Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


11. Sporty Styles

Debra enters the empty music room and shivers at the lack of heat in the room. She runs her index finger over her lip savoring the feeling of Harry. She missed him already, even though they just parted less then five mintures ago. Harry had that effect on people; even if he was right next to you, you somehow wanted more.

"Jesus I didn't think anyone would be here this early." Debra turns around to be greeted by the flaming pink hair boy from earlier. "Hey it's you!" "Hey it's you!" Debra laughs along with the boy and he walks further into the music room. "I am Michael and I'm sort of the teaching assistant." Debra follows behind him and sits on one of the hard cello case seats. "I am Debra and I'm a freshman?" "You sound a bit unsure there girly."

Michael grins at Debra and she's about to respond but a boy comes running into the room. "Michael Michael I got the part! I got the part! Yes motha fuckers!" The thin boy begins to jump up excitedly and Michael claps his hands happily. "I'm going to tell that grinch Elizabeth that she can suck this massive dick! I'm gonna tell her right after my class too." Debra lets out a laugh and the boy turns around still jumping.

"I have no clue who you are but I love you." The boy rushes over to Debra and places a wet, sloppy kiss on her lips. The boy runs out the door at full speed and Debra wipes his saliva off of her lips.

"Well that just happened. Who the hell was that?" Michael laughs and begins writing on the board. "That's Troye, I wouldn't worry too much about him though." Michael's tone makes Debra wonder what she's missing but when she opens her mouth, Michael places a finger on his lips. "Shhhh student, class is about to start any minute."


Debra class ended early and she was thankful for her lucky day. Waving good-bye to Michael and the actual teacher, Mr.Grimshaw, she heads out for her dorms. Curiosity gets the better of her though as she passes by the athletic department. Harry's last class is weight training and then has some sport practice right afterwards. Debra looks down at her watch to estimate how much time Harry has left in class. She slowly but surely walks into the building holding various athletic class rooms. She walks around on the first floor only to see restrooms and lockers. As she goes to the second floor however, she sees multiple doors that lead to different rooms. She passes them by, looking into the glass windows trying to spot some type of weight room. Before she gets the chance to continue exploring a door swings open and a group of rather large and sweaty guys come rushing out. And at the end of the stream is Harry. Debra heart flutters when she sees him in his athletic shorts and a white t-shirt. A cute little black headband keeping his hair from falling into his face.

Debra moves out the way so the guys won't crush her as they're passing by. Some woof whistle at her and she tries to focus on Harry instead of the other boys. Harry looks up and around to see what's causing all the commotion. Once he sees Debra leaning against the wall his face contorts in a grimace. Debra heart drops at Harry's reaction to seeing her. He picks up his speed and all but drags her into what she is assuming to be the weight room.

"What are you doing here?" His voice comes out harsher than he means but he's too upset to apologize. Harry has Debra pushed against some contraption to hold all the various sized weights. One rough movement and all the weights will come crashing onto the floor.

"I, um, wanted to see you?" When it comes out Debra mouth is sounds like a question more than an answer."And why did you want to see me?" Harry takes Debra's hips in his hand and rubs soothing circles on them. Debra tries to think of a less desperate way to say 'I really really missed you' but none cross her mind.

Harry applies more pressure and Debra snaps into reality. "I- I missed you ok." Harry studies Debra's face before he rests his forehead against her's and ghosts his lips on hers. Harry expansive hands slip under Debra's shirt and he gives her sides a squeeze. "I missed you too." Debra's insides go to goo again as Harry nudges his nose against her's. "I'm just really wound up that basically the whole class was hitting on you." "You shouldn't be, I was only paying attention to you." Harry grins as he finally kisses Debra.

He removes his hands from under her shirt and she already misses the heat from them. As he removes his forehead, she can't tell if the sweat left on hers is from him or her. She doesn't mind though, she is happy just to be around him.

"Did you enjoy the gun show?" Harry flexes his massive biceps and Debrs rolls her eyes. "Unfortunately I got here when everyone was leaving the room." Debra puts on a sarcastic pout but she is pretty bummed she didn't get to see Harry work out. "That's a shame love because I have a pretty grade A body." "Well I will say you have quite the pair of legs on you Styles." Debra takes the elastic waist band of Harry's shorts and pulls the material to her. Once taking a joking peak down his shorts, she quickly lets the blue shorts snap back to Harry's waist.

Harry throws his head back, laughing at Debra's playful attitude that matches his. "Shit I don't want to go to football practice." Harry is still laughing as he says it. His laugh is echoing throughout the large room. "I didn't know the sport you did was football. What position do you play? Running back? Quarterback?"

Harry lets out a high pitch noise before full out laughing again. Debra looks up at him dazed by his absolute beauty. She could listen to his laugh all day.

"Not, oh god I'm sorry I forgot you're American. I have soccer practice." Harry says soccer in a really deep American accent and he begins giggling. Once his laughing dies down he shakes his head. "I might as well just ditch, I'm already late. We have a game Friday night though and if I miss this practice I won't be able to play."

Harry scrunches his face up as he weighs his options. "You should go. That way I can go and watch you play Friday." Harry grins at Debra and picks her up off the ground. "Shoot I should really get going. I'll see you tommorow though right?" Debra nods her head and Harry gives Debra a rushed kiss. Once Harry leaves, Debra now actually makes her way back to her form.

Once she gets into her dorm, she falls right back onto her mattress. Both Liz and Ariana look up from their class work momentarily before returning back to it. "Did you have fun on your first day of college?" Debra knew she wasn't supposed to answer Liz's question but she didn't care. "As a matter of fact I did. Now who's up for a socc-football game Friday?"

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