NIGHT?" Debra smacks her hand over his mouth to stop any more noise. She looks around the hall to see if anyone was disturbed by Harry's outburst. "Fine, I will stay the night but you better have me back bright and early. "Yeah yeah." Harry kisses Debra on her cheek and she fumbles with the door knob behind her.


"Ariana, Liz, I will be staying with Harry once again tonight." Debra fumbles around the room for her bag and a change of clothes. " I'll be back tomorrow, and we can get lunch or something." "Are you taking her with you?" Elizabeth nods her head towards Cara and Debra nods. "It looks like we are. I'll see you tomorrow guys."


Debra waves good bye to her roommates and follows Harry out to his car. "Wow you didn't drive the old one tonight?" "It was a vintage classic." Debra leans over to kiss Harry on his temple and laughs. "I know, I'm just teasing."


When Harry starts the car, the radio begins blaring the very song the lanky boy was just singing and the couple bursts out in laughter. Cara is confused but she decides it will just be best to leave the lovey dovey couple alone.


Harry pulls in front of his building and tosses the car keys to the valet. The man raises his eyebrows at the two girls getting out of Harry's car but he doesn't dare make a comment about it. Debra squeezes Harry's arm when they're in the elevator and rests her head on his shoulder. The elevator comes to a halt with a ding and the trio walk into Harry's living room.



"Cara you can take the spare room. There should be some of Gemma's clothes in there." Cara looks between Debra and Harry and nods her head."Well good night." Harry turns to Debra and tries to scoop her up. "Let's get you to bed."


"I'm not sleepy yet; play me something." Debra goes to sit on the piano bench and she pats the spot next to her. "What do you want me to play?" Harry moves over and sits next to Debra. "Hedwig's theme, I'm feeling nostalgic." "And what makes you think I'm able to play that?" Harry sweeps his fingers over the keys playing a glissando. "Because you're British and your name is Harry. Now play." Debra yawns, closes her eyes,and rests her head on Harry's shoulder. She cracks one eye open when Harry doesn't begin to play. "Go on then, transport me to Hogwarts."


"Pushy." Harry kisses Debra's forehead before beginning to play. Debra knocks out about one minute into the song and Harry just shakes his head fondly at the girl. Harry picks up Debra and she immediately snuggles into him. Harry walks to his bedroom and places Debra softly onto the bed. "Good night Debs." Harry walks out the room and is surprise to find Cara standing in the hallway.


"I didn't know you still did it, play piano I mean." Harry walks past her and into the kitchen. He can hear her footsteps following him so he decides to keep speaking to her. "Just got back to doing it very recently actually. I took a bit of a break when you left." Harry looks up at his ceiling to see the rain drops littering his view. Cara sucks in a breath but smiles tightly at Harry.


"That's good, the piece was beautiful." "Well thanks, most do enjoy a bit of Harry Potter." Harry takes a sip from his now poured cup of juice and sighs. Cara can tell Harry's not in the mood to have a chat with her so she thinks of a way to wrap it up. "Well I'm going to go back to bed, night." Harry waves the blonde off but she stays in her place, now leaning against the door frame. Harry looks at her questionably as she hesitates to ask something. "Does she know, about you and the other boys?" Harry looks up from his cup, thinking of a way to tell the girl to fuck off. "No, not yet."


Cara just nods and crosses her arms. Harry looks over at the clock on his stove and curses. "Shit, I'm late to something else. If Debra wakes up tell her I had to meet up with Louis and the others." Cara lets out a bitter chuckle but turns to leave. "Will do."


"I hope you're not going to make being late a habit Harry. " Louis is sitting criss crossed in the middle of the concrete floor. "I hope you're not going to make smoking cigars a habit Louis." Louis smirks at Harry and gestures for him to sit down. "Did the date go ok with Debra?" Harry covers his chest with his hand and lets out a dramatic gasp. "Wow, Louis Tomlinson actually giving a shit about my love life? Is that cigar laced with anything?" Louis rolls his eyes and puts the cigar to his lips. "Har har fucking har." Harry scrunches his nose when he sits down on the beat up old couch. Why did they choose to have meetings in an abandoned warehouse? It smells like animal carcass and rat piss.


"I would love to watch you two paint each other's nails and pluck each others eyebrows but we do have a task for tonight." Louis places the cigar on the ground and stomps it out with his foot. Zayn immediately begins shouting in Urdu to him. "Ah, Kuti ka bacha!" Louis raises his eye brows with Zayn's sudden outburst but he realizes why he's getting so upset. All the boys begin to cover their noses with the foul stench that follows the cigar. "It's a cigar, not a cigarette you idiot , you don't just stomp it out!" Louis pinches at the bridge of his nose and sighs. "Well you could have told me that when I threw it down on the ground!"


