Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


12. Soccer (unedited)

I apologize in advance for how bad this chapter is.

"Somebody remind me why I'm at this god awful sporting event." Ariana rolls her eyes at Elizabeth as the three girls take a seat. The crowd is already pumped up for the game and everyone is sporting the school colors. "I'm so serious, I could have been running lines right now, but no I'm at a crowded football game." "Oh shut up Lizzy, the team is coming out."

The soccer team runs out and everyone stands to cheer for them. All the boys bask in the attention and Debra spots Luke first. He's looking through the sea of people and when he spots her, he begins waving his hand. Harry is also searching the crowd, worried that Debra didn't come to the game. Once he notices her neon pink hat and matching gloves, he smiles. He waves like an idiot at Debra and strikes a body builder pose at her, flexing his muscles. Debra begins to fan her face, pretending to swoon over him. He begins laughing but of course nothing can be heard over the crowd's screaming . He runs off to do some drills but turns around to drop his left eye to a wink."Oh god, you two make me sick." Ariana elbows Liz in the rib and Liz pushes her off the bleacher. "Oops, my arm had some weird spasm." Ariana stands up and brushes her skirt off at Elizabeth's dry tone. Something on the field catches her eye and she begins to smile devilishly.

"Look who is it." Ariana points out a tall boy with blonde hair and Elizabeth's face instantly turns red. "It's Isaac." "Shut up." "Maybe I should get his attention?" "Ariana I swear if you do anything I will kill-." Ariana cuts of Elizabeth . "ISAAC. OH ISAAC. YOU WHO. UP HERE." Liz's hands instantly cover Ariana's mouth, trying to silence her. Everyone around begins to look at the three girls and Debra can only laugh at the situation. The only thing that can be heard from Ariana is her giggling and her muffled screams. The guy looks through the crowd,stopping when he's found the source of the commotion. He looks at Elizabeth and sends a smile to her. He runs off to warm up with the rest of the players and Elizabeth covers her face with her free hand. "God I hate you Ariana."


A minute was left in the game and everyone was up on their feet clapping for the boys. Debra had no clue about soccer but she had to admit she was into this game. Okay, maybe only because Harry was on the field looking like a Greek God but she would never admit that out loud.

The game was tied up and the atmosphere was tense. The other team had the ball and was quickly approaching the goal. No one on Oxford's team seemed to be able to catch the boy as he ran down the field. Everyone held their breathes as the boy kicked the ball in the direction of the goal. With now thirty seconds on the clock, if he made this there was no way the Oxford's team was going to win.

And it looks like it was over when the boy delivered a strong kick info the goal net. Luke, how ever, stopped it just before it hit the net. The whole crowd breaks into a scream and Luke kicks the ball down the field. It lands right in front of Isaac's feet and the boy begins to kick it down the field. He passes it back to Harry and Harry passes it back to him. Their passing skills are flawless and when Isaac scores the winning goal the crowd gets even louder. The buzzer sounds and the whole football team goes to crush Harry and Isaac in a hug. Everyone in the stand proceeds to crowd on the field, including the three girls.

"Clique.Clique.Clique." The crowd chants like a mantra. The girls push through the crowd until they spot the large cluster of jerseys. "Debra!" Luke runs to her and gives her a bone crushing huh." You were amazing Luke! You basically saved the game." If his face wasn't already red from the cold he would have blushed. "Luke." Ariana gives Luke a hug and the two begin to excitedly chat. Debra and Liz have a mission however, get into the middle of the soccer team's now moving huddle. Debra says some polite 'excuse me's a she carefully passes people but Liz was full on shoving everyone out of the way. It proved to be effective however as the girls finally spot the two boys. "Liza! You came." Isaac pulls Elizabeth in for a hug. Elizabeth blushes and Debra thinks she must really like this guy. He called her Liza for crying out loud.

"You can't even give the star player a hug? Wow I'm actually hurt." Debra turns around at Harry and laughs. "Star player my ass." She grins though and jumps, literary jumps, on Harry, sending the two tumbling back. She grabs his face and brings him in for a kiss. He smiles into it and wraps his arms around her waist. She begins to nibble on his lip and he lets out a hum of appreciation. "Harry,Debra, over here." As soon as the two look up a picture is taken. Debra blinks her eyes to try to gain her vision back from the bright flash. "You could have at least waited until we were in a decent position you fucker." The boy with the camera backs away from the two with Harry's harsh comment. Debra kisses Harry's forehead and grabs his arm. "It's ok, don't let him ruin your night." Harry grins but it's quickly dropped when he looks behind Debra. "What's wrong?" Debra whips her head around but she sees nothing but people still cheering on the field . She turns back to Harry and he shakes his head . "Nothing, let's get going yeah?"


"Ah Harry, good game tonight. Even though you didn't-." "I saw him. He was standing on the field tonight." Louis reclines in his chair and rubs his temples. He hated when people cut him off. "What the hell are you going on about?" "I saw Calum, he was standing on the field watching me and Debra." Louis lets out a snort and rests his head back on his chair. "Of course he was there, if you're forgetting Luke played tonight on the team with you. He always comes to the games, you know that."

"You don't understand. He was watching with this damn smirk. Like he had something planned." Someone knocks on the door and Louis sighs. "God damn it, now what? Harry be a dear and go get that." Harry curses and gets up to open the door. "Big news mates." Liam comes in with a single piece of paper and places it on Louis' lap.

"What the hell is this?" Louis squints at the paper and Liam rolls his eyes. "Read it." Louis groans ans begins to silently read the paper. "It's Calum's transcript. Why the fuck did you get Calum's transcript? And a better question is why are you giving this shit to me?" "Read the box on the bottom left." Harry is curious too as Louis begins to read the section out loud.

"Currently enrolled at Oxford University? What the fuck is this?" "Keep reading, it gets worse." "Residence....Bunker Dorms room number 410? What's so bad about that?" Harry face pales at the spoken words. Louis watches him confused.

"That's the dorm room right next to Debra's."

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