Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


15. Side by Side

"What are you talking about Luke?" Debra pulls away from the boy and tries to look him into the eye. It would be easier if Luke wasn't avoiding her gaze. "Luke!" "It's nothing ok Debra, it's nothing." Luke finally meets Debra eyes with his own and she frowns. "You wanna meet for coffee Monday morning? I've missed you this week." Luke is nervously twiddling his thumbs waiting for Debra's response. She hesitates a moment, knowing he is changing the subject, but decides to drop it. For now anyways.

"Sure, but you have to buy me my chocolate muffin." Luke cracks a smile at Debra. "'Course, don't I always?" Luke gives Debra another hug before disappearing down stairs.

Following soon behind him, Debra goes down the stairs and looks around for Elizabeth or Ariana. "Find the bathroom ok?" Debra jolts forward a bit at Louis' voice." Turning around, she sees him on the bottom step; hands in pocket, hair going in different directions. "No actually I didn't, I'll just wait till I get back to my dorm." Louis takes his hands from his pockets to smooth back his hair. "Harry was looking for you, I think he's downstairs somewhere." Louis stares at Debra a bit longer before walking towards the table they were sitting at moments ago.

The downstairs is gradually thinning out as everyone is leaving to get home. Debra sees Elizabeth chatting away with Isaac, her face a bright red. Ariana stands not too far away talking to Harry. He looks like he's in deep focus at what Ariana is saying. Debra wonders if the conversation is too important to interrupt but she decides against it when Ariana spots her and waves her over.

"Debby, we were just talking about you." Ariana elbows Harry and he looks up at Debra. "Yeah I wanted to know if you wanted to go to dinner with me tomorrow tonight?" Ariana smiles triumphantly when Debra says yes. "Great, then I'll pick you up at around seven?" Debra nods her head and Harry kisses her cheeks. Ariana sips from her cup, just to give herself something to do, before seeing Isaac walk away from Elizabeth. Debra notices Isaac leaving too so she gives Harry a peck on the lips before leaving to go with Elizabeth and Ariana. As Harry watches her go, he feels his phone buzzing in his pocket. Taking it out he read's the text message from Louis.

"Meet us at Zayn's, Liam's and Niall's apartment."


"Would you not smoke in my god damn flat." Louis brushes Liam off by flicking the cigarette ashes on his carpet. "Niall is going to kill you!" "Oh please, if Zayn gets to smoke here, I do too." Liam is going to tell Louis to piss off when Harry comes waltzing through the door. "You all should really keep the door locked, anyone can come walking in." "You're right mate look what just happened, you came in." Harry shuts the door while flicking Louis off. "Besides, we were waiting for you, it's getting to be that time of year again. And it's as important as ever for everyone to be on time. "

Harry takes a beer bottle straight from Niall lips and the blonde lad glares at him. "Aw don't be so hard on him, he was too busy planning dates and such with Debra." Harry furies his eyebrows together. "And how do you know that Niall?" Niall shrugs his shoulders before grabbing the bottle out of Harry's hands. "That's easy, I eased dropped on your conversation with Ariana; going to ask Debra to be your girlfriend? That's so sweet." Niall smugly wraps his lips around the bottle and tilts his head back, savoring the beer but also Harry's embarrassment.

"Oh Harry dear," Harry turns to look at Louis, "you're confusing the absolute hell out of me." Louis stands up and takes Harry by his shoulder. "A month ago you were saying you were just with Debra because she was fun, then last week you're telling her you love her and flash forward this week, you're wanting her to be your girlfriend? Have you've forgotten about Cara already?"

The room gets even more silent when Louis says this. Harry lets his finger twitch before he shakes his head. "Why the hell are you always bringing her up when shit gets shaky." Harry raises his voice but Louis raises his higher. "Because I fucking saw her today Harry. She's god damn back." The light in Harry's eyes goes out for a second before igniting again. "Bullshit, she left almost a damn year ago. She's gone." "But she's back. She works in a damn restaurant. I saw Cara written on her name tag just as clear as day. It's her."

Harry sits down on an empty seat, his mind swimming with images of the girl he held dear a year ago. "Doesn't matter, Debra won't do what Cara did."