Harry waves the horrid smell from his nose and he shakes his head. "Why did we even choose this crap warehouse in the first place?" "Because, we don't want to be caught do we?" Louis leans back on both of his hands and looks around at his group of friends. "I don't know about you guys but the Australians are getting really bold now; the fuckers had the nerve to wreck my Benz. I'm talking windows smashed, tires slit, painted brown." "Is that really a big deal? I mean don't rich people just use their parents' money to fix everything anyway?" Louis glares to where Zayn lays sprawled out. "No you dick. I know I'm not the only one getting some type of shit. Someone broken into your parents restaurant Zayn. Your hard drive was hacked Liam and I'm pretty sure someone tried to poison you Tuesday night when you were at the pub Niall. "


"Well they have done nothing to me, not since the party anyway." "And that's what makes me worried; either that was your little punishment or they're planning something for you soon Harry." Harry shakes his head and laughs, "I doubt they're going to do anything else to me." "How do we know it's the Aussies doing it. I mean don't the actions seem a little bold."


"Will you get your head out of your ass Liam. There's no one else who it could be god damn it." "Well what the fuck are we going to do then?" Louis looks around with his wide blue eyes. He holds up his pointer finger to his lips, signaling everyone to be quite. He tugs on his ear, silently telling everyone to listen. All the boys listen closely and it sounds like something is coming from up in the vents. "Shit." Harry looks down at his phone to see Debra's name flashing across the screen. He puts the phone back in his pocket, thinking Debra is just wondering where he is.


There's a loud bang and the boys all turn to the air shaft to see two bodies fall to the concrete floor with groans. Louis stands up and walks over to the injured intruders. He snorts when he recognizes the two idiots. "Looks like we have some visitors boys." Louis looks down at the bodies stacked on top of each other and he kicks the one on top. "Come on, get up. Don't be little bitches, up and at 'em."


All of the others boy now walk to stand by Louis as the intruders struggle to stand. When Luke finally gains his balance, he lunges forward at Harry. Louis grabs the lanky blonde by his shoulders and pushes him back down. "Whoa there little Lukey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. You did just fall about seven feet onto solid concrete, you may want to go to the Hospital." Luke spits blood onto the floor and Louis begins to laugh. "I like Australian blood the most I think. Now state your purpose before I beat the shit out of you for wrecking my Benz." Harry's phone keeps buzzing in his pocket but he chooses to ignore it.


Luke stands up again followed by Calum. "Nobody wrecked your fucking Mercedes, we're here to figure out which one of you pricks put Michael into the hospital." Louis laughs before standing straight again. "No one put Michael in the hospital ok, not one of us anyway." "DON'T LIE TO ME."


Louis pretends to be taken aback by Luke's anger. "Ok, I'm going to play into this little charade." Louis turns to his friends and wags his pointer finger at them. "Which one of you boys beat the shit out of the one who is always dyeing his hair?" None of the boys own up to it and Calum spits out his own blood onto the concrete. "Bullshit, Ashton just called us to tell us Mike was jumped. I want to know which one of you did it!"


"Ay, calm the fuck down, nobody wanna hear that shit. I don't know who almost killed your friend but it wasn't us." "You killed one, you'll kill another." The loud vibrating of Harry's phone is pissing him off at this point so he answers it with a sharp breath.


"Yes?" "Harry, Harry there's someone trying to break in." Cara's voice sounds like nothing but air as she clings to the phone in her hand. "Calm down Cara, I'm pretty sure it's nothing." Cara shakes her head as if Harry can see her but he already knows that's what she's doing. "I don't know Harry but I can hear them breaking down some type of door. They must have found some other way in because I cut off the power to the elevator after you left and we're hiding in your closet." There's a loud bang followed by Cara's whimpering and Debra's loud sob.


The line goes silent until Harry can hear the door being taken off of the hinges. "Harry they're in, I can hear them breaking stuff." Cara's voice has dropped down even lower and Harry can hear the stuff being smashed along with the laughter of the intruders. "Cara, I need you to dial 999 and I will be there in less than 15 minutes ok."


"Somebody's got into my damn flat, I have to leave." Harry sprints out of the building. He hears Louis call after him and he already knows he's saying they're following him. All the boys, including the two uninvited guest speed to their cars. Harry leads the speeding session and when they reach the building, all jump out of their cars. "God damn it." Harry looks around to see the valet guy, the receptionist and the security guards all lying in the puddles of their blood. Everyone carefully steps over them and makes a dash for the emergency stairs. As Harry rushes to the stairs, he can hear the scream of a fellow resident taking in the grim scene in front of her. Harry begins taking steps three at a time and Louis is right on his heal. Calum is the last one; taking his sweet time climbing the stairs.


When they reach the top floor, there is no door covering the emergency exit to his flat. "Shit." Louis looks down at the broken glass covering the floor as Harry runs right through it. "Cara, Debra ?" Harry yanks the door open and true to her word, Cara and Debra are huddled up against one another, protecting each other from an impending threat. "Oh my god." Harry pulls the two girls up and squeezes Debra half to death. "Oh my fucking god."


"What's going on Harry?" Harry let's go of Cara to give Debra a full hug. She's shaking violently in his arms and he squeezes her tighter to calm her down. Harry let's go of Debra when he hears something else come crashing down onto the floor. The three enter the living room and Louis is inspecting the space, seeing if he can find any clues on who could have done this.



Debra looks around at the wreck and then she looks up at the bright moon shining it's way in. It's contradictory, the whole appearance of the place really.


After a beat, Cal turns to Cara and points at her."Cara is the key to this whole thing. Who did you piss off before you left Cara?" Calum's voice is sarcastic and he smirks at the blonde beauty. "I don't know." Calum walks in a full circle around Cara and touches her temple with his pointer finger. "Oh well sweet Cara, I think you should think a little harder because three of us have a pretty good idea what's going on."


"God damn it will one of you tell me what the hell is going on?" No one is focused on Debra as she asks again. All are looking questionably at Cara who looks like she's on the urge of having an anxiety attack. Debra is having an attack of her own. She feels like she's drowning deep at the ocean. Everything is moving as if it has been placed under water. Slow and groggy. Everyone is raising their voices but Debra can't hear the difference. It's like someone tied bags full of bricks at her ankles and tossed her in the ocean, telling her to swim.


"TELL ME." All turn to see Debra standing with her fist clenched and her jaw strained. "Tell me what the hell is going on now because this clearly isn't some little feud." Everyone goes silent and refuses to meet Debra's eyes, all except Calum of course. "Go on, someone tell the little rich girl what's going on, she demands to know." Luke steps in and places his hand on the dark haired boys shoulder,"Cal-."


"No Luke, clearly everyone in this room cares too much about Harry or Debra to spill the precious little secret. But quite frankly, I don't give a damn of either of them gets fucked, no offense little Debra."


Calum takes slow steps towards Debra. Harry wants to stop him but Louis grabs his wrist and gives him a grim nod."Debra, sweetheart, don't think badly of any of us. We're young and dumb and we make mistakes." Debra holds her breath and Calum gives her a squeeze to the shoulder. "We're in gangs." The words penetrate Debra's ears but her brain doesn't process them. Calum can see the blank expression in Debra's eyes so he decides to elaborate.


"We kill people, we do drugs, we've banged a few random girls. We own almost every gun to man and we get people to do what the fuck we want when we want." Debra shakes her head and begins to back away. "No, they don't even have gangs over here."


Calum throws his head back and begins to cackle. "Wait no, there's more sweetie. Apparently there's a third gang who one of us, most likely Cara, me or Louis, have pissed off in some way and now they're reeking havoc on all of us. Oh and I'm pretty sure they're looking for Cara more than any of us so one of you may want to get her away from here." Debra back hits the wall and she slides down it. Her mind flashes back to a week ago when she talked to Calum. Does she really know anything about Harry?




She looks to him to see if he's going to deny it. But he doesn't, he just hangs his head in shame. She looks at Luke standing beside him and she shakes her head. Luke? Luke couldn't be in a gang too,could he? As she looks at everyone in the room, their head bows in some sort of shame. Louis just gives a small nod of his head, telling her it's true silently. He goes back to going through the rubbish and she just can't believe that they're capable of doing any of those things. Well maybe Calum and Louis but the rest? How many people have they killed? Did Harry really kill Joey? How did this even happen?


Calum claps his hands to fill the awkward silence surrounding everyone. "Me and Luke have to visit Mike in the hospital somehow." "Why's Michael in the hospital?" "Someone beat the crap out of him. And whoever did it is going to get their ass kicked. But back to Cara, you may want to hide because they're coming after your ass and they're coming after it quick."


"Correction you jack ass, they're not after Cara." Louis holds out a black photo frame with an x drawn across the face in red sharpie. Debra hugs her knees and begins to sob at the sight of the picture.


"They're after Debra."

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