"Are you sure about that? Debra doesn't know what the hell you're into. And I'm pretty sure Luke's gonna fucking spill it soon." Harry's mouth twitches at the mention of Luke's name. "She isn't even talking to him." Louis tilts his head to the side and smirks. "Well if that's the case, why did she agree to grab coffee with him on Monday before class?"

Harry lets his head fall in his hands with a draw out groan. "Anything else you want to drop on me Louis?" "Yeah I made out with Gemma before I got here." Harry slowly lifts his head up with a look to kill. "I'm kidding dude, chill. We have more important shit to worry about. Things are getting bad again man." All look at Louis as he stands in the middle of the living room.

"And I have a plan that includes no one getting killed this time."


And Harry doesn't know how he ends up at Debra's dorm at 2:06 am. Well he does know, he had a dream about Debra up and leaving, just like Cara did.

So with a timid knock on the door, he rocks on the balls of his feet waiting for anyone to answer. "Harry?" Debra blinks her eyes, trying to rid them of dreams. Her hair is in a high pony tail and Harry heart does a flip when he sees her in his jersey. Squinting slightly, he can see the light stain of his blood that couldn't be washed out, reminding him of that terrible night.

"Uh hi." Debra steps out of the room and quietly shuts the door behind her. She leans against the door to prevent herself from tumbling backwards in her sleepy state. "What are you doing here Harry?" She rubs at her eyes at the same time he rubs at the back of his neck. "Yeah I just wanted to see if Chinese was good for tomorrow night's, well I guess tonight's, dinner." Debra raises her eyebrows and sleepily smiles at Harry. "You came all the way here at god knows what hour to see if Chinese was good for the dinner?" Harry slowly nods his head, then shakes it and sighs. "Then why are you really here." "I had a bad dream about you and I didn't want to sleep without you after it ." Debra reaches her arms out to grab Harry by his hand. She pulls him so she can see every speck and shade of green in his eye and kisses him lightly on where his dimple would be if he smiled. "I'm pretty sure Ari and Liz wouldn't be too happy to find you in the room when they wake up in the morning but I can maybe spend the night at yours?"

Harry is nodding his head before Debra can even finish and she laughs. "Let me go leave a note for them then ; don't want 'em thinking I ran off in the middle of the night." Debra only opens the door a crack before Elizabeth's voice rings out in the room. "Go on with him. You two make me sick." But Debra can hear Elizabeth's smile and the muffled giggles coming from Ariana. With that, she shuts the door back and pulls up her socks."Let's go then.

Harry carries Debra bridle style into an old car she hasn't seen him drive before, "it's not old, it's a vintage classic," and the two are headed off to Harry's flat. Debra fights the sleep overtaking her body and turns on the radio. Panic! At the Disco is playing and she hums along to the song playing quietly through Harry's speakers. Harry begins to hum along with the song as well and Debra turns to face him smiling. Harry catches Debra looking at him from the corner of his eye and he smiles. She reaches out to poke his dimple and he lets out a laugh.

"We're here." Debra looks out the window to see they're parked in front of a fancy looking building. Someone opens her door and helps her out. The valet looks at her up and down before Harry tosses him the keys. "Take care of her." The man blinks and realizes Harry's talking about the car. He walks over to the car and pulls off when Harry grabs Debra's hands. "They have valets at 2 in the morning?" "Technically it's almost 3 but yeah, on the weekends it runs all day and night." Debra shrugs her shoulders and follows Harry to the elevator. He hits the 25 button with his thumb and Debra grips on his hand with each passing floor. "You're afraid of elevators." It's supposed to be a question but Harry says it like a fact. Debra nods her head and Harry rubs circles on the back of her hand. Soon enough though they're out of the elevator and straight into Harry's living room.

"Mi casa es su casa." Harry flips on the light and suddenly the living room is lit up. Debra lets out a low whistle at the place. Everything is warm colors; black, brown, red. Debra looks up and gasps as she sees the stars. Harry notices her awed expression and looks up with her. "Yeah, I had the roof taken off and glass installed. Debra tears her eyes away and from the roof and looks at Harry in disbelief. "Can you do that?" "You can when you're rich." Harry offers Debra something to drink and she asks for juice. She eyes the place some more before she sees the piano sitting in the corner. Walking over to it, she runs her fingers over the black instrument, collecting dust as she went.

Sitting down on the piano stool, she sweeps her hands over the keys in a glissando before playing Turkish March. Harry quietly watches Debra as her fingers move swiftly over the keys.

"I didn't know you played." Debra jumps up, hands smashing the keys all at once to make a horrible sound. Both cringe at the sound before laughing with each other. Harry sits down and let's his fingers roam before he plays a cord. Debra follows his suit and blends the cord with notes from the upper octave. The two continue improvising before they're making sweet sweet music. The song turns into a happy song before they're touching the black keys too much and it turns tragically sad sounding. But Debra doesn't like the gloomy sound so she begins to press the sharp keys but Harry likes how it sounds morose so he continues to press the minor keys. The sounds balance each other out somehow; they blend together perfectly, even though they're so different, and it sounds so beautiful Debra wishes she could record it, because she knows it's something she can't ever recreate.

"That was beautiful." Debra removes her hands from the now warm keys and Harry looks at her with a smile. "It was beautiful."

Harry gets up to complete his task of getting Debra her juice and she quietly pads over to the bedroom,falling onto the large bed. Harry comes in seconds later with a cup of juice. "Thanks." She sits up to gulp down the liquid and hands the glass back to Harry in a matter of seconds. He chuckles and sets it down on his nightstand. Debra scoots up to the head of the bed and adjusts the pillows in the dark, looking up at the stars.

The two lay in a comfortable silence before Harry switches on his desk lamp. He pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it on the floor. Debra arches her right eyebrow when Harry kicks off his pajama pants onto the floor as well. "This one, Harry points to a star tattoo on his arm, "as I told you is for me and my 4 best friends; Me, Louis, Zayn, Liam , and Niall." Harry points to each of the points on the star. "It's the first one I've ever gotten." Debra sits up and traces her index finger of the black star. "And this one," Harry runs his finger over a LA tattoo, "is from the first time I went to LA, it's one of my favorite places ever.

And Harry keeps telling Debra about all his tattoos. The one that says Gemma in Hebrew, a little A scribbled out on his body, the giant rose below the giant ship. And some of them have logical explanations, "I just like the Packers." "Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands". Some of them make no sense, "I don't know, it's important to say hi I guess." But some of them hold these deeper meanings. He says the skull means sometimes he feels like his fate is already chosen for him. The faded tattoo that says won't stop till we surrender is so faded because it shows sometimes you do have to surrender after time and face the inevitable, It's like his soul is scribbled across his body. And when Debra asks about his ankle tattoo, he goes silent for a minute.

"Ah these." Harry sits crisscross and runs his fingers over the words 'never gonna dance again'. "They kind of hold this double meaning; they're lyrics to a song but I used to also dance with this girl." Harry shakes his head and his curls fall in his eyes, his hair product dying out at around 12 in the morning. "But one day she up and danced away from me." There's something in Harry's voice that makes Debra need to ask the next question, even though she already knows the answer.

"You loved her, didn't you?" And again Harry shakes his head and gazes at Debra through the strands of his hair. "I'd say more infatuated them anything." Harry spaces out before meeting Debra's eye.

Debra rubs her thumb on Harry's left eyebrow before moving her touch down to his cheek bone. She moves her finger down to Harry's bottom lip and he softly bites at the pad of her finger. She lays downs and pulls Harry down to lay next to her. Harry begins to smooth her hair from her face and her eyes are sparkling with life and hope. "I love you Debs." She smiles and closes her eyes. " I love you Hair bear."

They break out in a fit of giggles and Debra has stopped fighting her sleep. Harry watches as the sleep takes over her, her breathing slows down and she stirs as Harry's phone buzzes under the pillows. Harry groans as he sees Louis' name flash across his screen.

"Tomorrow night .10 pm. Don't be late."

Louis hangs up immediately and Harry lets his phone fall onto the pillow. Tomorrow is going to be stressful, he can feel it.

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